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What Are Different Glass Bottle Sizes For Vodka

Author: Roe Li

The liquor business is a potent industry, seemingly the most profitable avenue for budding entrepreneurs. Don’t believe it? The market value of the global liquor market and the alcohol-based industries was $1,448.2 billion, thanks to the rapid consumption demand in developed economies. The advancement of globalization and the popularity of socialization locations are at an all-time high, estimating a 10.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next 6 years. The numbers speak for themselves.

The first metric system established for liquor divisions was in 1976 in New York; this made all vodka lovers extremely conscious of their consumption amounts. Mixed drinks, vodka shots, wine, and beer require accurate measurements for acquiring and managing inventory. All liquor establishments have unique measuring requirements. Depending on the vodka glass bottle manufacturer, there will be a wide range of choices for liquor serving sizes.

While the alcohol metric system can be confusing initially, ordering the inventory to different specifications is crucial. Read further to understand vodka alcohol glass bottle sizes and how we can address clients’ specifications through customization:

1. What's the most popular Vodka Bottle sizes?

  • 750ml: This is the standard size for vodka bottles in many markets. It’s a versatile size and is widely recognized by consumers.
  • 1 liter: This is another common size for vodka bottles. It offers a bit more volume than the 750ml bottle and can be an attractive option for both consumers and producers.
  • 1.75 liters: This larger size is often chosen for value or economy brands. It provides more vodka per bottle, making it a cost-effective choice for consumers.
  • 375ml: This smaller size is often used for mini or sampler bottles. It’s a great choice for promotional purposes or for introducing new vodka products to consumers.

Ultimately, the choice of bottle size can depend on various factors, including the target market, branding, and pricing strategy of the vodka producer. Customization and unique bottle designs can also play a significant role in the selection of bottle sizes. If you’re considering vodka bottle options for your business, it’s a good idea to assess your specific needs and consult with a glass container supplier like Roetell for guidance on the most suitable size for your brand.

2. Common Vodka Glass Bottle Sizes

When stocking the bar with premium vodka, everyone needs to account till the last drop. Below is a quick start guide of the names of the most common vodka bottle sizes and the various metrics. Don’t worry too much about the details, for they will be covered later in this article. 

Common Vodka Glass Bottle Sizes
Bottle SizeOuncesMillimetersShots (1.5 oz)
Nip1.69 oz50 ml1
Quarter-pint3.4 oz100 ml2
Half-pint6.8 oz200 ml4
Half Quarter3.16 oz93.5 ml2
Quarter Bottle6.32 oz187 ml4
Half Bottle12.7 oz375 ml8 or 9
Standard25.36 oz750 ml17
Half-gallons 59.2 oz1750 ml39

Bottle sizes can broadly be distinguished based on popularity and usage. From a bar establishment perspective, the standard ones must be ordered in bulk for regular drinking purposes, like draft beer and rock drinks. A reputable manufacturer plays a substantial role in the food and beverage industry by providing FDA-certified and 100% safe glass products. Glass bottle inventories need to be based on the menu of the business. The details of each standard bottle size are given as follows:


Nips are the popular kinds of the unpopular, containing about 50 milliliters of vodka for each serving. Nip is a miniature vodka bottle called “mini” because it carries very little amounts of alcohol in them. In ounces, these bottles serve 1.7 ounces of liquid per shot and are used in classic 1.5-ounce shots.

Quarter Pint

Quarter pints are slightly larger versions of a mini, carrying about 3.4 ounces of liquor in each serving. Don’t let the name “quarter pint” mislead people, for it serves only 100 milliliters. Quarter-pint and fifth matte-black wine bottles are the contemporary trend, usually served as two shots of 1.5 ounces each. 


Another misleading name is the half-pint bottle of vodka, which is certainly not the accurate half of a pint but is the double of a quarter pint. This is an alcohol bottle size serving 200 milliliters or 6.8 ounces. Since they are the doubles of quarter pints, they provide 4 shots of 1.5-ounce vodka each. 

Half Quarter

Half-quarter sizes serve 93.5 milliliters, about 1/8th of a standard bottle size. It is also named “Topette” and is the smallest of the bunch. Hence, they are traditionally used in spirit glass bottle samples.

Quarter Bottle

Often known as “Piccolo,” it is equivalent to a standard wine glass with a capacity of 187 ml. It covers 1/4th of the bottle.

Half Bottle

As in the name, there is exactly half the amount of liquor found in a standard vodka bottle. It is also known as “Demi” or sometimes “Split.” By volume, it contains 375 milliliters with a total height of 9 and a half inches. It provides two full glasses of wine.


The most renowned glass bottle size in local wineries and bars are the standard-sized vodka bottles, also known as fifth of vodka size. The height of a standard, however, is not standard. Depending on the customizable glass bottle manufacturer, the heights can range between 12 to 13 inches, with a width of 3 ⅜ inches. are considered the full gallon vodka size and is the standard bottle size for vodka liquor and certain kinds of wine. They were historically recognized as commercial quarts containing 750 milliliters.

Half Gallon

Half-gallon glass bottles (also known as handles) store about 59.2 ounces of liquor, approximating 1.75 liters. Dividing them into shots, they are served in 39 1.5-ounce shot glasses. Apart from vodka, they also serve pitch beer. 

3. Uncommon Vodka Glass Bottle Sizes

In the quest for comprehensiveness, we must consider all the not-so-common vodka bottle sizes. These lesser-known sizes are often larger than standard ones and are not quite used in a standard business cycle due to spoilage. However, high-turnover bar establishments with turnkey decoration and labeling may require bigger sizes to store enough vodka to satisfy the demand. On a practical note, they are not used on an ordinary operating cycle.

Uncommon Vodka Glass Bottle Sizes
Bottle SizeOuncesLitersShots (1.5 oz)
Magnum50.7 oz1.5 L34
Double magnum101.4 z3 L67 or 68
Rehoboam152.2 oz4.5 L101
Bordeaux jeroboam169.07 oz5 L113
Imperial202.9 oz6 L135
Metuselah202.9 oz6 L135
Salmanazar304.3 oz9L203
Balthazar405.8 oz12 L270 or 271
Nebuchadnezzar507.2 oz15 L338
Melchoir608.7 oz18 L406
Solomon676 oz20 L451
Sovereign845 oz25 L563
Goliath913 oz27 L609
Melchizedek1014.4 oz30 L676

 The details of each are given as follows:


Magnum serves 1.5 liters of alcohol and is in the middle range between liters and handle bottle sizes. Magnum contains 50.7 ounces of liquor, divided into 34 shots with 1.5 ounces of vodka each. From volume, they are exactly two times the volume of a standard-sized glass bottle. With 14 inches of height and 4 and a half inches of width, magnum glass whiskey bottles contain 8-12 glasses of wine.

Double Magnum

Alcohol enthusiasts often refer to double magnums as “jeroboam” and measure double that in the magnum. It serves 101.4 ounces of vodka, approximating 67 to 68 1.5-ounce shots. The jeroboam bottles are 18 inches in height with a width of 5 inches. For comparative analysis, it contains nearly as much wine as 4 standard bottles, about 3 liters of vodka. Double magnums are the standard size when it comes to wine boxes.


Ending with the largest vodka bottle size is the rehoboam, which contains a whopping 4.5 liters of vodka. This approximates 152.2 ounces, just over 101 shots of 1.5 ounces of liquor each. Rehoboams are mostly used for special events and occasions. A rehoboam glass vodka bottle, on the other hand, weighs around 190 grams. It has alcohol equivalent to that of 6 standard bottles, which are typically 19.5 inches in height.

Bordeaux Jeroboam

A sizable variation from the rehoboam is the Bordeaux jeroboam, which holds 0.5 liters more than a regular rehoboam glass bottle. It serves equivalent to that of 6.75 standard bottles.


Imperials are extensively used for sparkling and other colored wines like red wine glass bottles and white ones. It holds 6 liters of vodka and serves about 8 bottles of wine.


Methuselah, in terms of volume, is the same as imperial-sized bottles. While imperial is usually reserved for colored wines, this bottle carries only sparkling wine. One can easily recognize a methuselah bottle with its signature sloped shoulders.


Salmanazar bottles are found at a height of 25 inches, which provides 12 bottles equivalent to standard wine bottles. It contains 9 liters of vodka. While these sizes are not available on a large scale, a reputable wine glass bottle factory would provide these at a reasonable cost.


Balthazar contains 3 liters more than the Salmanazar bottle size. Containing 12 liters of alcohol, balthazar bottles are manufactured with a height of 28 inches. It holds 80 standard liquor glasses, which translates to 16 full-sized bottles.


Solomon bottles hold 20 liters of alcohol and are fundamentally used for champagne. Solomons hold two more standard-sized vodka bottles than Melchoir.


This renowned vodka bottle is named after the biblical king Nebuchadnezzar. These bottles are 31 inches tall, holding about 15 liters or 20 standard-sized bottles of vodka.


Sovereign holds 25 liters of alcohol, equivalent to 33.3 regular vodka bottles.


Melchiors are 36 inches tall and hold about 18 liters of liquid. These bottles are equivalent to 24 standard-sized bottles and are rarely seen in a regular bar. They equate to 120 standard wine servings. A reliable vodka bottle supplier can tweak it to be taller and wider according to the required specification.


These bottles contain about 180 servings of wine. Their second name is “Primat,” containing 27 liters of vodka. These glass bottles can be acquired in various colors in accordance with the vodka type, and they can significantly influence the appeal of the drink. Amber brown glass bottles cover the entire UV range and prevent the drink from spoilage.


Melchizedek is the largest and the rarest one of the bunch. It contains a whopping 30 liters of alcoholic liquids, which equates to 40 bottles worth of wine. They are historically used for champagne rather than vodka spirits.

4. How Many Shots Are In A Vodka Bottle?

“How many shots in a vodka bottle?” is a common question whose answer depends on several factors, like the location, the barkeep’s generosity, and the type of vodka ordered. Bartenders in the United States typically provide 1.5 ounces of vodka, but there is no standard. The only exception is Utah, where shots are of 1 fluid ounce. In either case, bartenders pour 1.5 ounces or 1.25 ounces per shot, but never more. Derivatively, doubles are 3 ounces or, generally speaking, more than 2 ounces. In millimeter metrics, a shot is typically 44 milliliters, while a fluid ounce is around 29.57 milliliters.

standard-sized vodka glass bottle holds 750ml, which holds 25.36 ounces. This means that customers get 17 shots. Do not confuse fifths and standard ones, for they are essentially the same. Fifths are named because of the 19th-century gallon measurement of alcoholic drinks. As such, they are called commercial quarts and are used for retail bars and pubs. The legal threshold stated to opt for wholesale if purchasing heavier volumes than fifths.

Half-bottles, popularly known as demos or splits, contain around 8.5 worth of vodka shots. On the other hand, Liters hold 33.82 ounces of vodka, equating to 22-ounce shots. A reliable liquor bottle wholesale manufacturer can assist in customizing the shape and style to the client’s requirements. Such versatility will provide an opportunity to enhance brand awareness and achieve aesthetic goals.

5. Conclusion

Our journey through the intricacies of vodka bottle sizes draws to a close, but it’s only the beginning of unlocking new possibilities that align with your inventory needs. This newfound understanding not only streamlines your ordering process but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to shipping alcohol. Armed with this knowledge, you can pinpoint vodka bottle manufacturers that excel in meeting precise specifications.

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