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What Are Different Types Of Wine Bottle Shapes?

Author: Roe Li

The shape of wine bottles has evolved since the invention of Italy’sItaly’s first glass bottle in the 15th century. Still, specific shapes have become more popular, and certain wine types are associated with specific bottle shapes. 

The shape of wine bottles plays an essential role in helping us know what type of wine we are buying at the store and how to serve that wine correctly, as well as to help us decide how to drink it with our meal or snack. Check out the different wine bottle shapes in the article below to learn more about their characteristics, how they influence wine taste, and how one can store these bottles properly at home or in a restaurant or bar setting.

Wine Bottle Anatomy

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A wine bottle, or a bottle of wine, is a container that holds wine and is typically made from glass. A standard bottle contains 750 milliliters of wine and generally has a cork stopper to prevent the contents from spilling out once the bottle is opened. 

The shape and size of the bottle vary widely depending on what type of wine it contains and what glass wine bottle factories manufacture. Red wines are usually stored in narrow-mouthed bottles that keep air out to reduce spoilage by oxidation. White wines are typically stored in wide-mouthed bottles with more room for air to enter and help slow spoilage by oxidation. There are also many parts of a wine bottle, and it will be good to know them before heading to the type of wine bottle for a good understanding.


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A closure is a seal used to close a bottle of wine. Several types of closures are available, each with its benefits and drawbacks. The most common type of closure is the cork, (Knowleage: Different Types of Corks and Closures for Wine Bottle) which has been used for centuries. Cork closures provide a good seal and are relatively easy to use, but they can be susceptible to oxidation and bacteria.

Other types of closures include screw caps, which provide a good seal and are easy to use but can give the wine a “metallic” taste; synthetic corks, which are made from plastic and provide a good seal but can be difficult to remove; and screw caps with a plastic liner, which provide an easy-to-use seal and good protection against oxidation.


The capsule is the technical term for the Aluminum foil found in a wine bottle’s neck and is supposed to help keep a wine’s flavor and aroma intact.


The neck in a wine bottle is the portion of the bottle that extends from the base to the shoulder. This section of the bottle is essential for two reasons. First, the neck provides structural support for the entire bottle. Second, the neck helps to keep the wine inside the bottle fresh and free from oxygen exposure. This is because the neck is narrower than the bottle’s body, allowing a smaller surface area of the wine to be exposed to air.


The shoulder is the section of the wine bottle that slopes downward from the neck to the body. This part of the bottle is generally narrower than the body, which helps to prevent the wine from oxidizing. Some people believe that the shoulder also helps to support the cork in the neck of the bottle, preventing it from breaking loose and ruining the wine.


The body of a wine bottle is the section between the base and the shoulder. The shoulder is the sloping part of the bottle that connects the body to the neck. The bottle’s body determines the amount of wine that the bottle can hold. Most standard wine bottles have a capacity of 750 milliliters, which is about 25 ounces.


Wine producers use labels to identify products and convey important information to consumers. A wine label typically includes the winery’s name, type of wine, vintage, and other important information such as alcohol content, producer code, and country of origin.

While the label is not required to include all of this information, it is often helpful for consumers to have as much information as possible when choosing a wine. The label is an essential tool for producers to communicate their products to consumers, and it can be helpful to understand what all the various elements of a label mean.


The punt is the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle. It is there for a couple of reasons: 

  • To strengthen the bottle
  • To provide a place for the bottle to sit upright on a surface without tipping over
  • To make the bottle easier to hold
  • To catch drips when pouring wine
  • Heel

The heel is the raised part at the bottom of a wine bottle. The heel helps support the weight of the wine and prevents the bottle from tipping over. It also makes it easier to pour wine into a glass.

Bordeaux Bottle Shape 

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From the beginning, Bordeaux wine has been known for its distinct bottle shape. The bottle is taller and narrower than other wine bottles and has a slightly bulbous base. This shape is known as the Bordeaux or claret bottle, and it is used for all red, white, and rose wines from the Bordeaux region of France.

The bordeaux wine bottle shape became the standard shape for wine bottles in the 18th century and is still used today. Its popularity is because the shape helps the wine to age well. The bottle’s narrow neck prevents too much oxygen from getting into the wine, and the bulbous base allows the wine to form a sediment layer that protects it from oxygen.

Burgundy Bottle Shape

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The burgundy wine bottle shape is some of the most distinctive-looking bottles on the market. But there’s more to their shape than just good looks. The design of Burgundy wine bottles has evolved to serve a few specific purposes.

