Full Solutions From Custom Dollar Store Jar Manufacturers

Roetell is a professional all-in-one custom dollar store jar manufacturer. We deliver fully personalized jars to match your preferred application.

Dollar Store Jar Sizes

We manufacture 105ml, 250ml, 300ml, 600ml, and 1200ml dollar store glass jars. You can also make a custom order for other sizes that are not included in our size list.

Dollar Store Jar Colors

Our dollar general mason jars are made of clear glass to allow you to fully display different products. However, we welcome custom orders for other colored or decorated jars. 

Dollar Store Jar Shapes

We offer a generous selection of circular-shaped dollar jar designs. Our dollar tree square jars and piggy bank shapes are also ideal if you prefer unique shapes. 

Dollar Store Jar Closures

We provide perfect-fit lids and corks for all our dollar general mason jars. Both of these closure types are made of food-safe materials and provide a leak-proof seal.

Dollar Store Jar Neck Dimensions

Our dollar tree glass canisters have a diameter of about 13cm to 14.3cm depending on the size of the jar. This can also be customized to match your preference, application, or closure type. 

Dollar Store Jar Finish Options

Would you like dollar store jars engraved with a logo or decorative design? Or perhaps a frosted or crackled finish to give them some character? Roetell offers all these finishes and more. 

Wholesale Dollar General Canning Jars By Industries

Dollar general canning jars have a highly versatile design that is not tied to a single industry or product. They can also easily be customized to better suit specific applications. 

We supply wholesale glass jars from dollar general to numerous clients. Each of them enjoys the benefit of our jar design team’s advice as well as free samples for confirmation before their orders are fulfilled. Some of the applications they have adapted for our dollar tree glass storage containers include: 

Packaging Snacks and Confectionery

Packaging Snacks and Confectionery

Dollar store mason jars have ample room to store snacks and candy for sale at store checkpoints. They are also ideal for packaging homemade treats like cookies and gingerbread.

Tipping Jars

Tipping Jars

The wide necks of our dollar store jars make them suitable for collecting tips at restaurant and store counters. 

Piggy Banks

Piggy Banks

We offer small glass jars dollar tree designs that are ideal for use as piggy banks. We can also customize their metal lids to have insertion slots.



Frosting, spray-painting, engraving, or crackling dollar general glass jars can tremendously enhance their look. They would make for appealing centerpieces and shelf decorations. 

Best-in-Class Bulk Candle Jar Factory

Best-in-Class Dollar Store Glass Containers Factory

Best-in-Class Dollar Store Glass Containers Factory

Roetell dollar store glass containers are manufactured at our 3,000,000 square foot factory. We handle all steps of the production process right from the production of glass to jar manufacturing

Our factory has 8 production lines that can manufacture up to 400,000 jars in a day. This enables us to fulfill orders for bulk dollar store jars fast while capitalizing on economies of scale to lower costs.

We adhere to food and health safety packaging regulations for all our dollar store canning jars. Each piece is also thoroughly inspected by our quality management team before packaging. 

Fulfill Made-to-Order Dollar General Glass Jars With Strong Designs

We have worked on numerous custom dollar general glass jars projects and refined our craft over the years. When you present your customization ideas to us, we assure you that they will be implemented with precision.

Further, we have a competent design team supported by a robust trends lab. If you would like a dollar tree jar design particularly made for your brand, they are well-equipped to deliver just that. 

To crown it all, we encourage you to explore our full raft of custom decoration and labeling services as well as our wide variety of closure accessories for dollar tree canning jars.

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