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Top 4 Candle Jar Manufacturers in USA

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Candle jars also need a pleasing design that is both pleasing and attractive on the shelf. China alone has dozens of outstanding candle jar manufacturers. Therefore,  deciding which candle jar vendors or candle jar companies to partner with can be problematic. We’ve compiled a list of those superior candle jar (How to Make Custom Candle Jars for Branding) manufacturers, to save you time and effort in choosing candle containers wholesale in USA. Continue reading!

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Roetell Logo

Since its establishment in 1984, Roetell has been a part of the wholesale candle vessels industry for many years. As a first-class candle jar supplier, its experience in the manufacture of glass products has gained it a reputation and a top position in the industry that many businesses are vying for daily.

Committed to the business of candle jars wholesale in the USA, they provide Glass candle jars with intricate carvings, and they offer them in Bulk.  They have a wide selection of glass candle jars with beautiful texture and style. These candle jars come in glasses that are translucent and carved, colored and tinted. They also have a lotus-shaped glass candle light holder. Their candle holders are made of thick glasses that can withstand high temperatures. They have polished and coalesced surfaces to prevent cracking of the glass.

Despite their location in china and many US candle manufacturers are strong, they are able to cover their global market quite well. That’s why they are among the largest wholesale glass jars for candle manufacturers made in the U.S.A.

More than just the best containers for candles, their production expertise in glass has enabled them to get an upper hand in manufacturing packaging products for top brands around the world in industries such as food and beverages, and perfumery and cosmetics. 

Fillmore Container

Fillmore Container Logo

Source: https://www.fillmorecontainer.com/

Fillmore Containers, one of the top-quality Chinese candle manufacturers in USA, has been dedicated to making the best candle jars since 1995. Their trading capacity of candle vessels wholesale in the USA has grown over time, allowing them to deliver not only the best bulk supplies in industry rates for small and pallet-size orders, but also factory-direct pricing to their truckload customers.

As a trusted candle vessel supplier for many years, their customers constantly rank their Containers as the producer of glass containers and packaging. They strive to be the reliable candle container supplier one can rely on, whether they’re filling their larder with canning jars, a restaurant with bottles of signature sauce (10 Best Sauce Bottle Design), a supermarket shelves with candles, or a wedding reception table with favours. 


Glassnow Logo

Source: https://www.glassnow.com/

Glassnow is a cost-effective and eco-friendly candle glass manufacturer, whose business scope includes glass packaging, glass containers, customized glass items, and candle vessels bulk. They can provide a wide range of glass jars wholesale in USA at reasonable prices. 

As an indispensable part of the candle jar wholesale in USA, they also offer glass bottles, jars, and packaging solutions to glass candle manufacturers and retailers across a wide range of industries by integrating recycled glass products into their product lines.

Their completely automated production process and the artisan glassblowing techniques produce a beautiful fusion. Glassnow is honoured to be part of a select brand for its outstanding designs. This enables them to provide solutions for consumers as a custom candle jar manufacturer. 

They are also dealers in:

Container and Packaging

Container and Packaging Logo

Source: https://www.containerandpackaging.com/

Container and Packaging have been a family-owned company and has offered packaging solutions and logistical expertise to entrepreneurs and existing businesses, which has been extremely helpful in shipping luxury candle vessels in USA. They officially became an ESOP(Employee stock ownership plan) corporation in 2020. With their experience, alliances, purchasing power, and capital, they will continue to add value to companies at every stage of their packaging progression.

They’ve made a name for themselves by providing innovative ideas and exceptional customer service. They prefer to listen rather than talk and imagination to complacency. They flourish on exceeding standards. 

Not limited to glass candle vessel, they also manufacture plastic and metal containers, closures and other accessories. 


We know choosing high-caliber candle vessel manufacturers has been way too difficult in the past. From the time-consuming identification of appropriate glass candle jar factories to the unstructured management of production processes, the list is endless. We want to provide insiaders with useful infomation that allows them to select high-quality candle jar manufacturers in USA with as little effort as possible.

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