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Car Perfume Bottles

Roetell has an extensive range of car perfume bottles, including the iconic car perfume bottle and various styles of car air freshener perfume bottles. Our inventory also features car perfume empty bottles, perfect for customization to suit your brand’s unique identity. Crafted with precision and durability, our China hanging car perfume bottles offer both functionality and style for your customers’ vehicles. Rest assured, these sought-after items are always in stock, ensuring prompt delivery to meet your business needs. Elevate your automotive fragrance offerings with our premium selection of car perfume bottles.

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Full Solutions From Custom Car Perfume Bottle

Roetell has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing custom car perfume bottles in diverse and innovative designs.

Car Perfume Bottle Sizes

The common sizes of car perfume bottles typically range from 5ml to 15ml. These sizes are ideal for the compact nature of car interiors while providing enough capacity to hold an ample amount of fragrance for lasting freshness. Larger sizes may also be available for customers seeking extended use between refills.

Car Perfume Bottle Colors

Car perfume bottles are available in a range of colors to suit diverse preferences and vehicle interiors. Popular options include black, silver, red, white, blue, and gold, along with transparent and translucent varieties for easy monitoring of fragrance levels. These versatile color choices ensure that there's a perfect match for every car owner's style.

Car Perfume Bottle Shapes

Car perfume bottles come in a variety of shapes, each designed to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. Common shapes include cylindrical, rectangular, spherical, and geometric designs. Additionally, some bottles feature ergonomic contours for easy handling and fitting into car cup holders or dashboard compartments.

Car Perfume Bottle Closures

Car perfume bottles feature various closures for easy and secure fragrance dispensing. Options include screw caps, flip-top lids, push-button sprayers, and atomizer pumps. These closures ensure hassle-free access to the perfume while preventing spills and leaks, making them perfect for use in vehicles. Whether it's a simple screw cap or a convenient spray pump, our bottles are designed for easy application and long-lasting freshness on the go.

Car Perfume Bottle Neck Dimensions

The neck dimensions of car perfume bottles typically vary based on the specific design and closure mechanism. Standard neck sizes commonly range from 18mm to 24mm in diameter, ensuring compatibility with various types of caps, sprayers, and pumps. These dimensions are carefully crafted to facilitate easy filling, sealing, and dispensing of fragrance, providing convenience and functionality for both manufacturers and consumers.

Car Perfume Perfume Finish Options

Car perfume bottles offer a range of finish options to enhance their appeal and suit diverse preferences. Common finishes include glossy, matte, metallic, and textured surfaces. These finishes not only add visual interest but also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the bottle, complementing the fragrance inside and enhancing the vehicle's interior decor.

Supply Wholesale Car Perfume Bottles For Packaging Fragrances

At Roetell Glass, we excel in providing premium wholesale car perfume bottles meticulously crafted to enhance the essence of your fragrances. Our dedication to excellence transcends conventional product delivery; it fosters a symbiotic partnership focused on amplifying your brand’s allure and profitability. By understanding your unique brand identity and vision, we tailor our solutions to seamlessly integrate with your objectives, ensuring that each bottle not only embodies quality but also serves as a catalyst for elevating your brand’s presence in the market. With Roetell Glass, experience a collaborative journey where innovation meets unparalleled service, driving your brand toward unprecedented success.

car perfume bottle with golden lid wholesale

Packaging Car Scents

We offer small perfume glass bottles that can be fitted with corks and diffusers. Their lightweight design makes them easy to hang while their decorated glass makes them appealing.

different shapes of car perfume bottle wholesale

Hanging Car Perfume with Rope

Our hanging car perfume bottles with convenient ropes for effortless placement in any vehicle. Elevate your driving experience with long-lasting fragrance, always within reach.

Perfume Bottle Suppliers in China

Roetell is one of the leading wholesale empty perfume/fragrance glass bottles manufacturers and suppliers in China. Our fancy perfume bottles are environmentally-friendly and UV-protected to help maintain the quality of your perfume products. We offer them in various sizes and decorative finishes to give your products a premium look.

Our meticulously designed car perfume bottles not only serve as vessels for your captivating scents but also elevate the overall perception of your brand. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our bottles exude sophistication and allure, resonating with discerning customers seeking a premium olfactory experience.

Understanding the significance of brand identity, we offer unparalleled customization options to align our products with your unique vision. Whether you prefer sleek minimalism or intricate embellishments, our expert team collaborates closely with you to materialize your creative concepts into tangible, bespoke solutions.

Committed to surpassing industry standards, each car perfume bottle undergoes rigorous quality control measures to ensure flawlessness in every aspect. From the clarity of the glass to the integrity of the closures, we meticulously scrutinize every detail, guaranteeing a product that reflects unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Recognizing the importance of timeliness in meeting market demands, we operate a streamlined supply chain characterized by efficiency and reliability. With our state-of-the-art facilities and strategic logistical network, we ensure prompt delivery of your orders, empowering you to seize opportunities and stay ahead in a competitive market landscape.

Partnering with Roetell Glass signifies more than a transaction; it signifies a collaborative journey towards mutual success. With our unwavering dedication to excellence, unparalleled customization capabilities, and commitment to reliability, we empower you to elevate your fragrance line and captivate discerning customers worldwide.

Elevate your brand with Roetell Glass – where quality meets innovation, and possibilities are limitless. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards fragrance packaging excellence.

Roetell Custom Car Perfume Bottle with Low MOQ

Our Avon-inspired car perfume bottles exude timeless elegance, capturing the essence of sophistication to enhance your brand image. Meanwhile, our car air freshener perfume bottles offer practicality and effectiveness, ensuring a delightful olfactory experience for passengers on every journey.

For those seeking customization, our car perfume empty bottles provide a blank canvas to showcase your brand identity creatively. Whether you prefer sleek designs or innovative hanging solutions from China, we deliver quality craftsmanship that meets the highest standards.

With our low MOQ options, you can bring your brand vision to life without the constraints of large-scale orders. Elevate your brand’s presence in the automotive fragrance market with our customizable car perfume bottles tailored to your specifications. Contact us today to discuss your project and unlock the potential of personalized branding in the automotive industry.

car perfume bottle with lid wholesale

Best-in-Class Perfume Bottles Factory

The Roetell glass bottle factory is a cutting-edge facility that adheres to a robust sustainability policy. We use clean energy and produce 100% recyclable glass to keep our environment safe.

Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment in the industry including high-precision IS machines. This enables us to manufacture all our perfume glass bottle components in-house and ensure they are of the highest quality.

All factory operations are performed under the guidance of our professional glass bottle manufacturing experts. Each perfume bottle also undergoes careful inspection before shipment to ensure it meets our stringent quality standards.

roetell design

Fulfill Made-to-Order Wholesale Glass Perfume Bottles

Do you need perfume glass bottles with special color combinations or shapes? Or perhaps you would like a limited edition design for a brand campaign? Search no more. Roetell is the right perfume bottle manufacturer for the job.

We deliver beautiful perfume bottles wholesale complete with decorations and custom finishes. Feel free to present your sketches and ideas to us or develop fresh design concepts with the help of our trends lab team. We guarantee you professional service delivery as well as brief turnaround times and a low MOQ of only 500 perfume glass bottles.

Why choose Roetell glass bottle & packaging?

Package design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect soda bottle design for your beverage products, along with matching caps/lids and packaging graphics.

Turnkey decorating & labeling

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled glass artisans translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Utilizing various decorating techniques like frosting and spray coating, they create soda glass bottles that pop out of the shelf and get your target market’s attention.

Streamlined supply chain for closures and packing

We lessen the traditionally-long manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. Soda glass bottles and coke glass bottles bulk are created on-site while caps are assembled onsite to avoid missing parts or quantities not matching. It also lessens the manufacturing time and overall cost by cutting down on transportation time across multiple warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for our clear glass soda bottles is 1000 bottles, and free bottle samples are available before bulk production of glass soda bottles. We also manage the internal inventory to make sure we have available stock of common empty glass soda bottle for faster delivery.

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