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A Complete Guide To Types Of Candle Jars

The use of candles, especially scented ones are currently popular and this means higher demand. As a candle-making business or brand, getting the right candle jars is one of the first steps in offering quality assurance to customers.

Jars come in different shapes, sizes and applications. Some jars are meant to be used to store candy, cookies, or lemonade, but these are often repurposed for candle making. This is not safe as there are specific jars meant for candles.

In this article, the types of candle jars and the necessary factors to consider when candle jar shopping will be discussed.

Glass Candle Jars

Glass candle jars are one of the commonly used jar types in candle making. They come in distinctive, smooth round edged, and designed to detail shapes. Glass candle jars are usually in square or circular shapes with a balanced base bottom. There are different sizes. There is the 100ml jar, the 150ml, 250ml, 350ml, and 500ml glass candle jars.

Glass jars produced specifically for candles are meant to be smooth, non-porous, and thick so as to avoid getting easily broken. They are designed to be so strong to withstand pressure from the heat of the candle. Typically, glass candle jars can withstand up to 250⁰ Fahrenheit heat. The lids are usually made of glass, tinplate, aluminum, and cork.

With high-quality glass candle jars, be sure to have products that stand out amongst others on store shelves. That’s why most famous candle brands love glass candle containers. Yankee Candle designed and delivered premium candles with crafted glass candle jars. The glass component is made to ensure that you have a clear jar that will help to display the textures and natural colors of your candles as clearly as can be, making them more aesthetically pleasing to buyers.

If desired, glass candle jars can also come in different colors like black, gray, and the more preferable amber glass jar which gives off a classic and vintage aura. It also has sufficient space on the sides for product labels and descriptions.

However, not all glass containers for candles are safe. For candles to be made in glass, they should be of very thick material, very smooth, and can bear pressure caused by candle flames and hot wax without breaking.

It is not uncommon to find people who make use of glass flower vases, old glass cups, and other glass containers used in decoration to make their candles. This should be avoided because those items are not designed to function as effectively as a glass candle would. 

The ideal glass container for candles does not contain the organic compound, Bisphenol A, and should also be lead-free and resistant to corrosion. This is to ensure that these glass jars are absolutely food-grade and safe because final consumers have tendencies to use their glass jars for other purposes aside from keeping candles. 


  • These glass candy jars are very strong and thick, you need not worry about your customers complaining about breakage.
  • Glass candy jars are fat sellers
  • Can be easily repurposed for other things because it is BPA-free and does not contain lead.
  • They are perfect for displaying candles on the shelf.


  • Glass candle jars are fragile, so should be treated with care.

Metal Candle Containers

The metallic or tin jars for candles are one of the most sought after. This is because of their ease of use, affordability, and versatility. Metal candle containers are quite a hot trend amongst candle makers. These types of candle containers provide manufacturers with a lot more leeway that the other types can not offer. 

Candle tin containers usually come in different sizes, the smallest being the 4 oz candle tins. Its lids are also made of metal, and it is available in different colors and sizes.

There are various reasons why a candle maker should make use of metal candle containers. One of them is the fact that metal containers are quite inexpensive. It is for this reason that metal candle containers are popular among candle makers who are new to the business.

Also, Metal candle containers are very versatile. After the wax melts out, this metal container can be repurposed for just about anything (at least everything except food). 

Using metal containers for candle making ensures that your products are kept for a long in the very best conditions just as it was immediately after production. Candles made in metal containers and with a tight lids will store scents and fragrances for a very long time. As a candle manufacturing brand, you need not worry about your products losing value while waiting on store shelves.

They are a very good option for beginners in the candle-making industry. This is because, unlike glass candle jars, metal candle containers do not make the wax visible. Mistakes in the candle production process like uneven pores and candle frosting are kept hidden, ensuring the candles look good all the same. 


  • They are inexpensive
  • The lids shut are very tight


  • Dents if not handled carefully
  • Scratches are permanent

Aluminum Candle Tins

This type of candle container is very common with both experienced candle-making brands and beginners, even those who do it just for fun. Aluminum Candle tins are not transparent so unlike glass candle jars, the wax is not visible through the container.

Candle tins made from aluminum are especially good for packaging gel candles, aromatherapy candles, as well as soy candles because the frosted sides are perfectly hidden. One of the reasons this type of candle container is popular among both beginners and professionals is that it is quite inexpensive. It’s one of the cheapest jars that new candle brands can start with.

Aluminum candle tins are very durable. They are good picks for long-distance deliveries as they will always arrive in perfect condition. Another reuse value is its utility as food storage. Aluminum candle tins are safe for food; they are perfect for storing spices because of their air-tight lids that keep fragrances locked in.

Aluminum tins come in different colors, sizes, and shapes. There are the flat aluminum candle tins and the deep dish aluminum candle tins. Sizes range from 1oz up to 16oz. Popular colors used by candle makers are gold, silver, black and gray colors.

These candle tins come with rolled edge covers and tightly screwed lids so buyers need not worry about buying separate tin lids.


  • Aluminum candle tins are very affordable.
  • They are convenient for worldwide and long-distance shipping.
  • Aluminum candle time is not porous and hardly ever leaks.
  • They can be recycled and reused.
  • Good with a wide range of candle lines and fragrances.
  • They do not break.


  • Aluminum tins can get dented if pressed or packed roughly.

Ceramic Candle Jars

Ceramic candle jars have an upper hand over the other candle jar types when it comes to beauty and aesthetics. Candles in these containers are an exquisite addition to any space, they are complementary to almost every style of interior decoration. Ceramic candle jars are perfect for use in every luxurious, natural, or even hygienic application. They are functional for both basic and exotic designs.

These candle jars are durable and last long. Even after the candles burn out, ceramic containers can be repurposed as book-shelf decorations, storage containers, desk utensil holders, and even planters for succulents.

The handmade, homely, and natural feeling of stoneware gives ceramic candle jars a lot of popularity among jar collectors and artsy people. Ceramic candle jars come in tumbler shapes, Nordic ceramic tumbler shapes, straight-sided rounds, and vase shapes.

However, these jars tend to be porous so it is necessary to look out for the very best candle jar manufacturer out there. As almost all ceramic candle jars are handmade, beauty is assured, but not non-porosity.

Note: Ceramic can burn, so it is necessary that only candle jars with edges wide enough that the flames won’t get close are purchased. 


  • Ceramic candle jars are the most beautiful due to their aesthetic.
  • They are versatile.
  • Ceramic jars fit into all settings, including homes, offices, and the outdoors.


  • Using low-quality ceramic containers means your candle jars will be porous.
  • They can not withstand too much heat pressure.

Concrete Candle Jars / Cement Candle Vessels

Cement candle jars or cement candle vessels are made from Sulfonamide, an environmentally friendly cement that is focused on greenhouse gas mitigation. This primary constituent explains the strong nature of these jars.

These Jars and candle vessels are made from cement hand sanded and machine mixed, giving them a consistent shape and very smooth finish touch. 

Cement candle vessels are extra strong, even more than the other types of candle jars. Also, they are durable and very safe to use indoors and outdoors. They are applicable to a wide range of candle lines.

One major reason to stock concrete/cement candle vessels is because the cement materials are very resistant to heat and fire. Therefore, concrete jars make a very reliable and safe container for candles. 

They come in every round, square and solid shape that can be imagined and in different sizes. This type of jar type can also be easily painted on, hence making it a very good choice for art enthusiastic candle makers.

The outside of concrete candle jars is usually left unpolished, and this is because it helps retain the raw and industrial look. The insides, on the other hand, are usually sealed to protect the candle wax from concrete and fragrance seepage.

Concrete candle vessels come with a matching lid. This ensures that the fragrance in the candles are locked in tight.


  • These candle containers are very strong and not easily damaged.
  • Can be easily repurposed as a home decoration or plant vase depending on its size.
  • Heat resistant.


  • They can be porous
  • The cement reacts to some types of fragrances and could potentially change the container’s color.

Candle Jars Inspection

When inspecting candle jars, many things should be considered to avoid buying unworthy materials as this would affect your brand. Below are some of the things that should be taken note of during candle jar inspection:


Should a candle jar be leaky, it is as good as faulty already. If you do not check to see if the candle jars you want to use are leaking you might end up having to deal with spilled candle wax during production, which is not a very nice idea. These could slow down the entire production process and business activities in general.

