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Best 50 custom bottle packaging design ideas for bottled and jarred packaged goods in 2021

Author: Roe Li

When you think about your recent purchases, you can’t rule out the possibility of the influence of its packaging on your purchase. The packaging design of products is one of the main factors that influence people’s purchase. Even though the product is fantastic with a killer logo, its creative packaging is the ultimate brand identity of the product.

With bottled and jarred packed goods becoming highly popular on-shelves products, many industries resort to this type of packaging for their products. If you are looking for creative ideas for customized bottled and jarred packaging in 2021, then have a look at this detailed post.

What Are Bottled and Jarred Packaged Goods?

Bottled and jarred packaged foods play a primary role in keeping the food supply safe by maintaining the benefits of the food item while it travels long distances until it is consumed. Packaging food items in bottles and jars not only saves time but also saves money because of its technological advancements in manufacturing.

Various custom bottle manufacturers feature a streamlined supply chain that takes your ideas to create bottled and jarred packaged goods just as you want. Put your thoughts in action with reliable custom bottled and jarred packaging manufactures.

The increase in the need for bottled and jarred products has sparked a debate on pertinent topics like hygiene, consumer protection, and environmental effects. Considering all the factors, glass containers have received much appreciation for their durability and safety features. So, let’s have a look at the features and benefits of using bottled and jarred packaged goods.

Features and Benefits of Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods

Packaged items in bottles and jars have proven to be a boon for people who live away from their homes and for people who are on the road for a long time. They are convenient to carry and store anywhere and everywhere. The quality of packaged goods needs to be excellent to protect them from damage during transportation.

1. Safety

Glass containers are widely used for packaging especially because they are safer and less vulnerable to contamination. They help extend the shelf life of the goods since they reduce exposure to airborne contaminants and harmful UV rays, especially colored glass bottles and jars.

2. Hygiene

Using glass bottled and jarred packaging provides a hygiene factor as well because they are recyclable and help store items in an intact condition, retaining their hygiene. The jars are bottles are airtight which keeps the goods moisture-free.

3. Duration

Different types of packaging extend the shelf life of goods by modifying the air which prevents discoloration and prolongs the life of the items. Glass bottles and jars also help identify any discoloration, which helps remove the expired products from the shelves.

For Beauty & Personal Care Industry

The quality of life has increased because of the positive effects of beauty and personal care products on self-esteem. Consumer attention has shifted towards premium and luxury cosmetic items which have propelled the growth of this industry. 

The beauty and personal care industry has moved on to bottle-based designs for packaging their goods. If you want to put your concept into design, then you can approach a custom cosmetic bottle & container packaging supplier.

Colored Glass Perfume Bottles

Antique-colored glass perfume bottles attract a lot of customers. Glass bottles always look chic and their non-reactive feature with chemicals makes them a perfect choice for storing perfumes. The packaging of your perfume is important because if the consumer does not like the look of the perfume bottle, she/he won’t give it a second look, no matter how good the smell. 

Make your perfume bottle customized to reflect your brand’s essence from the shape and color of the bottle. It also makes the luxury items look more attractive from the perspective of prospective buyers. Additionally, you can use your packaging bottle as a branding (Case Study: Cold Brew Coffee Packing Ideas) opportunity that allows you to increase your brand’s recall value.

Approach a reliable glass manufacturing company to get your perfume bottle customized according to your production requirements.

Colorful Glass Bottles For Essential Oils

glass essential oil bottle wholesale

Essential oils are usually stored in glass or aluminum bottles because they are extremely potent and may deteriorate plastic if stored in plastic bottles. Glass is a popular packaging option for essential oils because it cannot damage the inert nature of glass.

It is not necessary to stick to the traditional shape of the essential oil glass bottle, you can custom-make mini, colored glass bottles. It helps in catching the eye of the customers when your bottles sport an eye-catching style. Your brand will surely stand out if your bottle’s style is not like the traditional essential oil bottle and ultimately influence the purchase of customers.

You can make changes in the shape of the bottle to resemble your brand’s logo or mascot. The color that you choose should be dark to prevent the degradation of essential oil from sunlight. Order your custom glass bottles from a certified glass bottle manufacturing company.

Colored Glass Roller Bottles

Roller bottles are often used to sell perfume and essential oils. People love to buy roller bottles because not only are they convenient but they are also reusable. They are often made from plastic or glass (Learn: Glass Vs Plastic), but glass roller bottles are preferred because they are safe and durable. 

Roller bottles can be customized to make your brand stand out from other brands and offer a personalized feel for your customers. You can make the bottle customized to match your brand’s logo colors so that the customers can instantly identify your brand from the crowd. It will help increase your brand’s recall value and ultimately pave way for brand loyalty.

You can also customize the size of the bottles to offer different roll-on sizes for different purposes like daily use and travel use.

Glass Cream Jars

clear glass cream jar wholesale

Glass cream jars are perfect for packing high-end cosmetics like body cream, eye cream, and other skincare products. Cream jars offer convenience for everyday use and the small size is perfect for storing.

When we think of cream jars, a small round jar comes to mind. But it’s time to break out of the traditional image of a cream jar. With glass manufacturing companies offering customized solutions, you can put your imagination into production. 

You can customize the shape of the cream jars to look like their main ingredients like a peach or a mango. You can also choose the color of the jar accordingly and customize its shades to make it appealing to the customers. It makes it easy for them to identify the flavor of the cream just by looking at the packaging. 

Black Glass Lotion Bottles

Lotion bottles have become trending nowadays because of their convenience for daily use. Lotion tubes are not that handy and they cause a mess sometimes, which is why lotion pump bottles became popular. 

Black and white lotion bottle packaging is a timeless trend. While white used to be an overwhelming choice, black glass lotion bottles seem to be dominating the monochrome packaging right now. If you want to add a bit of flair to your packaging, you can add white stripes to your customization.

Customizing your lotion bottles will help create an awesome customer experience while strengthening your brand value.

Foundation Glass Bottles

glass foundation bottle wholesale

oundations are now going the dropper or airless route, but the products range from compact to stick. People are looking for slim and elegant packaging for foundations and manufacturers have shifted their focus on providing ergonomic features in their packaging.

Nothing will create a better brand impression than custom brand packaging for your foundation. After all, it is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your logo and brand colors using custom packaging for foundation bottles.

With custom packaging, glass packaging business owners have a variety of sizes to from that helps them pack the products with commending security while making effective use of the space. This empowers the manufacturers to choose the specifications of the package.

Lip Balm Containers

Lip balm containers are similar to cream jars, just a bit smaller. Plastic containers for lip balms have now seen a decline because of their reactive nature with the lip balm and they have been replaced by glass lip balm containers.

Manufacturing standard packages may be costly as compared to custom glass containers because the shipping costs decrease substantially. Custom packaging needs less material to produce, so the overall delivery costs are less. They increase the branding benefits because custom packaging makes your brand stand out with creativity.

If you are an online business, then it is important for you to get customized packaging for your customers as a branding strategy. 

Black Glass Nail Polish Bottles

black glass nail polish bottles with lid wholesale

Nail polish bottles are available in multiple designs with creative caps for the top lids. Recent trends in the packaging of nail polish bottles include decorative bottles with matte black caps. Manufacturers have also shifted to complete black nail polish bottles for an elegant effect.

Create a memorable experience for your customers with customized packaging. With social media on the rise, unboxing trends have become quite popular. If your packaging is not appealing, then those trends mean nothing for your brand. Try to customize your packaging in a way that your brand awareness increases.

Custom packaging is more attractive, which means that the customers will enjoy opening them. If you leverage the packaging correctly, it improves the overall experience of unboxing with strong brand storytelling.

Colored Glass Bottle With a Fine Mist Spray Top

Glass mist bottles offer a safe and durable solution to packaging. Mist often reacts with plastic to deteriorate the plastic, which is why glass bottles are preferred for packaging mist. They also protect the mist from harmful UV rays.

