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Roetell helps you streamline the process of getting your bottles and jars beyond the concept stage and into the consumers’ hands. Find our full range of solutions to make your glass containers an optimized reality.

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For more than 30 years, Roetell has been developing and producing glass containers, and we are still leading the way in terms of performance, flexibility and creativity. From pre-sales expertise through purchasing advice and after-sales service, our team provides a full service for the packaging of your custom products.


Inspiring bottles. Intelligent packaging.

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Glass Essential Oil Bottle >>

The elegant fragrance is flowing and flowing, as if you are in a flowery and lush garden, you can swim freely in the fragrant world and enjoy a carefree and satisfying life. It is a quality of life and a relaxed mood.

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Crystal Wine Cellar >>

Crystal clear, taste luxury and enjoy classic, Wine tasting is not only the wine itself but also the appreciation of the glass.

Roetell TrendsLab

These trends are just the tip of the iceberg for taking your business to new heights. We closely study attractive packaging that makes clients win their pioneering position while reinforcing their branding.

Knowing the current bottle packaging trends will give you ideas for creating a presentation that gets your target market enthusiastic enough to ask for a fill-up of your beverage.

Our TrendsLab

Roetell case studies

Roetell case studies highlight the specific experience of an glass bottle project in solving important challenges of our clients.

Take a close look of how we analyse clients' requirements, how we help overcome their challenges and improve the overall impact of their marketing image.

Our Case Studies
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Case Study: Wine Bottle With Polymer Stopper >>

We manufacture transparent bottles to meet the customer's requirement: to make a secondary finish on bottle like black matte. It is not easy to do high polymer with a material lid. To carry our value: customers first, we will think and provide any solutions for our customers. And high polymer material lid is better than normal wood lid for storing wine. so we can understand customer requirements.

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Case Study: Mason Jar with Colored Box >>

Communicate with the customer, the customer sends the design manuscript We specify the size of the cup, including the size of the straw, and provide the detailed information to the color box factory. During the period, the customer's barcode on the color box is changed, and the barcode is confirmed. Finally, make the color box that the customer wants.

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