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Cold Brew Coffee Packaging Ideas for Your Brand

Cold brew coffee is recently in the trend and is something coffee lovers are going crazy for. And even more fascinating about them is their excellent packaging, stealing the show. The cold brew coffee market is witnessing a boom over the past few years. In the year 2021, the global cold brew coffee market will be valued somewhat between 1.2 to 1.4 billion, proving its booming success. And the good news is that various surveys say this market is expected to grow further. 

Whether made popular by Instagram reels, Facebook Ads, or TikTok videos, cold brew coffee is winning the hearts of people around the world. And one of the major reasons behind the popularity of these coffee brands is their impressive packaging. So, people thinking of starting a brand new cold brew coffee business must pay a lot of attention to the packaging. 

Many wonder how to start a coffee company and make it a hit. But only a few can draw attention. While starting a brand new company involves a lot of responsibilities, paying a lot of attention to the product’s quality and packaging is equally important, especially when starting your own coffee brand; the packaging has to be customized. Their decoration and labeling are of great importance. 

6 Popular Brands With The Most Attractive Cold Brew Coffee Packaging

The biggest cold brew coffee brands are not just concerned about the quality of their products but also the design and manufacturing of their packages. Different brands have different preferences, from glass bottles and jars to tetra packs and cans, but the aesthetics behind the packaging and an eco-friendly concern lie common among them. 

Starbucks Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is a popular beverage option among consumers looking for something refreshing, flavorful, and easy to drink. Starbucks’ cold brew iced coffee is brewed cold from a custom blend for a smoother flavor. Made from a combination of Arabica and Robusta beans, it offers a smooth black unsweetened taste. This product includes six 11 oz glass bottles.

Blue Tokai Cold Brew Coffee

An Indian brand that is taking packaged cold brew coffee to the next level, Blue Tokai Coffee is winning hearts with its packaged and canned cold brew coffee made with best-quality Indian-brewed coffee coming straight from the hills of the Western Ghats (India). The unique feature of their packaging is their enticing logo which also features a minimalist design of the Indian national bird- the Peacock. The containers are eco-friendly, and the cans with vibrant illustrations are recyclable. 

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur

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Renowned for being the best coffee liquor brand in the world, Mr. Black is originally from Sydney, Australia, and is a favorite of all because of its unique ingredients. A perfect blend of Australian wheat vodka and Arabica coffee makes Mr. Black one of a kind. The brand is also popular for producing cold brew coffee and prefers only glass bottles in its packaging. The most striking feature of this brand’s bottles is the striking illustrations that are truly no less than the art of a renowned artist. The detailed mandala-style art and illustrations make the packaging out of the world. 


Atomic is one of those coffee brands that has the coolest packaging. The bottledcold brew coffee of Atomic is simplistic yet luxurious. The brand has set an example of how to bottle cold brew coffee and make it look so alluring. 

Echo Cafe

Do not confuse them with oil or shampoo bottles; Echo Cafe has a unique design for bottled cold brew coffee. The coffee brand’s bottle design makes them so popular and special; they represent warmth, love, and culture. 



Another packaging to take inspiration from is America’s favorite Stumptown cold brew coffee. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the packaging of Stumptown gives an old-town cowboy feel and takes all back to the times. Stumptown also gets its fame from the highest quality coffee used in production.

Benefits Of Having Custom Cold Brew Coffee Bottles For Your Brand

To start a cold brew coffee business, one needs to take care of the packaging more. From designs to choosing the packaging materials, everything is so important. And if you look at the already famous cold brew coffee brands, you can see that most prefer glass bottles over plastic and tetra packs. This is because glass bottles go amazingly well with advanced designs and patterns and help keep the product hygienic without interrupting its quality. There are many benefits of customizing cold brew coffee packaging when you are considering starting a coffee brand. 
  • Helps clients recognize your brand.
  • Creates a good reputation.
  • Most buyers judge products by their packaging; aesthetic packaging can help build trust.
  • Bottles, especially made of glass, are reusable and recyclable. They are a far better choice than plastic bottles that contaminate the environment.
  • Bottled cold brew coffee is most preferred by buyers worldwide because it is hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.

How To Design Bottles For Your Cold Brew Coffee Business

A few things one needs to keep in mind before designing bottles for their brand new business. The process can become easier if the business owner relies on the best bottle manufacturingcompanies.
  • Do a lot of research and take ideas from competitors.
  • Explore your creative spur and take that creativity to the next level.
  • Choose a design that goes well with your brand’s logo.
  • Choose the right packaging material for your product: glass bottles, aluminum cans, tetra packs, cartoons, or barrels.
  • Do not try out similar designs; try to be as creative as possible and let the packaging have some unique features.
If you choose glass bottles, cold brew bottle packaging is done with the help of modern machines; you need to take care of that.


While tea lovers would say there is nothing more heavenly than a hot cup of tea, coffee lovers would stick to the fact that it is the most aromatic and delicious drink in any form, and this argument shall go on. Starting a coffee brand is not that simple; one needs to research the market, find out the competitors, and discover how the brand can stand out among the crowd. And one such brilliant way of getting recognized is by making the brand’s packaging unique, something the buyers have never seen. While most cold brew coffee business owners prefer to pack their products in glass bottles, finding a trustworthy bottle designer and manufacturer can sometimes be challenging. If you are looking for trusted companies to help you in the process, feel free to contact us.
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