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The Best Candle Holder Manufacturers in India



India is a culturally diverse nation with the 2nd highest human population on the planet. Candles are a staple feature in most of their houses as they are heavily linked to spirituality. The importance that Indians tie to candles means that their demand is always on a high.

Getting the right candle holder can be a headache for many. There are so many options in the market but not all of them offer the same quality as advertised. To help you sift through all that, here are the best candles holder manufacturers in India.

A Candle Holder
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Art India Impex


Art India Impex is a candle holder manufacturer that has been operational since 2007 from its headquarters located in Uttar Pradesh. Just like their name implies, they are involved in the creation of art-related holders that can be used as decorations in homes and offices.

The products made by Art India Impex are very artistic, from shiny metal finishes to colorful glass candle jars that light up a room in a myriad of lights.



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The Candle Dux


The Candle Dux is a candle holder maker from Delhi that was established in 1949. The company specializes in products that are used for gifting and designer requests. Their assembly lines have colorful glass candle holders, metallic ones, and regular holders that can be used for years in households.

Candle Dux employs the services of India’s finest designers and quality inspectors who ensure that every product that comes from the assembly line is up to industry standards.



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Dlite Crafts


Uttar Pradesh is home to yet another big candle holder maker, Dlite Crafts. The company has been around since 1994 and employs about 50 people. Their product catalog includes colorful glass candle holders of all sizes and shapes.

Candle Dux handles their own packaging and deliveries. Most of their products are used as gifts, they usually come wrapped in branded gift boxes.



Dlite Crafts
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Scented Threads


Scented Threads is a candle holder maker based in Delhi that manufactures candle holders of all types and materials. They have glass candle holders, ones made out melamine, Metallic holders, and scented candles of all varieties.

Most of the Scented Threads products are used as gifts during special occasions like Diwali, weddings, and birthday parties. The company also provides packaging services like gift wrapping as well as deliveries within the Delhi region.

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Candles Cube


Candles Cubes was set up in 2005 in Maharashtra and it is involved in the manufacture of pillar candles, designer candles, scented wax candles, and paraffin wax candles. They also make candle holders of all types ranging from those made out of glass, metal, and melamine.

Most of their products are distributed across India and exported to international markets like the USA, UK, and Dubai. Their best selling product is the Ganeshji candle holders that are designed using beautiful patterns that cast artistic shadows when a candle is lit inside them. Candle Cubes has an online shop that handles home deliveries.



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Roetell is an international supplier and manufacturer of glass bottles and glass jars that are used all over the world. Located in Jiangsu, China, the company manufactures glass jars, bottles, candle holders, and a host of other daily-use pieces which it supplies within China and beyond.

Roetell products are stocked by wholesalers and suppliers in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other high-demand markets across the globe. The company is home to over 150 employees and has been in the business since 1984.



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Candle holders are underrated pieces of decorations that can transform the aesthetics of a house. If you are in India and looking to improve your living room with beautiful candle holders then create time to visit these candle holder makers and you may stumble on something that will take your breath away.

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