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Top 4 Beer Glass Manufacturers in Europe


Europe is known for its quality beer glasses and other forms of glassware. This makes sense because Europe is the continent where glassmaking was truly refined during the industrial age. Glassware is not merely a business in Europe, it is a tradition. European glassmaking has been refined to an incredibly high standard throughout the centuries. So if you are looking for the best quality glassware from the best beer bottle manufacturer in Europe, you should have a foolproof guide. Here are the top beer glass manufacturers in Europe to help you in your search.

Glass beer
Source: Pexel
  • Location: Bavaria
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1926
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Key Products: Beer Glasses

Spiegelau was founded in 1926 and its main headquarter is located in Bavaria. It is known for its quality, form, and function. Spiegelau is even known to have created glassware for the Bavarian royalty.

The company offers wine glasses, decanters, drinking glasses, glass bowls, glass plates, to name only a few. All the products are made from recycled glass which makes it environmentally friendly and sustainable. Spiegelau offers high-quality wine glasses that are classically designed. The company is also best known for its craft beer glasses. They are tailored and crafted to enhance the flavor of the beer. Overall Spiegelau beer glasses are works of art in both aesthetics and functionality.


Dartington logo
  • Location: Great Torrington, Devon
  • Company type:Luxury Goods & Jewelry
  • Year founded: 1967
  • Number of employees: 51-200
  • Key Products: Hand made Crystal & Glass, Luxury Crystal, Bespoke Commissions, Glass Engraving, Glass Drinkware, Glass Homeware, Luxury Giftware, Corporate Services, Business Gifts, Presentation Gifts, and Personalization

Dartington Crystal is one of the leading brands in Europe for fine crystal and glassware. The company was first founded in 1967 and covers famous brands such as Caithness Glass, John Beswick ceramics, and Brierley Crystal. Dartington Crystal’s vast array of products range from luxury crystals, champagne glasses, whiskey glasses, tumblers, beer cider glasses, shot glasses, etc.

The company’s products have a reputation for strong, contemporary, and fine-quality design. They are best used as gifts. Various prestigious organizations and businesses use Dartington products for gift-giving and promotional needs and they are sold as luxury items throughout the world. The company’s fine lead crystals are hand-crafted at their North Devon factory. It is one of the last hand-made and large-scale glassware manufacturing sites in the UK. People can also watch the crystal production process at the Torrington factory. Dartington Crystal is an established and multifaceted glassware company and any glassware aficionado would love to receive a Dartington set.



Ritzenhoff logo
  • Location: Marsberg Germany
  • Company type: Consumer Goods
  • Year founded: 1904
  • Number of employees: 201-500
  • Key Products: Liquor bottle, spirit bottle, whiskey bottle, vodka bottle, bottle stopper.

The Ritzenhoff company was first founded in 1904 in Marsberg Germany, and to this day the company’s headquarter is still situated there. The company is family-run and remains true to years of tradition. Ritzenhoff has evolved in the past century into one of the finest glass-making manufacturers in the world.

The company is one of the only glass manufacturers in Europe that provides such a wide selection of glassware. Ritzenhoff is a proud family tradition and strives to not only preserve the quality of its products but to innovate on them as well. Aside from producing and selling glasses for mineral water industries and beverages, Ritzenhoff has also established an important revenue source by selling brand products to specialist retailers. The company sells products in more than 100 countries around the world. All in all, Ritzenhoff has successfully maintained its position as one of the finest glassware manufacturers in the world.




Roetell Logo
  • Location: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1984
  • Number of employees: 201-500 members
  • Key Products: Soda bottles, vinegar bottles, mason jar, glass lotion bottles, glass candy jars, painting glass, glass coffee jars, glass fruit bowl, light bulb glass jars, microwave glass jars, glass teapots, etc.

Roetell has been in the glassware industry for the past 35 years. Its main headquarters is located in Xuzhou, China. Although it is China-based, the company has expanded its business throughout the world. Now its products are being marketed and sold not only in Asia but also in major parts of Europe. Roetell is one of the foremost propagators of recycled glass in China. The company knows the dangers of pollution, which is why it has taken the necessary steps to use glass wastes as a manufacturing material.

Roetell employs some of the best glassmakers in China and offers a wide assortment of glass products such as decanters, drinking glasses, beer glasses, etc. The quality of these products are world-class and can compete on a truly international scale. Roetell is first and foremost a top-level glassware manufacturer that continues to rise to new heights of success.






Europe is home to some of the finest glassworkers in the world. They follow glassworking traditions that date back for hundreds of years. Their works are master-crafted and are even considered collector’s items. So if you want to get a set of the best glassware in all of Europe, take the time to visit the glassware manufacturers in this list.

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