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Case Study: Customized Spirit Glass Bottles for a Croatian Customer

How we used advanced 3D modeling to create engraved glass spirits



A client from Croatia sought a custom glass spirit bottle with an intricately engraved blue wave pattern. However, they faced a major obstacle: a lack of physical samples, and they only provided concept renderings and size specifications.


Since the client’s vision relied solely on a concept statement, the lack of a tangible prototype posed considerable challenges. Without a physical reference, accurately translating the desired blue wave engraving onto the glass surface was a difficult task.



Through innovative problem-solving and iterative prototyping, we successfully turn our clients’ visions into reality. Using advanced 3D modeling techniques, we created initial prototypes to simulate the proposed design. We then applied a layer of modeling clay to emphasize the wave pattern and adhered it to the 3D model to evaluate the aesthetic effect.

How We Do It

– Technological innovation: Utilize 3D modeling technology to create initial prototypes.

– Hands-on refinement: Apply modeling clay to enhance and visualize the desired wave pattern.

– Iterative prototyping: Continuous improvement based on customer feedback to ensure expectations are met.


Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell