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5 Best Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Italy


Aside from the rich history of Italy, it is also widely associated with great wine and hearty food.

The country has 20 wine regions whose different productions end up in glasses all over the world. Condiments such as olive oil are equally a mainstay for Italian culture. In response, companies have taken to commercially producing them while maintaining relevant traditional standards.

Both these industries and others rely on glass packaging. If your business belongs to these industries, then you need to find the best glass bottle manufacturer for your business to grow. To help you out, here are the leading glass bottle suppliers in Italy:

Bottles of wine
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Established in 1984, Roetell operates from a factory in Jiangsu, China. The firm has 150 employees on board dedicated to delivering seamless customer experience. They assist clients to navigate all purchasing processes and provide after-sale support too.

Some of the product industries that Roetell caters to include cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and the beverage industry. All the glass bottle products you order can be customized for you in-house including the decorating services on offer. Additionally, for that special touch, a variety of logo placements can also be arranged. The advanced technology used ensures you get stellar end-results. Robot cnc machines also help monitor bottle quality.




Vetreria Etrusca S.R.L


Vetreria etrusca originated in the Empoli region of Italy. However, it has since spread its wings and has its head office in Montelupo, Fiorentina. It began operating under its current name in 1950.

Like most glass packaging companies, the glass bottles made at its Altore plant are designed for food and beverages. They are designed for wine, liquors, and vinegar. However, the firm’s distinctive mark is their green bottles.

The “Vetredusco” product line is highly popular with olive oil manufacturers. Its particular shade of dark green shields the oil from being degraded by light. Further, the firm focuses on unique designs to produce versatile pieces that can be upcycled.

Saida S.R.L


The Gruppo Saida consists of 8 different glass bottle manufacturing companies including Saida S.R.L. Saida is located in Longiano and has been in operation since 1963.

In terms of glass types, Saida bottles range from both clear to tinted glass. They come in various volumes and width too, depending on the target market. The firm is also open to having you work with its design team to steer the design process.

A special gem from the Swiss production line is carboys. They are glass bottles wrapped in wicker and have pride of place in long-standing traditions.



Gruppo Saida logo

Zignago Vetro


Zignago Vetro is based in Empoli and began operations in 1948. The company has multiple plants and they have been on a journey to improve on their infrastructure. Their new plant installations are focused on efficient production processes and lowering carbon emissions.

The high-end cosmetics industry has been one of its main areas of focus. Perfume bottles, cream jars, and nail polish bottles are some of their longest-standing products. However, they also are proficient in food glass packaging of various types. One of their popular units in the food line are the ‘passages bottles used for sauces (10 Best Sauce Bottle Design) and dressings.



Zignago Vetro logo

Vetri Speciali S.P.A


Since 1948, Vetri Speciali has been in the glass bottle business. It has a main operational base in Trento, Italy but has 4 other satellite plants. There are more than 780 employees in the company’s workforce.

Vetri Speciali’s glass bottles are mainly designed for beverages and food products. They differ accordingly to these needs and in terms of volume as well. The technology used by the firm can produce bottles as small as 4cl to 30 liters, it all depends on the client. Similarly, flexible manufacturing allows them to deliver micro or bulk orders.



Vetri Speciali logo



There is more to suitable glass bottle packaging than just beautiful design with embellishments. Granted, that is indeed important. However, factors such as the cultural background of your target market are equally crucial.

Consumerism has a sentimental aspect to it. Special touches such as carboys and olive oil bottles with non-reactive corks easily gain consumer loyalty. You may want to consider such factors as you choose a glass bottle manufacturer for your products.

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