Get the mist bottles customized so that you can get the perfect size for your product. Custom packaging allows you to design the bottles as per your brand specifications. Happy products mean happy customers and happy customers equal brand loyalty

Glass bottles also allow customers to see the quantity of mist that is left. Transparency about your product allows the customers to trust your brand wholeheartedly. 

For Household & Hospitality Industry

The household and hospitality industry is a wide category of fields in the service industry that includes travel, food and drink service, lodging, etc. It has an increased need for bottled and jarred products to provide a homely feel to its customers.

You can get your creative packaging done from a custom household glass bottle and container manufacturer to increase your brand’s recognition in the minds of the customers. The package that holds your product is the most efficient way to create brand credibility by using it as a form of advertising.

Colored Glass Store Jars

Glass store jars find good use in the household and hospitality industry for not only storing goods but also adding a delightful look to the decor. The hospitality industry has taken to colorful glass storage jars to add an interesting twist to their place.

You can make the jars look interesting by adding subtle patterns and tiny pops of different colors to catch the eye of potential consumers. If you want a more classy look then black packaging looks luxurious and has an air of mystery. You can approach certified glass jar manufacturers to pick a classy customized monochrome design.

There are tons of competitors in the market, so you need to customize your storage jars to encapsulate your brand. Customized designs allow you to take control of the reputation of your brand and address your target customers directly.

Red Glass Ink Bottles

Colorful glass ink bottles are both classy and on-trend. Even though their usage has decreased, they remain a must-have in many industries. Ink bottles are made in minimalist colors but can be customized to look bold.

Customized glass ink bottles help make the package look soft to an otherwise harsh-looking packaging design. You can try using pastel colors to make the ink bottles look modern. Keep them simple by selecting a monochromatic design that speaks to your customers. If you want to be playful and achieve a dreamy look, you can work with a combination of two light shades.

Using custom packaging helps show off your brand and the shape and style speak to consumers on a direct level. This will make your brand stand out and ensure that it stays in the mind of the consumers.

Glass Shoe Bottle

High-heeled shoe bottles have been in trend for quite some time now and have given us cause to see women’s pumps from a new angle. They are used to contain various items such as perfume, liqueurs, and liquid soap.

From the perspective of marketing, custom packaging of shoe bottles is one of the fundamental aspects of capturing the attention of customers. The shape is already fascinating to the human eye and if the packaging is tailor-made to elevate your product, your brand automatically gains a higher degree of credibility.

The first thing that any potential customer is exposed to is the packaging. Hence, custom designs help make a good impression on new customers.

Sparkling Water in Blue Glass Bottle

Glass water bottles are better than plastic water bottles any day because of their reusability and recyclability. They not only preserve the minerals of water but also ensure that the water stays fresh, which means that glass bottled water is better for health.

There are millions of companies that sell bottled water but very few that sell them in glass bottles. If you want to stand out from those few as well, then customize your glass sparkling water bottle to make. Using custom glass bottles will show your brand’s compassion(Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles) towards the environment and also shows your corporate social responsibility.

When it comes to purchasing, most people simply buy items based on their creative packaging. A good visual representation of your product and brand is the backbone of your marketing strategy. Some key points remain common, like using blue hues for the packaging because a color like green shows the symbol of contaminated water. 

Decorative Colored Glass Bottles

Decorative glass bottles inspire your thrifty side and help spruce up a place. Creating DIYs is a good idea but not everyone is good at art and here is where ready-made decorative glass bottles come in.

As a glass bottle manufacturer, you need to consider the style of packaging that you are going for. The style and color of your customized glass decorative bottle should be out of the box but should remain true to the brand.

Using different color schemes helps build your brand because those colors will be associated with your brand forever. You can go with a stylish vintage look as it creates an approachable look in a classic style that customers can identify with.

Colored Glass Storage Jars

Storage bottles find good use in households to store grains and other food items. Until recently, people used plastic storage bottles to store food items but the harmful properties of plastic have forced people to switch to glass storage bottles.

