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Best Custom Glass Manufacturers in the World

Author: Roe Li

We depend on glass products in our homes more than we can admit. Glasses are much cleaner and easier to handle and at the same time, they are the best type of containers for storing food. They can also be repurposed for any other kind of task making them a must-have item in the house.

Knowing how glass is made is vital in understanding how we use them. There are several custom glass manufacturers spread around the globe that are responsible for every glass container you see in the shops around you. First things first, there are things you need to consider when looking to have a custom glass product made for you.

What To Look For When Choosing A Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturer

The Cost of Manufacture

Custom items are not cheap since the manufacturer has to use a different blueprint that is specific to the product in question. They will need to start from scratch, designing the whole thing, and creating new molds for it before reproducing it as needed. This costs quite an amount that will be paid by you. So choose wisely.


Shipping and Timely Delivery

Glass being fragile, it is best that the manufacturer ships it to you personally since they are most likely to have the safest means of that kind of transportation. If the manufacturer is from abroad, you will be required to foot the necessary customs fees. Timely and safe delivery of products is a good sign that the manufacturer pays close attention to the needs of their clients.

Quality Guarantee

The quality of the custom glass container has to be top-notch. Before committing down to having anything made, first ascertain the quality standards of the manufacturer you plan to work with. This can be achieved by physically inspecting some of the items they have created in the past.



This is the most important thing as far as custom designs are concerned. The manufacturer has to provide absolute assurances that your product will not be duplicated for somebody else. It takes great pains to come up with a unique product, having that copied by someone else should not be allowed.

Top Custom Glass Bottle Manufacturers

The following are some of the best custom glass manufacturers in the world.

Roetell - China

Roetell is a Chinese glass manufacturer that has been around since 1984. Over the years that they have been operational, the company has established itself as the leading glass manufacturer in Asia with its products in high demand across the globe.

Their products range from glass bottles, jars, and other forms of containers that are used in homes and in major commercial industries. Roetell fulfills the customized needs of glass product buyers and customers around the world.

Owens-Illinois - USA

Owens-Illinois is a multinational glass manufacturer that has 82 plants across 21 nations. Founded in 1903, the company specializes in the making of glass containers for food and beverages, beer, spirits, and wine, as well as pharmaceuticals.

The manufacturer also handles custom glass manufacturing requests from other companies and has a wealth of experience, making Owens-Illinois one of the top glass manufacturers globally.

Morgans Advanced Materials - United Kingdom

Located in the United Kingdom, Morgans Advanced Materials is a glass manufacturer that was established in 1856 and has a presence in over 30 countries around the world. On top of making glass containers for domestic and commercial purposes, the company is also involved in other industries like metal and ceramics.

RHI AG - Austria

RHI AG is an Austrian glass manufacturer that was founded in 1834 as a fireclay factory in Stettin by Friedrich Ferdinand Didier. They are involved in diverse forms of manufacturing from steel, cement, chemicals, and glass. Most of their products are used in all the major sectors of the economy and at the same time they are able to create custom glass products for various clients.


Custom glass products are important if you are looking to start your own brand. To be able to keep your potential competitors in check, glass containers that are unique only to you will leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes into contact with them. Therefore, it is crucial that you nail the design part well and find the best glass solutions by partnering with the best custom glass manufacturer you can find.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell