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10 Best Sauce Bottle Packaging Designs For Branding

Author: Roe Li

Sauce-making has become an increasingly competitive field, so standing out in the marketplace is vitally important. Quality packaging and sauce branding are essential for promoting product visibility and gaining customer attention. Not only must it look aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be able to protect the sauce from environmental elements like heat, sunlight, and moisture. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the different sauce bottle design packaging that can help businesses stand out among competitors on store shelves. We will talk about choosing suitable materials for durability, functionality, and sustainability, as well as other important factors to consider. This will give the necessary branding inspiration for sauce bottle packaging designs. 

Heinz Ketchup Bottle Design

Henry Heinz revolutionized the condiment industry after selling tomato ketchup in an octagonal-shaped bottle. The sauce bottle design was first utilized in 1890 and gained traction due to its unique design. After that, the usage of octagonal-shaped glass bottles was elevated. This ketchup bottle design has a solid, even base that allows proper storage. 

These bottles have many advantages, such as a curved neck that allows smooth ketchup flow and a thin mouth to reduce air exposure to avoid discoloration. This groundbreaking innovation left an everlasting impression on the market and shaped customer perception of what a ketchup bottle should look like. 

Thanks to its inventive design, Heinz’s dedication to creating pure and fresh products shines through even today. Also, many consumers prefer this type of simple yet effective packaging. As a result, people can use this tomato ketchup bottle design while starting their sauce packaging businesses (Learn: How to Start Your Sauce Business in 11 Steps) to acquire target buyers. 

Kikkoman Bottle Design

One of Kenji Ekuan’s most praised designs is the 1961 Kikkoman soy sauce bottle. It is another award-winning soy sauce packaging design, which is visually stunning and also an ingenious example of practicality. The highlight of this glass bottle design is its broad base and the unique curved body, where the brand label design is printed. 

In addition to that, the sauce bottle comes with a tapered neck, and the bottle is transparent, allowing people to see what is inside. These bottles feature a funneled opening and a well-known red cap. Another highlight of this sauce bottle is its inverted, upward spout that is drip-resistant. Though it looks simple, the functionality of this bottle design will profit hot sauce packaging businesses. 

Apostle Hot Sauce Bottle Design

The Apostle hot sauce bottle design is an award-winning sauce bottle packaging design. These sauce bottles are made of eco-friendly glass and feature a hyper-masculine look. They have a bulky appearance and store large quantities of sauces. The hot sauce bottles are equipped with an air-tight cap to preserve the freshness of the sauce. 

These Apostle hot sauce jar bottles have a curvy cylindrical shape, and people will have no gripping problems. In addition to that, the sauce bottles come with a slim and short mouth so that there will be no unnecessary spills while pouring sauce. Businesses that are planning to start bulk-sized sauce packages will greatly benefit from this type of hot sauce bottle design

Rubedo Hot Sauce Bottle Design

The Rubedo hot sauce bottle design was developed by Stefan Andries. It was designed with the rubedo (redness) concept by alchemists. This sauce bottle has an unusual shape that reminds everyone about science labs, testing beakers, etc., which is the highlight of its design. The base part that comes in contact with the ground is flat, while the main body is round with a long, slim neck. 

The mouth of the sauce bottle is round and comes with a sustainable, air-tight cork to seal the glass sauce container. This bottle with cork is made of glass, but it is not entirely transparent. The glass bottle’s blurriness makes the overall design more intriguing. In addition to that, the hot sauce packaging design features a minimalistic label without any redundant details. 

Truff Hot Sauce Bottle Design

Truff hot sauce bottles are the epitome of modern, trendy, luxurious, and practical sauce bottle packaging designs. These bottles have a slim body with a thick base along with a narrow mouth. In addition to that, one of the important highlights of this hot sauce branding is the unique design of the cap. The asymmetrical structure of the cap is quite fascinating and draws the attention of the users. 

As the bottle is made of glass with a transparent body, one can see the sauce stored inside. Furthermore, this bottle features a simple and elegant sauce label design that emphasizes the brand name. This type of mini sauce bottle design is ideal for businesses that want to produce small-sized sauce packaging. 

Zydeco BBQ Sauce Bottle Design

The Zydeco BBQ sauce bottle has a flip-top, swing-top, pull-up cap bottle design that is primarily used as water bottles, vinegar bottles, soda bottles, etc. The body of the swing-top bottles is made of thick glass, and the caps are made using polypropylene. The sauce bottles have a medium-height slim neck with a round mouth. 

The design of the Zydeco BBQ sauce bottle makes it look like a liquor bottle (Link: Top 6 Liquor Bottle Decoration Ideas). The air-tight cap is resealable and preserves the sauce. In addition to that, the label design of these bottles is another element worth speaking about. The sauce label design is trendy because of using illustrations and unique fonts. 

The General’s Hot Sauce Bottle Design

Just by looking at the General’s hot sauce bottles, one can notice that they are related to the military concept. The shape of these bottles makes them look like grenades. These sauce bottles also have a bulky cap that looks similar to the upper part of the real grenades. The main body is transparent without any labels to emphasize the grenade look. 

The body is prepared with clear glass and allows people to look at the inside content. The cap of these bottles are printed with labels and seal the bottle completely. Businesses that want to start sauce-making companies with a specific concept can choose this sauce bottle design to enhance their customer base and get brand recognition. 

Siri Sriracha Sauce Bottle Design

Until Andre Moreira developed the Siri Sriracha sauce bottle design, nobody thought that sauces could be sold in such types of bottles. With its rectangle shape, this sauce bottle looks like a hand-held or pocket hip whiskey bottle. There is an air-tight cap that closes the mouth of the bottle tightly to prevent any contamination. 

Moreover, it is a tin can container-type bottle where the labels are printed on the surface of the container. The brand name is highlighted so that customers can notice it right away. This type of chili sauce packaging design is the best for people looking to add trendy packaging and colorful branding elements. 

Devos & Lemmens Mayonnaise Bottle Design

The Devos & Lemmens mayonnaise bottle design is one of the innovative packaging sauce designs. This is an adaptable type of sauce packaging made of plastic. The specialty of this packaging is that it can be placed in two ways, as it comes with a broad base and a flat, wide cap. 

This sauce bottle design is practical and allows people to squeeze the bottle to pour sauce. It comes with a flip-top cap that can also be removed completely. The bottle’s mouth is relatively wide, so users can directly put a spoon inside the bottle to scoop out the sauce. Looking for flexible packaging hot sauce designs? Then, this type of bottle design would be the right choice. 

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Bottle Design

Here is another common type of sauce bottle design that is preferred by a significant pack of businesses and consumers. It is because the sauce bottle comes with a squeeze cone cap. This way, one can directly squeeze the sauce out of the bottle without much difficulty. 

The Heartbeat hot sauce bottle design is also relatively practical. It has a slim, long body which allows users to grip it easily. In addition to that, it has an air-tight seal cap to protect the sauce from going bad. The label of this bottle also puts emphasis on the brand name, enhancing brand recognition (Learn: How to Measure Glass Bottles for Your Brand Labeling)

Tips For Designing A Memorable Sauce Bottle Packaging

In order to create a remarkable hot sauce packaging design, it would be highly beneficial for businesses to consider some vital factors. Such factors include picking the best type of material for bottles, assessing the needs of customers, and paying attention to brand recognition elements. 

Choose The Best-fit Bottles

Generally, for sauce packaging, two types of bottles are primarily used, which are: glass packaging and plastic packaging (Learn: Glass Vs Plastic Packaging). Selecting the best-fit bottles between glass and plastic will help business owners create an incredible packaging sauce bottle design. It is because the type of bottle will affect the aesthetics and shelf life of the sauce. 

Glass hot sauce packaging is eco-friendly and budget-friendly in the long term. Glass is made (Learn: How is Glass Made) of natural, renewable resources and does not produce any toxic chemicals during production. In addition, glass packaging can be reused after sterilization and can be recycled unlimited times. 

Glass packaging increases the shelf life of the sauce and does not contaminate it. Also, it adds great aesthetic elements to the sauce packaging. As for plastic packaging, though it is affordable and lightweight, it decreases the shelf life of the sauce. Furthermore, it affects the environment and can not be recycled 100%. 

Design For Your Consumers

Create hot sauce designs for packaging by understanding the needs of the end consumers. Figure out what kind of packaging they prefer and the special elements they wish to have. However, do not ignore the simple elements like designing labels, ingredient lists, etc. Customers are focusing on the eco-friendly element, so make sure to add sustainable factors

Pay Attention To Brand Consistency

Maintain brand consistency when developing sauce bottle design packaging. Make sure to add your brand name and logo on the sauce bottle and use brand colors, slogans, and specific fonts that are associated with your brand. As a result, it will be easy for buyers to identify your sauce packaging products and purchase them. 

Use Symbol To Identify Your Brand

Having a particular symbol to identify your brand is relatively beneficial. Even before reading the brand name, customers can recognize your brand by seeing the custom symbol. So, it is best to utilize a distinct symbol while creating hot sauce packaging that aligns with your brand and can imprint your brand image in buyers’ minds. 

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Final Thoughts

Creating an effective bottle packaging design is a key factor in the success of any food product in the industry, and the same goes for sauce packaging. Compared to plastic packaging, tin can packaging, or any other type of packaging, glass sauce packaging will be beneficial for businesses. 

To get sauce bottle design glass packaging, make sure to contact Roetell. We offer a diverse set of services, from sauce packaging design, customization, and warehousing to instant delivery. Roetell also offers free samples, and businesses can acquire glass packaging solutions for sauces at an affordable rate. 

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