The main purpose of packaging is to keep the inside product safe and using customized packaging will help maintain the safety of your products. It helps your brand to stand out in effective ways with your brand’s distinct message

Unique customized storage jars have the potential to gain brand exposure and packaging is the first thing that a potential customer is exposed to. Even though having a great product is important for the success of your brand, the packaging is the next effective step to elevate your brand’s credibility.

Distilled White Vinegar Glass Bottles

Glass vinegar bottles have a continuous thread neck with a clear broad body. They are known for their customary old style but the new trends have come out with various different styles. Vinegar bottles are used to store vinegar, cooking oils, and other seasonings.

Glass vinegar bottles can be customized to reflect your brand’s message and lead to brand recognition. With so many brands at customers’ disposal, your brand needs to be creatively attractive to entice potential customers by making an instantly memorable impression.

Using a custom design, you don’t only make the user experience better but you also build a loyal customer base without the hassle of brick and mortar.

Colored Glass Diffuser Bottles

three different glass diffuser bottle wholesale

A diffuser bottle is used to spread natural fragrance in a room. One of the best uses of a diffuser bottle is to spread positive vibes after a rough day. Therefore, it is important to make these bottles simple yet modern for a relaxing feel.

A vintage trend that we can’t get enough of is the packaging in rich and warm earthy tones. Although this trend is a bit on the feminine side, you can customize it to add a sexy vibe to it. The combination of lush earthy shades with simple typography creates a classic style with a luxurious look. Such customized glass diffuser bottles give an appealing look to customers. 

You can also take a minimalist approach for customizing diffuser bottles to make them look simple and relaxing. Go for a monochromatic light shade and add little details to the bottle for a finished look that pleads to customers.

Painting Glass Jars

Decorative items always help brighten up a place and what better item than a painted glass jar to elevate the look of a room? Painted glass jars find multiple uses like a showpieces, candle jars, storage jars, etc. 

Custom packaging of decorative jars holds a unique and luxurious feel with quirky design traits. Customers feel inclined to buy such products and document their purchases on social media. This helps capture the real-time customer experience and advances the mouth-publicity of your brand.

Customers like having a non-commitment to the useability of a product. Therefore, customizing your packaging in a way that has multiple uses, makes your brand more valued. Innovative packaging of glass jars gains well-deserved attention.

Glass Fruit Bowls

People have understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle and shifted to a healthy diet. With people becoming health conscious, the sale of fruit bowls has substantially increased. They are available in a variety of sizes to ascertain portion control. 

Customers now look for eco-friendly products and customizing the fruit bowls with glass material provides an eco-friendly solution to packaging. This is important for the success of your business and to build your brand on a positive note. Colored glass bowls with a unique shape always catch the eye of trend-following customers.

While receiving a package is always interesting, receiving a customized package is especially appealing. You can approach reliable glass packaging manufacturers to customize your decorative jars with your brand colors.

Pharmacy Jars

Pharmacy jars are widely made up of glass so that medical items do not adversely react with plastic. They help store medical supplies for a long duration without affecting the quality in any way.

Glass pharmacy jars should be customized especially in size so that there is minimum wastage of space and the medical supplies stay in place while in transit. Customizing them in dark colors also helps in protecting the medical supplies from harmful UV rays of the sun and therefore increases the shelf life of products.

Custom packaging is a marketing tool that allows you to advertise your product as a high-end branded product. It feels like a fantastic puzzle whose prize remains inside but half the fun in involved in opening the puzzle. 

Glass Pill Bottle

Pill bottles are used to store multiple pills of everyday intake. Like pharmacy jars, they are also made up of glass for the safety and durability of the medicines. 

Glass pill bottles can be customized to add details about the medicines so that the customers can find important instructions easily. Medicines are generally bought from reliable brands, so you should make sure that your brand is clearly advertised on the packaging for instant identification.

Custom packaging design is important for creating a memorable customer experience because it helps in customer retention and customer retention results in increased sales.

Colored Glass Dropper Bottles

Dropper bottles are glass containers used to store essential oils, serums, CBD oils, nutraceuticals, etc. They also find use in the pharmaceutical industry for liquid medicines that need precise dosage.

Custom product packaging of dropper bottles helps tell your customers that they should buy again from your brand because it is the first touchpoint that influences buying behavior. It reaffirms the reasons why your brand is the best for customer experience.

Even though your product is excellent, if you offer it in a simple box, no one will be tempted to buy it. You need to create a consistent experience for your customers starting from custom packaging to after-sales service.

Hand Sanitizer Bottle

The tough times of COVID-19 have increased the use of sanitizer all over the world, making it a necessity. Since sanitizers are 90% alcohol, they are mostly sold in glass bottles for safety. 

Even in the toughest times, the trend of posting pictures on social media never declines. Therefore, your focus point should always remain on the enticing look of your packaging. Nothing says value for money like giving your consumers a little more than they expect from your brand. 

Customized sanitizer bottles should be aligned with the branding style of your business to help create consistency. To get the most of the packaging design, make sure that stay updated on the latest trends.

Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles

There are thousands of shampoo and conditioners available in the market for different hair types. The necessity of shampoo and conditioner is everlasting for beautifully shiny hair. 

Customized packaging for shampoo and conditioner bottles helps you strengthen the relationship between you and your customers. It does not mean that you throw expensive gifts, but just showing the customers that you went the extra mile to give them more than they paid for. 

An unforgettable customized design increases repeat purchases by giving the customers the best end-to-end experience. If your product is floating in opulence, you can opt for simple black packaging as well to compliment your brand’s experience.

Marijuana Glass Jars

Cannabis products remain effective for long periods when they are packed in airtight glass jars. Glass jars also prevent the strong smell of marijuana to spread in the room. 

As with all creative mediums, packaging design is limited by your imagination itself. You can customize the marijuana jars to reflect the quality standard of your product. It helps increase the perceived brand value if your customized packaging calls attention. Regardless of what you sell, there will always be competitors and how you make yourself stand out, is in your hands.

In a world where people are looking for trendy products, customized packaging adds to the desirability of the products. Even if the customer does not end up buying your product, he/she will definitely notice the uniqueness of your packaging, which means that you have a potential future customer.

For the food & beverage industry

The food and beverage industry consists of all the businesses that are involved in converting agricultural products into consumer food products. This industry has seen the rise of packaged foods in recent times because of the rise in people’s living standards. Packaging is essential for the safety and durability of food items.

With so many companies competing for selling similar products, businesses have pinned their focus on customized packaging solutions. Custom food and beverage glass packaging suppliers allow you to create a better customer experience while maintaining the safety standards associated with the food and beverage industry.

Colored Glass Candle Jars

Candle jars (A Complete Guide To Types Of Candle Jars) are not only used to reduce residual oxygen but are also used as decorative items to lighten up various places. Candles provide a relaxing vibe and when placed in decorative jars, give a pleasing environment.

Beautifully designed custom glass candle jars make customers feel happy and special. A lot of the customer experiences are based on first impressions and that first impression comes from the product packaging. A customized candle jar echoes branding, leaving the customer thinking “I want that stunning candle jar”. 

Customization adds a wow factor to your product and complements the sustainable image of your brand.

Antique Green Glass Soda Bottles

Soda bottles have a fixed image of a green glass bottle in everyone’s minds. Their shape and style have been changing over the years to make the soda bottles look more appealing. 

Custom glass soda bottles are necessary for brand differentiation and to portray every product in its uniqueness. Custom packaging not only helps match the size and shape of the products but also enhances the desire to buy the product. Since innovation is an ever changing factor, customizing the soda bottle shape and style remains essential.

Consumers are often attracted to unique products with enhanced simplicity which can be achieved by customization. When your brand achieves a unique look, customers feel obligated to increase their personal loyalty towards your brand. 

