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Case Study: Wine Bottle With Polymer Stopper

ROETELL helps an Australian customer on secondary process and stopper in polymer materials.

Our customer reached us on our website when his wine company requested a container that would promote wine selling. The first project went so well that he aked ROETELL to design a black matte bottle with a 750ml capacity, with polymer bottle stopper instead of of wooden cork.

Our customer needed a new design for their wines, one that would address three important issues. The first was that they needed a customized look for their wines so that it would have more endcap appeal at retail, while using black colors and providing cost savings overall. Next, the stopper needed to be food-grade polymeric materials, which physico-mechanical characteristics are superior to cortical. And finally, the overall design of 750ml capacity had to be done with customized molding and materials during production.

High-end black matte painting
Polymer wine bottle stopper


By partnering with ROETELL for wine bottles, our customer was able to transform his design idea in a final, eye-catching glass bottle – combines an polymer stopper and glass bottle with black matte finish, creating a high performance and sophisticated wine packaging solution. The polymer stopper features the possibility of a longer shelf life without being affected by moisture, while without losing the emotion of classical wine represented by cork.

Easy storage of wine
Seamless black matte painting
Greater tightness with polymer stopper

How We Did It

Customer first is our value in business. We take responsibility for our customers, and understand their requirement of flexibility in glass bottle packaging. Thanks to our delicated secondary process, and cross-site collaboration, we fulfill almost every customer requirement. And now, the black matte wine bottle is being transported – and exported – seamlessly and safely.

Deep communication with customer
One stop service from design to packaging
Professional secondary process

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell