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Case Study: Juice Bottle with Brown Bottle

Roetell helps an Bulgarian customer on secondary process and to get the Courier

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Our customer reached us on our website when his juice company requested a container that would promote juice selling. The first project went so well that he aked ROETELL to design a brown matte bottle with 250&350ml capacity.


Brown bottle

Our customers need to make a new design for their juice, and this design has to solve an important problem. First, they need to customize the look of their wines to make them more appealing on the retail side while using brown to save money overall.


Easy to store juice.

Brown bottle.

By working with ROETELL, our client was able to transform his design concept in a final, eye-catching glass bottle. The brown bottle body creates a packaging solution that is easy to store and dark. This solution can effectively solve the problem of the product avoiding light.

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