Colored Glass Milk Bottles

Milk was primarily sold in plastic bags or cartons but milk in glass bottles simply makes the taste better. Glass milk bottles are reusable and they can be recycled over and over again.

Customized glass milk bottles prevent the blending of different products in the market. A custom design is a practical tool to represent your brand in a unique way. Glass bottles are better left transparent so that the customers can see the quality and density of milk. However, customization knows no limits, so you can experiment with soft colors for the milk bottles.

A unique design and shape of the packaging is the first opportunity to entice customers into buying your product. The next is the delightful colors with small details that affirm the buying choice of the customers. 

Green Glass Juice Bottle

round glass juice bottle with plastic lid wholesale

Everyone is shifting to a healthy lifestyle but everyone does not have the time or the luxury to drink freshly squeezed juice in the morning. Juice bottles are popularly used to promote a healthy lifestyle without the hassle of making healthy food at home. 

Every brand has a different story and a different identity that speaks volumes. You can customize your juice bottles to speak your story and create a unique identity in the minds of your potential customers. Different flavored juices can be stored in the shape of those fruits for easy identification

Even though the total value of your product is not measured by the packaging, it does have a major impact on the buying decision of customers. Therefore, custom packaging is very important to beat the competition and to stand out from the crowd.

Colored Glass Beer Bottles

The authentic beer bottles are always found in brown color but they do not strike the fancy of many people. Some people are also collectors of bizarre beer bottles. 

The quality of the beer is determined only after tasting it, but its sales can be dependent on the fancy packaging of the beer bottle. Customized beer bottles should not only be enticing but also functional to serve the purpose of storing the beer. You can use different shapes and colors that identify with your brand to custom-make your beer bottles.

The main aim of customizing the packaging is to call for action and that is possible when your customization is customer-oriented. Make your packaging reflect the product inside because a good package ensures that the product inside is going to be of top quality.

White Frosted Glass Champagne Bottle With Black Lettering

white glass champagne bottle and many champagne glass manufacturer

When it comes to champagne bottles, the mere shape and color of these bottles are attractive enough. There are new and interesting champagne bottles in the market every day. 

A white frosted champagne bottle with black lettering is trending right now. The black and white trend is timeless and an overwhelming choice for champagne bottles. For a customized glass champagne bottle, you can add little black patterns for a better look. A classy monochrome design will never go out of style for champagne bottles.

The impact of custom packaging determines the position of your brand in the mind of your customers. You can position your brand as passionate by using eco-friendly glass bottles to store champagne and reflect your corporate social responsibility. Even though you have a fixed package for your products, you can launch a limited edition series to keep your customers on their feet.

Glass Honey Jars

round glass honey jar wholesale

Honey is one of the most used food ingredients to make desserts. It is generally stored in glass jars to retain its natural properties and taste.

Honey glass bottles are available in a myriad of different shapes, but the most common ones are the flat-bottomed elliptical jars. You can customize the jars in the shape of a honeycomb to make them more appealing. You can also customize the lid of the glass honey jars for either branding or matching the product.

Customized honey jars help separate your product from the others on the store shelves and put your product a cut above the other similar products. 

Colored Glass Olive Oil Bottles

Oil bottles are mostly available in plastic because they can be squeezed to get the oil out of the bottle. But the harmful properties of plastic have shifted the focus to manufacturing glass oil bottles.

Glass oil bottles can be customized especially in size to offer different sizes for different purposes. The colors of the glass bottles should reflect the base colors of your brand for instant brand recognition. The customized shape of the glass oil bottle should not compromise the volume and quantity of storing oil.

Customized packaging of oil bottles helps your brand to position itself in the market the way you want. A custom package can also be used to add a personalized touch to your products as a limited edition sale. 

Drinking Glasses

Drinking glasses are available in various shapes and sizes for every occasion. They are used in almost every industry and every event. 

Drinking glasses can be customized to set your brand apart from other similar products. Custom drinking glasses help your brand manufacture unique-shaped glasses that appeal to customers. Every detail of the customization helps strengthen the image of your brand.

The first thing that you want to consider for packaging is the mood and personality of the product that you want to portray. Knowing your style will help make further decisions about the customization that you want to make.

Glass Gatorade Bottles

Gatorade bottles are sports bottles that are usually made up of polyethylene terephthalate but because of their harmful effects, they were banned. After that, glass Gatorade bottles came into existence. 

The glass Gatorade bottles can be customized in many different designs to appeal to different age groups. You can add cartoons or cute quotes to the bottles to appeal to the kids and for young adults, you can add a sporty factor. Customized glass Gatorade bottles also help manufacture bottles according to the sports. 

Customizing the Gatorade bottles in minimalist pastel colors will ensure a modern and grown-up look while appealing to the kids as well. You can also use different hues to make the bottle look more attractive. 

Glass Yogurt Bottles

Yogurt is one of the most loved desserts among all age groups. They are available in many different flavors and that has increased its target audience substantially. 

Customized packaging is significant for start-ups since the only thing that the customers can judge the product is the packaging. It impacts the direct sales of start-up businesses. The packaging impacts the sales even after the business starts growing.  

Customized yogurt bottles can be used to reflect the brand identity by using the logo colors or the logo itself. Remember that the packaging is meant to communicate a purpose whose ultimate goal is to increase sales. If the customer is satisfied with the packaging of the product, there are very few chances that he/she will be disappointed with the product.

Colored Glass Wine Bottles

black glass wine bottle wholesale

The glass bottles represented an important development in wine history when a cork (Knowleage: Different Types of Corks and Closures for Wine Bottle) was added to the mix to allow the aging of wine. Glass allows storage of wine for a long period and it eventually launched chateau bottling. The enhanced taste of aged wine is possible because of glass bottles.

Glass wine bottles customization can be used to retain customers by offering unique selling propositions to packaging options. Custom packaging sets the stage for a better user experience. Nice product but poor packaging won’t initiate sales. Wine bottles look classy in white or black color with soft calligraphy fonts. 

Customizing the wine bottles allows you to present your brand the way you want to: luxurious, aesthetic, minimalist, etc. This positions your brand higher and gives your customers a guarantee that they have made the right choice.

Glass Candy Jars

Candy is enjoyed by people of every age because of its taste and exotic colors.  Candy jars are often made up of glass and are transparent to entice kids and draw attention with their colors.

Even though the mere sight of candy in transparent candy jars is enough to attract customers, the candy jars can be customized to form different designs for different types of candy. Candy jars look good when they are simple and transparent, but the candy jar tops can be customized to add creativity.

Customized candy jars offer a cost-effective solution to packaging when ordered in bulk. They can be customized in varied sizes to accommodate different types of candy. Deliver a sweet impression about your customer service dedication by imprinting your logo on the candy jars or the candy jar lids.

Glass Spirit Bottles

Spirits are the brawniest ABV products formed from yeast fermentation and are a product of distillation. They are stored in glass or crystal bottles to enhance their appearance and increase their longevity.

Custom Glass spirit bottles are an incredible way to attract customers and leave a long-standing impact on your brand, especially through word of mouth. Custom packaging becomes a silent salesperson and creates a first brand association for consumers. 

If consumers become the advocate of your design, they will buy it with a positive image of your brand. In short, custom packaging is brand packaging for customer satisfaction.

Glass Coffee Jars

Coffee jars are primarily used to store fresh coffee beans to brew fresh coffee every morning. They are stored in airtight jars to prevent contamination of coffee. 

Personalization is a significant aspect of winning over your competition and increasing sales. Delivering customized coffee jars make your package look professional and allows you to provide the right quality packaging container that meets your packing needs.

Customers can decide whether they want to buy a product or not in the first 3 seconds based on the look of the packaging. A well-made promotional packaging aids in retaining customers as well as gaining new potential customers.

Glass Tea Pots

A teapot is used to steep tea leaves in warm water and serve the resulting infusion called tea. A glass teapot is the safest teaware that can withstand high heat without breaking.

Tea time is considered to be the most relaxing part of the day and everyone has different requirements for their tea. Therefore, customized teapots offer an easy solution for tea lovers who like their tea in a particular way.

Customizing glass teapots allows you to deliver the right size teapot for a single person or an entire family. With customized packaging, you are showing that you care about the product as well as the customer with strong visual appeal.

Glass Pickle Jar

clear square glass pickle jar wholesale

Pickle jars are used during summers to make and store tasty pickles. They are stored in airtight glass jars to stay away from moisture while absorbing the sunlight from the transparent glass. 

The fact that glass jars showcase the product inside, leads to increased sales. Custom pickle jars make the packaging unique by labeling and decorating styles that improve your brand value. If you can get a good deal on bulk customized orders, you can save a lot of money and increase your profit margin

They can also be customized to match your marketing pitch to reach your target customers. This way, you are not only spending money on customized packaging but also on brand awareness.

Jam Jars & Jelly Jar

Jam and Jelly are the two favorite words for a kid, especially during summertime. Jam and jelly jars are used to store the two products for a long time. 

The fact that custom glass jars provide a unique design and shape, makes your product better than your competitors and helps boost your business in the long run. Customized jam jars are not that expensive either because the initial costs add to the investment cost that turns into future profits. 

When you offer a customized glass jar, it becomes a part of your unique selling proposition, and when that becomes a success, your business will have gained a consistent customer base. If you keep up with the latest trends, you are sure to get repeated purchases.

Patron Mini Bottles

Patron mini bottles have small shots of tequila with added flavors that offer a refreshing feel after traveling. They are offered as welcome drinks in various holiday resorts as well. 

Patron mini bottles are very fragile and need to stay safe while in transit. Custom packaging of glass containers is specifically tailored for protection. With the right customization, your product will draw attention even among hundreds of similar products.

When you use the services of a professional glass bottle manufacturer, you also save on the manufacturing and shipping costs on bulk orders. The initial costs may seem to be high but customized glass bottles will help you grow your business with maximum profits.

Whiskey Bottles

transparent glass whiskey bottle and glass cup

Much like the other alcohol bottles, whiskey glass bottles are also used to retain the quality of the alcohol and enhance its appearance. 

Custom glass bottles for whiskey provide an avenue to create an incredible first impression with potential customers. Customized packaging shouts “top-tier products” even before opening or trying the product.

Customized whiskey bottles offer a delightful experience to your customers and enhance the beauty of the product for everyone to appreciate. The custom packaging of your product will receive good word of mouth if it draws attention with its design.

Hot Sauce Bottles

Hot sauces are best stored in glass bottles because plastic cannot take the heat of hot sauces. Additionally, they keep the bacteria away from the hot sauce and retain its flavor for a long time.

Getting custom-made hot sauce bottles helps in obtaining the perfect size bottle to store your product without owing any space to wastage. They also help your brand look professional and trustworthy to customers as opposed to traditional hot sauce bottles.

Hot sauce bottles should be transparent so that the customer can judge the quality of the product easily. Being transparent with your customer will help you gain loyal and repeating customers.

Salad Dressing Bottles

Salad dressing bottles are perfect for mixing and storing salad dressing for future use. It is hard to attain the same delicious taste of salad dressing every time. Therefore, it is stored in glass bottles with precise measurements to get the perfect taste every time.

Thoughtfully selected custom designs for salad dressing bottles create a positive and shareable experience for the customers. Customized packaging allows you to communicate about your brand with aesthetically and visually pleasing designs.

Customer satisfaction can only be achieved if you make your customer believe that you went the extra mile to make your customer’s experience better. Custom packaging is the key to customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is the key to repeated purchases.


Custom bottle and jar packaging have a lot of advantages for branding purposes as you have already seen. Get your glass bottles and jars customized by a reliable glass bottle manufacturing company and enjoy the benefits of customized packaging. 

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