Leaks can be very frustrating because they might leave wax on the work table, on the carpet, etc. Worst still, a leaky candle container can even lead to an outbreak. 

Metal candle containers with a seam at the side or bottom have the most common cases of leakages. Make sure to check for leakages before making use of containers. To do this, simply put water into the container and wait to see if it spills or not. You can even leave it for a few days because some leakages can be very slow.


Candle Jars that attract and can catch fire easily should be shunned at all costs. This would seem like an obvious rule, but a lot of candle makers often make that mistake, especially when using ceramic candle containers. 

If a ceramic or any other candle type at all is porous, it will be able to soak in melted wax. This becomes a giant wick and can cause an enormous flame to rise just around the edges of the container top, this could eventually burst into a bigger fire. 

Any container made with material that can easily catch fire should not be used for candle making.


Cracking is the most popular problem that abounds with candle jars, especially ceramic and glass types. Cracking can cause the biggest problem for candle makers.

There are two major problems that could arise from using cracked containers, the first one is spillage. When a candle jar is cracked, hot wax will be spilled over.

The second is a fire outbreak, a cracked candle container has in numerous cases been the cause of major fire outbreaks. In the case of a crack in a candle container, the flames could rise as high as several inches and could come in contact with anything within those few inches of proximity to it. 

Heat Resistance

Candle containers are not industrial equipment, they are more household materials and as such should be resistant to heat.

When buying containers for candles, confirm that they are labeled as safe for candle making, it will be very bad if a container that will combust when under the pressure of heat is used to make candles. Heat-resistant containers like glass and oven-safe ceramics are ideal for candle making.

How To Choose The Best Candle Jars For Your Brand

The purpose of going into business is to make a profit and break even at the end of the year. That might be impossible if the right factors are not put into consideration. As a candle-making brand, you have to choose the best raw materials, particularly jars, to help achieve your objectives. These factors should be considered in choosing the best candle jars:

  • Materials 

This factor applies to basically everything that has to do with production. As a brand or entrepreneur, putting out good quality products is a major goal. To do this, you have to make sure to use only the very best materials for production.

Using below excellent jar materials will result in mediocre candles, customer grievances, and ultimately bad business. 

Also, put in mind the type of jar that is currently in demand and stock more in those ones.

  • Volume 

The volume of candle jars that will be used for candle production is one of the most confusing aspects of candle making especially for beginners. A lot of newbies in candle making think that an 8 oz wax will go into an 8 oz candle tin. This is far from the truth. Although it could be true if the content of the jar is water.

However, the molecules that make up wax are not as tightly packed as the molecules that make up water and as a result of the density of water, wax takes up more space than it. There are various volumes of candle jars in the market measured in ounces. 

  • Styles 

Candle Jars come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. As it is necessary to stock in the most in-demand jars, so it is to stock in every other type and style. For instance, in the glass candle jars category, there are glass jars with pressed lids, round frosted glass candle jars, clear glass square jars, and clear glass round jars. The tin containers also come in a round-footed shape with rolled edges covered. 

  • Budget 

Depending on what your production budget is, there are different types of candle containers to fit into it. Metal candle jars are easily one of the most affordable types of candle containers.

It is for this same reason of affordability that makes it a favorite amongst manufacturers who are new to candle making. Candle Jars like the glass and ceramic types require a bigger budget.

Thorough costing should be done before the actual acquisition. Also, note that It is common for large-scale production companies to give discounts on huge purchases 

  • Transportation 

Transportation is a huge factor in candle production. Candle Jars when bought will need to be shipped to factories, warehouses or production centers. How to transport the candle jars fast and safely is often a problem.

Buying from the right company will make this simpler as most candle jar manufacturers offer delivery services to factories and warehouses. Ensure to buy from a company that assures quality and timely delivery. Also, should any item develop a fault during the course of transportation, it should be eligible for a refund or change.


Candle jars play a very vital role in candle production, presentation, and sales. On average, jar candles burn for longer hours than regular taper or pillar candles and are even much safer to use. Another reason for the popularity of candle jars is that they are able to retain a strong scent. A larger pool of wax is created when candles are burnt, this pool is warmer, giving it a strong scent throw around the space it is placed in.

To achieve these ultimate benefits, candle makers need to use the best quality candle jars.

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