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Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Bird Feeders

Getting reliable wholesale suppliers for bird feeders is a big responsibility for everyone involved. If you want to contact the best wholesale suppliers for bird feeders, we have specially curated a list for you in this article. There are many details that get left out while you are selecting the best supplier. This is why we have mentioned the products and services offered by each of the suppliers so that you get an idea of the range of their product catalog before making a purchase. 

List of the Best 5 Wholesale Suppliers for Bird Feeders

  • Roetell
  • Backyard Nature Products
  • Woodlink
  • Kaytee
  • Perky Pet


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Xuzhou City, China

Year Established: 1984

Established in China, Roetell is a glass product-based manufacturer founded in 1984. Their most popular products include bulk drinking glasses and custom glass container but they also customize bird feeders for different businesses. Their products are tested for quality at different stages so that the customers get the best services possible. 

You can contact the manufacturer anytime with your concerns and queries, and you will always end up satisfied with their services. With a customer-centric approach, all of their bird feeders go through proper quality management in the bottles factory. Their products are appropriate for use in different environments without causing any problems to the birds taking their feed. 

Products & Services Offered

  • Glass Bird Feeders
  • Different kinds of glass container
  • Customization glass bottles
  • Decorating & Labeling
  • Warehousing

Backyard Nature Products

Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Chilton, United States

Year Established: 1994

Another reliable manufacturer that will provide you with quality bird feeders is Backyard Nature Products. This company was established right out of a rented grads space in 1994 as their business expanded, their team and range of products. Because of recognition and a loyal customer base, today, they are housing their production in a 50,000 square foot facility. 

Even though they have 45 team members, their products and services are offered to a worldwide customer base with guaranteed customer satisfaction. With the diversification of their product catalog, customers can expect a wide variety of services for different applications. They also offer their range of furniture. 

Products & Services Offered 

  • Bird Feeders
  • Seed Cylinder Feeder
  • Waterfall Rocks
  • Furniture
  • Replacement Cups
  • Rocky Mountain Baths


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Mount Ayr, Iowa

Year Established: 1988

If you are wondering whether or not someone manufactures eco-friendly bird feeders, then this is the right supplier for you. If you are a small business or a philanthropist, opting for greener solutions for your projects would be a better idea. Especially if you are ordering in bulk, you can also benefit from reduced costs so that you do not spend extra money on getting eco-friendly bird feeders and customized jars

Apart from this day offer many other products in different materials ranging from cedar wood to plastic, glass, and metal. They already deal in wholesale products because their primary distribution channels involve storefronts and other smaller distributors as well as co-ops. You can also get animal-resistant feeders so that birds have a fair chance of acquiring food through your installations. 

Products & Services Offered

  • Bird Feeders
  • Animal-resistant Feeders
  • Predator Protectors
  • Heavy-duty Feeders
  • Wall Mounts
  • Rain Guards
  • Cedar Houses


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Year Established: 1866

Kaytee is a manufacturer and supplier which was established nearly 50 years ago. This manufacturer is concerned with the relationship between people and their pets. This is their idea behind providing quality bird feeders and other related services. Their product catalog includes not only pet food and bird feeders but also associated accessories that might come in handy to build a strong bond between a person and their pet animals. 

Their products and services are targeted towards establishing a holistic relationship between a person and their environment. This will be a great manufacturer for ordering wholesale bird feeders, but it is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy pet food and other accessories. 

Products & Services Offered

  • Bird Feeders & Waterers
  • Seed Blends & Foods
  • Bedding & Litter
  • Hay & Nests
  • Cages & Toys
  • Cleaning & Grooming


Type of Business: Manufacturing & Supplying

Location (Headquarters): Denver, Colorado

Year Established: 1958

The story behind the establishment of this manufacturer is excellent because it is directly related to the recognition of their services and the appreciation from their customers. Originally, Perky Pet catered to providing pet supplies but expanded its services to include bird feeders. 

Their products are targeted solutions for giving pets and animals a good experience while using their feeders or toys. They are constantly working on providing better service and offering better product designs to appeal to more customers. So whether you are looking to wholesale bird feeders or seed feeders, you know that you can rely on this supplier. 