For one, the sloping shoulders of a Burgundy bottle help prevent sediment formation. Sediment can dull the flavor of wine, so it’s essential to avoid it if possible. The sloping shoulders also make it easier to pour the wine without disturbing the sediment.

Burgundy bottles also have a slightly wider body than other wine bottles. This is because Burgundy wine is typically made from a blend of several different grape varieties. The wider body provides more surface area for the wine to come into contact with oxygen, which helps to bring out the complex flavors of the wine.

Rhone Bottle Shape

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The shape of a Rhone wine bottle is very distinct and easily recognizable. The bottle is usually narrower at the base and has sloping sides that come to a point at the neck. This unique shape is believed to have originated in the Rhone Valley in France, where the first Rhone wines were produced.

The shape of the bottle is thought to help the wine age better by allowing less oxygen to reach the wine. This is due to the bottle’s narrow neck and sloping sides, which prevent the wine from being exposed to too much oxygen. Additionally, the bottle’s shape helps prevent the wine from being exposed to light, which can also help preserve the wine’s quality.

Champagne Bottle Shape

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The traditional champagne wine bottle is recognizable by its unique shape. The bottle is long and slender with a tapered neck. The neck of the bottle is usually wrapped in foil to keep the wine fresh. The champagne bottles bulk is designed to accommodate the pressure the champagne wine must withstand.

The most important part of the champagne wine bottle is the punt. The punt is the dimple at the bottom of the bottle. The punt helps to distribute the pressure evenly throughout the bottle. This is important because the bottle could explode if the pressure is not evenly distributed.

Champagne wine bottles are made from thick glass to withstand the wine’s high pressure. The glass is also transparent, so one can see the bubbles in the wine. The bubbles are an essential part of Champagne, and they are created by the carbon dioxide gas released when the wine is fermenting.

Hock Bottle Shape

A hock-shaped wine bottle often has a long, narrow neck that slopes into the body. Since it developed in the Alsace or Mosel regions of France or Germany, the hock-shaped wine bottle can also be referred to as Mosel. These kinds of bottles are generally used for riesling and dessert wines.

The Hock bottle has a delicate neck and is tall and narrow. These are some of the bottles that are more vivid and are available in blue, transparent, brown, or green. Naturally, there are different versions of each of these bottles over the course of time. 

Pinot Noir Bottle Shape

This type of bottle has elegant, sloping shoulders. The pinot noir bottle shape is widely popular around the world and one main reason for that is because of its shape which is relatively similar to make. This type of wine bottle is used to store wine made of Pinot Noir grapes. 

This one has flowing, delicate lines that curl upward into a short neck. The pinot noir bottle shapes are slightly wider at the base. They have fewer straight edges and no discernible shoulders; and it slopes to the top of the wine bottle. 

The Alsace Bottle Shape

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The Alsace or Rhine wine bottle shape is distinctive and instantly recognizable. It is long and slender with a slightly bulbous body and a long, elegant neck. This shape is used exclusively for white wines from the Alsace region of France or the Rhine region of Germany. This is because the bottle’s narrow body and long neck help preserve these wines’ delicate aromas and flavors.

Cotes de Provence Bottle Shape

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This bottle shape is known for its broad base and short, round body. The bottle’s broad base helps keep the wine inside well-aerated, while the short, round body allows for easy pouring.

The Cotes de Provence wine bottle shape is also a great choice if anyone looking for a bottle that will show off the wine labels. The broad base of the bottle provides plenty of space for large, eye-catching labels. And because the bottle’s body is relatively short, and labels will be easily visible to anyone who sees the bottles. The Cotes de Provence wine bottle shape is an excellent choice if anyone is looking for a wine bottle that offers both style and function.

Chianti Bottle Shape

The Chianti wine bottle shape is a popular choice for many wine enthusiasts. But what makes this shape so unique?

The Chianti bottle is designed to protect the wine from oxidation and keep the wine’s sediment from being disturbed. The broad base of the bottle makes it stable, while the long, tapered neck makes it easy to pour the wine. The Chianti bottle’s unique shape also helps release the wine’s aromas, making it more enjoyable to drink.

Chianti wine lovers must know all about the unique taste and aroma that this wine offers. And part of what makes Chianti so unique is the bottle it comes in. So the next time when enjoying a glass of Chianti, take a moment to appreciate the bottle’s unique shape.

Bocksbeutel Bottle Shape

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The Bocksbeutel wine bottle shape is a traditional Bavarian bottle shape that is recognizable for its short, stubby shape and bulbous body. The Bocksbeutel is a versatile bottle that can be used for red and white wines. The short, stubby shape of the Bocksbeutel makes it easy to hold and pour, and the bottle’s bulbous body helps preserve the wine’s aroma.

The Bocksbeutel shape is also known for its easy-to-open swing top lid, which makes it a popular choice for picnics and outdoor events. If anyone looking for a traditional Bavarian wine bottle shape, the Bocksbeutel is a perfect choice.

Jura Bottle Shape

The Jura wine bottle is a unique shape that helps to distinguish the wine from others. The bottle is tall and thin, with a long neck that flares out at the top. The Jura wine bottle shape is thought to help the wine age better and prevent it from oxidizing too quickly.

The Jura wine bottle shape is one of the most distinctive in the world and has become synonymous with the Jura wine region. The Jura is a perfect choice if anyone looking for a truly unique wine bottle.

Vin Jaune Bottle Shape

The Vin Jaune bottle shape is uniquely designed to protect the wine inside from oxidation. The small, slender neck and slanted shoulder help to trap the vital JAO (yeast Autolysate) inside the bottle, which is essential for the wine’s development. The bottle is then sealed with a unique Vin Jaune lid, which allows the wine to continue to develop over time.

This unique bottle shape is morphologically different from any other wine bottle in the world and is an essential part of the Vin Jaune production process.

Fortified Wine Bottle Shape

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The Bordeaux bottle is somewhat similar to this bottle. The bottle has a straight body and rounded shoulders. The neck is bulged to prevent any debris from getting into the glass. The dark black glass keeps wine safe from the sun. This bottle can preserve Fortified wines like Vermouth, Port, and Marsala.

Unique Wine Bottle Shape

Apart from the standard shapes of wine bottles, there are some unique wine bottle shapes accessible in the present market. 

Cat Shaped Wine Bottle

Many wine bottle manufacturers produce cat-shaped wine bottles which are primarily purchased by cat enthusiasts. The cat-shaped wine bottles are made in different sizes and forms. For instance, some wine bottles have a shape that resembles a sitting cat, while some bottles have a shape that looks like a walking cat. In addition to that, there are plenty of long, slender cat-shaped wine bottles that resemble a standing cat. 

Christmas Tree Shaped Wine Bottle

As the name suggests, the Christmas tree wine bottles are shaped as the Christmas tree. These types of Christmas tree-shaped wine bottles are relatively popular and are purchased around the Christmas season. Besides, Christmas tree-shaped wine bottles are accessible in short and long lengths that look like short and long Christmas trees. 

Heart Shaped Wine Bottle

Another type of popular wine bottle shape is the heart. The heart-shaped wine bottles literally have the heart shape and style, but the size and the design vary. For instance, there are many heart-shaped wine bottles in the market that have a symmetrical heart design, while some heart-shaped wine bottles in the market feature asymmetrical design. In addition to that, there are short and long-neck heart-shaped wine bottles. These types of shaped bottles are particularly popular during Valentine’s month and other personal occasions. 

Contact A Custom Wine Bottle Manufacturer 

Another option to get uniquely shaped wine bottles is to contact a reliable custom wine bottle manufacturer. The wine bottle manufacturer who offers customization options lets you choose the shape and other aspects of the wine bottle. Also, they will manufacture wine bottles as per your shape and design requirements. 

Roetell – Reliable Glass Wine Bottle Manufacturer 

Roetell was set up in 1894 and expanded into an authentic manufacturing and packaging unit. It is one of the leading custom wine bottle manufacturers in China and supplies the products to various countries across the world. With about 30 years of expertise in manufacturing wine bottles, they are a top-notch company in China. 

Roetell brand is known for its cutting edge of craftsmanship​, state of art manufacturing, and exceptional services. They maintain an active warehouse and factory that is spread across a 3.3million square sheet. With nearly 8 production lines, their manufacturing capacity is 400,000+ every day. 

They also maintain enough stock of pre-designed wine bottles made from the best quality materials. Roetell also offers free samples on bulk orders so that their clients can check the quality and other traits of the wine bottles. In addition, it is possible to get a bulk order of customized wine bottles at a reasonable cost. 


In conclusion, there are a variety of unique wine bottle shapes, each of which serves a different purpose. The three most common wine bottles are the Bordeaux, the Burgundy, and the champagne. Each bottle shape is designed to accommodate the specific type of wine it holds. To learn more about wine bottles and how they are used, contact Retell.

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