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Best Juice Bottle Manufacturers in India


The second most populous nation on the planet is home to a host of juice bottle manufacturers. India is a huge consumer of juices and to cater to this market, quality glass containers are needed. The juice produced within the country is consumed locally with very little of it making it out as exports.

Several decent glass bottle manufacturers are strewn across the expansive nation, each with its own unique brand of doing things. This could be hard for you in choosing the best juice bottle manufacturer for your business. To give you a good start, here are 5 juice bottle manufacturers that have stood out as far as quality is concerned.

A Glass Bottle Full of Orange Juice
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Parekhplast India Limited


Parekhplast India Limited is a Mumbai based juice bottle manufacturer that has been operational since 1981. The company started as a packaging manufacture of plastic products for various industrial applications and industries. In the following 3 decades, Parekhplast has grown into the leading manufacturer of all things related to glass and plastic containers.

Sitting on a space covering over 200,000 hectares, the company employs over 700 workers across its 4 facilities that supply over 100 clients across the nation and beyond. Their products are used in the food and beverage industry, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemical facilities.



Parekhplast India Limited Logo

Surya Polypet Limited

Located in Uttarakhand, a state in the northern part of India, Surya Polypet Limited is a plastic and glass container maker that has been active since 2006. Their products are highly sought by the Pharmaceutical and Food and beverage industries where they are used to store medicine and juices, respectively.

Surya Polypet Limited has a workforce of about 100 workers who are skilled in the use of the latest technologies and advanced machinery to mold high-quality products for domestic and commercial use. Some of the products in their assembly line include plastic water bottles, glass juice bottles, and beer bottles of all sizes.



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The province of Jiangsu, China, is home to one of the most accomplished glass container manufacturers in the Eastern hemisphere. Roetell has been in the business of manufacturing domestic and commercial glass bottles for over 35 years now. The company incorporates designs and styles from different markets around the world, including the United States, its biggest competitor.

Roetell has a dedicated workforce of about 150 people, all skilled personnel who have been instrumental in driving the company forward.



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Vishwakarma Industries


Hidden away in Delhi, Vishwakarma Industries is another juice bottle maker that was established in 2001. A huge section of the assembly line features both plastic and glass bottles that are majorly used in the food and beverage industries. On top of that, they manufacture containers for liquid soap, shampoos, and medicine.

About 75% of their products are used locally with the rest ending up as exports to various regions of the globe, especially Africa and Europe.



Vishwakarma Industries Logo

Teknobyte India


Teknobyte India is another Delhi based bottle manufacturer that has been operational since 1997. Within the 2 decades they have been around, the company has managed to create a niche for itself and corner a market that had earlier been dominated by older players.

Their catalog includes products like pickle jars, juice bottles, soft drinks, and soda bottles, shampoo containers, and a host of similar products.



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The demand for bottles, glass or otherwise, will not subside anytime soon. As food production gets ramped up, the need for storage containers is doubling up. The manufacturers mentioned above understand the implications of not being able to meet that demand.

If you stay near any of them and you have a strong desire to acquire bottles for a business venture, rather than get charged extra by buying from wholesalers, visit the manufacturers themselves and get great factory discounts.

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