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Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles – Their Pros and Cons for Your Brand

Currently, in every industry, bottles occupy a very important position. The scope extends not only to alcohol, food, oil, and beverages, but also to cosmetics, liquid chemical products, etc. This is because they possess some intrinsic properties that make them suitable for any condition, including harsh chemicals.

However, there is often an argument on which to choose between the two forms of glass bottles for a brand – custom-made glass bottles vs. standard glass bottles. As much as a brand can use any of these bottles to store products and make sales, they have some distinct pros and cons that should be evaluated before choosing the one that’s best.

Below, the pros and cons are highlighted.

Custom-made Glass Bottles

Just as the name implies, these are bottles that are uniquely made by a custom glass bottle manufacturer for your brand. While they offer many benefits like making your brand stand out both on the shelf and on the market, there are some shortcomings attached.


  • Uniqueness: A custom-made glass bottle provides a distinctive iconic look for your brand. This allows for shape specificity like complex geometry, as well as printing of your brand information like your logo.
  • Anti-counterfeiting: Using a custom-made glass bottle is a very good way to maintain your brand’s identity. Due to the high cost and rigid processes used in fabricating the bottles, it’s hard for other brands to replicate the design.
  • Durability: While some glass bottles are not very strong and break under pressure, custom glass bottle manufacturers ensure that the bottles produced are very tough and have high resistance against pressure. This makes them last very long.
  • Customizable: The appropriate dimension needed to ensure the bottle contains the required quantity and runs smoothly during bottling is prioritized. Also, a customized glass bottle comes with a private label, which contains as many details of the product, as possible, such as its unique qualities.


  • Expensive: There are so many stages in making custom glass bottles. Some of the stages are design, development, samples, final production, delivery, and warehousing. The cost varies depending on the complexity of the designs. 
  • Production lead time: Due to the complexities involved in a custom bottle packaging design, more time is spent on achieving an accurate production. Customized glass bottles require in-depth coordination between the vendor, designer, and production department.
  • Warehousing: Unlike standard glass bottles, customized glass bottles cannot be easily purchased, hence why they are ordered in bulk. This in turn means that they will be stored until they are to be used. A business that uses custom-made glass bottles must not run out of stock, or else the brand reputation will be compromised.

Standard Glass Bottles

These are bottles that are commonly produced by glass manufacturers. In this case, they are not uniquely manufactured for certain brands, which is why they don’t have private labels and complex geometries.


  • Inexpensive: Standard glass bottles have simple shapes, which reduce the cost of materials and machinery needed in production. They are common bottles that are widely used, which makes production quicker and eliminates some stages of production, such as the provision of samples.
  • Reduced production lead time: Since strict customization is not required, production is made faster. Too much time won’t be allocated to designing, development, modifications, production, and so on. As long as the bottles are from a reliable manufacturer, there will be no cause for alarm. And glass bottle factories also have standard bottles on hand that can be shipped the next day.
  • Warehousing can be overlooked: Once you have orders to fulfill, you can always contact a glass bottle manufacturer for ready-made bottles. This means that you don’t necessarily need to have a warehouse for storage.


  • Counterfeiting: These bottles are like others on the market. They are popularly used, especially by new brands that don’t have a budget for customized bottles. Because of the low production cost and the ease of manufacturing, they are chosen by many businesses. This makes all the brands similar.
  • Dependability: As opposed to customized glass bottles, standard glass bottles cannot be trusted. They are made with fewer quality materials and preciseness, which makes them vulnerable when they are exposed to extremely tough conditions. For example, they could crack or break during transportation.

Find a Trusted Glass Bottle Manufacturer

For the best packaging experience, it’s advisable that you find a trusted custom glass bottle manufacturer who will not just manufacture a bottle for you, but a unique bottle that will boost your brand image.

The next series of paragraphs will discuss how you can find the most trusted glass bottle manufacturer or your brand.

Online Glass Bottle Supply

Time has evolved, and the way of doing business has followed suit. Due to the constant increase in the number of people using the internet, it’s imperative for every business to have an online presence as this creates access to a worldwide market.

Using the internet is easy, so also is finding a trusted glass bottle manufacturer for your brand. All you have to do is to surf for manufacturers that have a good reputation for supplying quality glass bottles. To help you make the right selection, check for proof of past works. Also, check for the remarks of the clients; it could be likes, comments, or ratings

Roetell – Your Trusted Glass Bottle Manufacturer in China

Roetell is a reliable glass bottle manufacturer that’s trusted by many businesses, including distributors and private brands for the best glass bottles. Over the years, the company has worked with numerous businesses all over the world, which has made them the most trustworthy provider of glass bottles.

Roetell has vast experience in making custom glass bottles that will embody the qualities your brand stands for, thereby standing you out amongst your competitors. To get started, you can reach out now.


The type of glass bottle used to package your product speaks a lot about your brand (Case Study: Cold Brew Coffee Packing Ideas). Asides from the functionality of a product, customers are attracted by the beauty, meaning that for your brand to prosper over other brands, you have to take more conscious action.

In this post, the two types of glass bottle packaging (custom-made glass bottles and standard glass bottles) have been discussed. The pros and cons have also been highlighted. While customized glass bottles provide more benefits, they have their shortcomings, and while standard glass bottles are readily available and inexpensive, they have their drawbacks. Choose the right type and style of glass bottle packaging according to your needs, then contact Roetell for a quote.

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