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All You Need to Know About Bongs

Author: Roe Li

Smoking has become among the most popular ways of consuming drugs such as cannabis and tobacco. Over the years, people have been smoking through joints, where you roll the substance into a paper and smoke it. It is the most popular way to smoke; however, you can also use other objects like bongs to smoke. Let’s dive into the details about bongs from the manufacturers to the cost of buying one. Read on.

10 Best Bong Brands

The best bong suppliers in the market are as follows;

  • Roetell

Roetell is a China glass manufacturer based in Xuzhou that has been in business for over 38 years, gaining experience and expertise in the manufacturing of various glass bottles and jars. The company has successfully invested in the latest technology to ensure their clients get the best quality when it comes to glass products. Roetell has become a leader in the industry, focusing on supplying products to cosmetic industries, food & beverage, hospitality industries, among others.

Roettel ventured into the manufacturing of simple smoking pipes to complex bongs with extraordinary designs. Their main raw material is glass, making their bongs the best in the market. If you want to have a cool and less harsh smoking experience, then Roetell is the brand to look out for. At Roetell, we guarantee our clients variety in design and sizes that fit perfectly with what the clients had in mind. Reach out to us to get the latest bong designs.

  • Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass specializes in high-quality, precision-cut glass with diamond clarity. Diamond Glass, based in Southern California, creates exquisite water pipes and dab rigs. The company liaises with American manufacturing and glassblowers to produce exquisite products in the market. Diamond’s craftsmanship is exceptional, and its commitment to perfectly creating the latest smoking technology will not disappoint.

The company has grown to become among the most reliable companies in bong production as they always put their clients in mind during their production. Their bongs have an identifiable logo representing the brand. The bongs are made with thick and very clear glass that makes them superior in the market. Diamond Glass is always looking for new designs and innovative ways of making its bongs.

  • Empire Glassworks

Another well-known bong supplier is the Empire Glassworks. They are situated in California, in a place known as Placentia. It is a young company that has gained recognition due to their extremely quality glasswork and design in their products. They work with glass in making their products and have become among the brands to look out for in glass products. The bongs made from Empire Glassworks have amazing designs, from their craftsmanship to the beautiful decorations they have. 

Due to their experience in making glass items, they have diversified into making glass accessories that can be used in various ways. If you have a bong from Empire Glassworks, you are in luck since you can use the bong without the worry of breakage or spoilage. One thing that sets them aside from other suppliers is the colorful addition to their bongs. If you are a sucker for colorful items, then getting a bong from this company should be at the top of your list.

  • Illadelph Glass

Illadelph is a company started in 2002 and has been in the business of manufacturing glass items such as bongs. They are very popular among smokers due to the elegant design of their bongs. If you want water pipes with incredible designs and efficiency, then Illadelph got you. Most smokers prefer smoking using bongs with amazing designs as it makes the experience even more exciting.

Also, this brand offers a variety of features and types of bongs. Depending on what you love, you can get a quality and functional bong that will serve you for ages. They have gone ahead and innovated the glycerin coil, where you put the coils in a freezer and use the cold coil during smoking to get the coldest hit from a bong. Such an experience makes your smoking cool and smooth. 

Most of the bongs manufactured at Illadelph Glass have the glycerin coil feature which makes these products among the most sought-after in the market. 

  • Maverick Glass

Being an experienced glass items producer, Maverick Glass has continued to transform the glass industry by distributing extraordinary glass products to the market. They are desiccated to creating the best bong brands in the industry so that their clients can have a good experience of smoking. They are among the pioneers in the glass industry, meaning their products are top-notch from quality to effectiveness.

When someone thinks of a bong, they want a bong that will be functional and durable to last them a lifetime. Also, they consider the design of the bong as the design contributes to the functionality of the item. All these factors are considered in Maverick when they are making the bongs. They offer a variety of styles in pipes, making the water pipes very useful and efficient. Every piece is made with the smoker in mind and satisfaction is one thing they value among their customers. 

  • RooR Glass

RooR Glass is a company based in Germany and is involved in the smoking industry. Their distinctive name comes from the German word Rohr, meaning pipe. Roor is a company that values quality, making it among the most trusted companies in bong production as they produce world-class bongs. From beakers to straight tubes, the styles are limitless in RooR Glass, and they incorporate German glass technologies in their manufacturing.

RooR, has a philosophy where they want their customers to take smoking as more than just smoking. They look at it as a culture; hence they make the bongs with their philosophy in mind. A culture needs to be enjoyed. That is what you get from RooR bongs. Due to this ideology, the company has been consistent in innovations, developing extraordinary designs in bongs. 

  • Toro Glass

Being among the most famous bong brands, Toro has been concerned with bong manufacturing creating every piece with precision. They are famously known for crafting their bongs with borosilicate glass that is thick enough to allow efficiency and durability. They also have an additional feature of using top-notch percolators in making their bongs. These two features have made their product very popular among smokers. They make huge profits faster than other regular companies; hence their products are sought-after. 

For Toro Glass to stay at the top for several years means they are doing something right. Their products have a lot to show for their effort and consistency in the industry. If you ask any veteran smoker to mention some of their favorite bong brands, then Toro will definitely be on the list. A bong that has qualities such as functionality, efficiency, and innovation is a bong that is superior in the market. Toro Glass offers all these qualities in one product.

  • AMG Glass 

AMG Glass is a manufacturing company producing glass bongs and supplying them to the numerous customers they have. AMG stands for American-Made Glass, which means they use the famous borosilicate glass in their manufacturing processes. This type of glass is among the best quality glass-producing glass products that are renowned worldwide. The bongs made by AMG have unique designs which make them very functional in addition to exemplary designs.

Some of their widely-known bongs are the rocket ship water pipes. The craftsmanship behind this bong makes it a good tool to use for smoking. If you want to reach a level of highness you’ve never explored before, the rocket ship water pipe is the right bong to use. An AMG bong has a double perc system and a double recycler that makes smoking smooth and gives you a clean hit whenever you take a puff. 

  • Zob Glass

Based in California, Zob is a bong manufacturer dedicated to producing one of the best quality bongs globally. The Zob bong has some features that are exclusive to the Zob brand. The pipe has a Zob percolator and an additional UFO percolator (flat disc). Apart from bongs, they also offer products such as rigs and bubblers. The bong from Zob is made using borosilicate glass imported from Germany. 

Some of the features you get from a Zob bong are its percs. The percs range from UFO designs, tree styles, inlines, and the Zobello percolator style. All these features collaborate to make the product cool and easy to use. Being among the top bong brands in the market, they offer a wide array of products that suit your needs, whether it’s a new piece you need or a replacement part. 

  • Mathematix Glass

Mathematix is a glass producer based in Los Angeles, California, and is involved in the production of bongs and pipes. They have been crafting a variety of designs in bongs and pipes for smoking cannabis. Their products can be used by both beginners and veterans since they offer a wide array of products. Glass is the material they use to make such bongs and the designs are exquisite enough to be sold in the USA and around the world. 

If you want a simple beaker or pipe, then mathematix is the brand to look for. Additionally, if you’re a sucker for complex bongs with eccentric designs, they will provide the product for you. They are known for their variety in glass materials and designs in the bongs and pipes they offer. 

What is a Bong

A bong is a device or water pipe used for smoking various substances such as cannabis, tobacco, and other herbal elements. The word bong is believed to have come from ‘baung,’ a Thai word meaning a wooden water pipe in a cylindrical shape. A bong is a very helpful device for smokers as it cools down the smoke and purifies some elements that are harmful to the body. Although it does not mean that smoking using a bong is good for health, it is a better way to smoke than smoking a joint. 

So how does a bong work? The working principle of a bong is it cools the smoke by passing it through water or ice. The bong has chambers where water is poured inside and once you inhale the smoke, it passes through the water/ice making the smoker inhale a cooler smoke than the regular method. So if you want your smoke to be cooler, then you have to let it stay in the water a bit longer. 

The bong is made in various designs and sizes which affects the smoke, however, they all provide a refreshing and cool smoking experience. Bongs are usually manufactured but some people make their homemade bongs to satisfy their need for inhaling a cooler smoke. Several companies have ventured into the manufacturing of bongs since there is high demand for them in the market. 

One of the reasons making a bong popular is its ease of usage. Using a bong is not rocket science, you simply put your bud in place, light it, and inhale slowly to allow for more contact with water or ice. Also, using a bong prevents tar buildup in your mouth which usually has an unpleasant taste.

What Does a Bong Look Like

If you are a newbie and don’t quite grasp the concept of a bong, well, don’t fret. In layman’s language, a bong is basically a pipe with chambers. Some say it looks like science equipment, regardless, it is a tool for smoking cannabis. A bong is made of different parts explained below;

  • Tube and base: a tube is the straight and long part of the bong. The size of the tube is what differentiates bong sizes. At the bottom of the tube is the base. The base is the part where water is filled. 
  • Carburetor (carb): it is a tiny hole at the side of the base which allows airflow through the tube. The carb also helps during filling the base with water as the water should not fill beyond the carb. 
  • Downstem: it is a smaller tube that enters the side of the bong sliding into the water. It is the component that directs the smoke into the water. Some bongs have their downstems located at the base to produce more bubbles. 
  • Percolator: it is the part that creates bubbles in the water.
  • Bowl: it is the part at the top of the downstem where the bud is placed. 

Some bongs come with an additional component called the ice pinch. It functions by preventing ice cubes from falling to the base into the water. Bongs having pinches provide additional cooling to the smoke before it reaches the mouth.

Using a bong is easy, the steps below describe how to use a bong correctly.

  • First, use water glass jars to fill the base with water ensuring it is below the carburetor. Not more than an inch of the downstem should be immersed in the water. 
  • Pack the bowl with cannabis, ensure it is not too tight to allow air to pass through. Before packing the cannabis, grind it with a grinder to make it smoother.
  • using your dominant hand, hold the lighter, and the bong in the non-dominant one. Take a deep breath and put your mouth on the bong. Your lips should be inside the rim of the bong. 
  • Finally, light the bowl, draw smoke, and pull the bowl away from the downstem. Inhale the smoke and hold for a few seconds, and then exhale. 

Different Kinds of Bongs

Bongs are made with different designs and materials depending on the manufacturer. These materials and designs offer various advantages but also have some drawbacks when using the bongs. The most popular materials used to make bongs are glass, ceramic, and plastics. Glass is the most widely utilized material and is preferred due to its properties such as inertness. Glass does not react with the contents of the bong, meaning it will not affect the taste of the smoke.

Plastic comes after glass. Plastic is long-lasting making it a suitable material to make bongs. Plastic is also affordable and easy to transport since they don’t break easily. The drawback when using plastic bongs as they may react with the contents affecting the taste of the smoke. For ceramic bongs, their most unique feature is the ability of the ceramic to be molded into extraordinary shapes. However, it is not the best material for traveling as it breaks easily.

Other popular materials are bamboo and metal. Bamboo is quite an exquisite material for bong as it can last longer if you maintain it well. They can have both basic and complex designs. Metal, on the other hand, is not very popular in making bongs but when they do, the bongs last long. Like plastics, the disadvantage of metal is they affect the taste of the smoke and they can get clogged with debris without noticing. 

The different kinds of bongs in terms of design are;

  • Carburetor Bongs

Carburetor bongs have a carburetor. A carburetor is a hole at the side of the bong. It is used to permit airflow through the bong helping the smoker to inhale better. The air from outside the bong pushes the smoke into the mouth of the smoker. It is believed that carburetor bongs produce an intense hit compared to non-carburetors as the air is pushed more rapidly into the smoker’s lungs. 

  • Straight-Tube Bong

This type of bong is among the simplest designs in the market. The parts of this bong are just a tube, a bowl, and a stem. It is even simpler to use this type of bong, you pour some water in the tube, place your bud in the bowl, and have a smoke. 

  • Beaker-shaped Bong

This type of bong bears some resemblance to the straight-tube bong. The only difference is the base of the beaker bong has a flared shape forming a cone. They are stable due to their large base as compared to the straight-tube bong. Smoking using this bong is as simple as the straight-tube bong.

  • Round-Base Bong

It is a bong that has a round base and is wider than the tube. The base is flattened while the water chamber is spherical. In terms of stability, they are more stable than the straight-tube but less than the beaker bong. The method of using it is similar to the rest.

  • Multi-Chamber Bong

It is popularly known as the recycler bong. In this design, the tube is divided into two chambers but still connected to another chamber or tube. Both chambers are filled with water leading to a double filtration of the smoke. The smoke from this type of bong is cooler than the others due to the double filtration system. This bong offers a higher quality in smoke but they are hard to clean and are quite expensive. 

  • Percolator Bong

A percolator bong is any bong design with a percolator. A percolator causes the smoke to form bubbles as they pass through the water. The bubbles are a result of the splitting of smoke by the percolator which promotes filtering and cooling. The percolator is located at the base or in a multi-chamber bong, in one chamber, or both. 

  • Bucket Gravity Bong

This type of bong works by using the vacuum left by water in a closed space. Bucket bongs can be made easily by using a bottle and a bucket of water. The bucket of water will filter the smoke as you inhale through the bottle. When using it, you light the cannabis and pull the bottle out of the bucket slowly but make sure it does not come out completely. There are manufactured bucket gravity bongs you can buy.

  • Waterfall Gravity Bong

It is similar to the bucket bong, however, you don’t pull the bottle up to form the vacuum, instead, you drain water at the bottom of the bottle. 

  • Homemade Bong

Homemade bongs are simply bongs improvised at home with simple materials. Some of these materials include bottles, customized jars, bamboo sticks, fruits, among others. 

How to Clean a Bong

Learning how to clean a bong is important since the bong gets dirty and this may affect the flavor of the smoke. Without proper maintenance, there will be a buildup of debris from the smoke, ash, and herb. This buildup will in turn allow bacteria to grow which will cause more harm to your health. Make it a habit of cleaning the bong after every session so that you keep the bong looking nice and keep the bacteria away.

The best method is using salt and alcohol. This combination forms a solution that clears the tubes off any bacteria and dirt that may have clogged. In some stores, you can get ready-made cleaners when buying your cannabis accessories. Cleaning starts by removing the downstem and the bowl from the tube. Use alcohol to clean the components as it breaks down the debris. Adding salt is useful if the alcohol does not break all the resins. Always remember to shake when you add these elements. 

After the alcohol has done its work, rinse the parts with clean warm water. You can then place the bongs in direct sunlight to help break any stubborn debris remaining. If your bong has areas that are hard to reach during cleaning, use swabs, and pipe cleaners to reach those areas. This simple procedure should clean your bong perfectly. In case the bong requires some thorough cleaning, pre-soak it in water (warm) and you can add some little soap for a better clean. Use soap cautiously as you don’t want a soapy taste in your next session. 

During maintenance, there are a few things you can do;

  • Prefer using filtered water to prevent spots.
  • Always change the water after every use. 
  • To avoid ash resins in your bong, dump the ash in the bowl to prevent it from pulling through the bong.
  • Clean the bong frequently if you are a heavy user.

How Much Does a Bong Cost

The cost of a bong varies from brand to brand and also depends on the bong design. The cost of a bong is not specified since there are many factors in place that affect the price. The price can range from five dollars to even above three hundred dollars. From 5 – 20 dollars, you can get a nice bong but the size will be the smallest. From about 20 to 80 dollars, you can get a medium-sized bong of good quality. 

From 80 – 300 dollars, this price will get you a big bong with numerous accessories. Some of the bongs ranging at this price are recycler bongs and multi-chamber bongs. The accessories that come with this bong are quite exclusive as well. Any price range above that is for a bong with a distinctive design from a well-known brand. Also, the accessories are numerous and high-quality. 

Where Do You Buy a Bong?

In regions where cannabis is legal, it is much easier to buy bongs since they are readily available in cannabis shops. You can also get bongs from online shops such as Amazon that sell China glass bottles and Indiamart, depending on the country you are in. You can also buy bongs directly from bong manufacturers. Place your orders and choose a design you want. Do your homework and get a reliable manufacturer such as Roetell to deliver the right bong for you.


Cannabis has become one of the substances that are being legalized across the globe with many countries jumping onto the bandwagon. It has been proven that a variant of cannabis has medicinal properties that can help patients in pain relief. You can use them in ways; there are edibles, wax, oils, joints, blunts, among others. Bongs have become among the most popular devices used to smoke weed. 

At Roetell, we manufacture glass bongs in various designs and sizes. Contact us to get information about bongs.

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