Products & Services Offered 

  • Bird Feeders
  • Squirrel-proof Feeders
  • Seed Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Bird Accessories

What is a Bird Feeder?

A bird feeder can be explained by its name. As deforestation increases, birds are getting displaced from their homes which makes it harder for them to make nests or look for food. Installing bird feeders in and around your homes is a great initiative taken by people around the globe to help the birds cope with habitat loss. 

Available in different designs, a bird feeder’s essential function is to provide birds a place to feed. It is essentially an area where birds can come without being threatened. You will have to know when to put out hummingbird feeders so that birds can access them without the feed going to waste. 

What does a bird feeder look like? 

If you want to know what a bird feeder looks like, you will have to look at a particular design because different types have different looks. For instance, a tube feeder will look like a tube with a metallic opening. 

Typically, you can expect a bird feeder to have a pole or a stand which fixes the entire contraption to the ground so that it can tolerate the weight and activity of the birds. You can also have a bird feeder shaped like a house in which birds will have to access the seeds through different openings, which allows for multiple birds to feed at once. 

What are the different kinds of bird feeders?

Different kinds of bird feeders have other specialties that will appeal to other customers, which is why buying in wholesale will benefit your business. These are the most common types of bird feeders:

Tray Feeder

Tray or platform feeders offer a plain surface where you can put the feed and the seeds. Birds can land on the platform and have the seeds to their heart’s content. Platform feeders are usually attached to the ground without any other support.

Tube Feeder 

Tube feeders are made of different-sized tubes that are hollow in the middle so that they can hold a large amount of seeds. Most of the designs are animal resistant because they do not allow them to access the feed. Only birds can reach down in the openings with small bits to extract the feed.

House Feeders

These feeders get their name from their design which resembles a house. There are different openings in the house so that birds can sit at different positions to access the feed. If you want to install a house feeder in your garden, this will look aesthetically pleasing. 

Window Feeders

If you are running short on space or live in an apartment complex, you do not have access to a lawn or a garden, you can opt for window feeders. They are usually attached to a window with a suction cup or some other adhesive. The best part about window feeders is that they are available in different designs and can resemble a house or a platform. 

How to fill a bird feeder with water?

As long as the bird feeder has a separate space for filling up water, you will not encounter any problem in relation to providing water to the birds. If a separate space for water is not provided, you will have to opt for a cup or some other utensil and place it near your bird feeder. Water does not have to be placed at an elevated height because birds can go to the ground and take up the water without causing spillage on the platform. 

How to clean a Bird Feeder?

Different bird feeders have distinct designs, which will make the cleaning regimes different for each one. Ideally, you can opt for the easy approach and wipe the mess off with a damp cloth. For thorough cleaning, you will have to remove the bird feeder from its stand (for platform or house feeders) or the branch it is hanging from (in the case of a tube feeder) and then wash it. 

The washing will require the use of boiling hot water with a cleaning agent of some sort. Many people recommend just using a minimal amount of bleach to remove any bacteria that might be festering on the surface. Just make sure to not use a lot of whatever cleaning agent you are using because it can be harmful to the birds. Another important aspect you should keep in mind while cleaning the bird feeder is that it should be dried in the sun entirely before you put the feed in it again. 

How much does a bird feeder cost?

A single bird feeder can sell at anywhere between $30 to $90. If you buy wholesale, you will save a lot of money because bulk orders usually come at reduced prices. If you are a small business and buy wholesale and then sell it at market rates, it will also help you gain a lot of profit. As a customer, buying a bird feeder will not be too heavy on the pockets, but if you choose to purchase wholesale, you will save even more money. If you want to be vigilant about the pricing, you should ask multiple manufacturers and choose the best one. 

Where to buy a bird feeder? 

If you have read our list of manufacturers, you can directly contact them and know their approach to wholesale selling. All of the manufacturers and suppliers mentioned in our article have their own websites. You can look through their product catalog and understand the range of their services offered before making an order. It is better to go with a global supplier because they can supply the demand to any geographical location. Buying a bird feeder is not difficult if you know which website to go to and which seller to contact. 

The Takeaway

Today, a lot of materials are being used in the manufacturing of a bird feeder, which is essential for both functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. We hope that our article helped you decide which manufacturer you will choose for your business. For more information, you can contact the experts

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