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Roetell’s manufacturing plants are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and research & development facilities. Manufacturing and outsourcing are available in a wide variety of aluminum, plastic, wooden, polymer caps, as well as many custom design fitments.

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Glass Juice Bottle Cap

Mason Jar Glasses Cap

glass swing bottles

Glass Swing Bottles Lid

Sparkling Water Glass Bottle Lid

roetell glass milk bottles

Glass Milk Bottle Lid

Glass Milk Bottle Lids

Glass Coffee Jar Lids

glass beer bottle lids 3 Glass Beer Bottle Lids

Glass Spirit Bottle Lid

two lids of glass honey jar wholesale

Glass Honey Jar Lids

Glass Oil Bottle Lids

Glass Candy Jar

Glass Food Storage Jar

Glass Gatorade Bottle Lids

Glass Bottle Sodas Lids

Glass Perfume Bottle Lid

glass cream jar lid

Glass Cream Jar

Glass Lotion Bottle Pump

Glass Roller Caps

Glass Nail Polish Bottle Brush

Glass Mist Bottle Sprayer

Glass Diffuser Bottle Lids

Glass Decoration Bottle LIds

Glass Storage Jar Lid

Glass Tea Pots Lid

Glass Soap Bottle Pumps

Painting Glass Jars Battery

Freezing Glass Jar Lid

Light Bulb Glass Jar Lid

Dollar Store Glass Jar Lids

Microwave Glass Jar Lid

Glass Mouthwash Bottle Corks

Glass Soap Bottle Pumps

Shoe Glass Bottle Heel

Glass Ink Bottle Lids

If we can't make it, we can source it

We offer innovative brand and package design services, as well as custom tooling expertise, to bring a new type of quality packaging to the market. Qualified customers are eligible for design services at no charge in exchange for new packaging business.

If we can't make it, we can source it

Our Roetell glass bottle supply chain starts with our own factory, which is committed, in close cooperation with domestic factories, to delivering in-spec and on-time shipments of global packaging solutions across all industries and markets. If you require special fitments for your order, please contact our team​ for detailed information and recommended advice.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell