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Top 4 Drinking Glass Manufacturers in the UK



The United Kingdom is one of the oldest and most sophisticated countries in the world. Because of this the tastes of the people are sophisticated and varied. This also goes for the glassware being used in the United Kingdom. Whether you want to host a great dinner or a wine tasting, you should make sure that your drinking glasses and other glassware are from the best drinking glass manufacturer. Here are the top 4 drinking glass manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

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Aegg glass packaging

Aegg glass packaging logo
  • Location: Andover, Hampshire
  • Company Type: Manufacturer and Packaging
  • Year founded: 2010
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Key Products: Bespoke Glass, Drinking glass, glass pots, ramekins, glass bottle, soft drink bottle, glass soup bowls.

Aegg is a glass manufacturing and packaging company. It was founded way back in 2010, and for the past decade has helped a myriad of clients with their glassware needs. What sets Aegg apart from other glass manufacturers is the customizability of its products. The client only needs to give the exact details and measurements and Aegg will get the job done.

The company has worked with large manufacturers, such as Greencore, Andros and Noble Foods. It caters to overseas companies as well. Aegg is very versatile and offers a myriad of products that range from glassware to plasticware.

Although Aegg also deals and produces plasticware, its main product will always be glassware. The company boasts of immaculate production facilities that are regularly checked and accredited. Aegg has achieved a great deal in the past decade and continues to innovate and provide top quality products without fail.




Allied Glass

Allied Glass Logo
  • Location: Leeds, England
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: Late 1800s
  • Number of employees: 501-1,000
  • Key Products: Glass bottle

Allied is not only a glass manufacturer, it is an institution that has made its mark on the spirits industry for more than a hundred years. The company’s main product has always been glass bottles, and for over a century Allied has outfitted the most established brands in the world. Amongst its clients are big names such as Heinz, Tomatin, Diageo, Halewood and so many more.

The company’s products are renowned for their flexibility and superior quality. The company has pushed the limits when it comes to innovation and craftsmanship over the years. Allied is a well-known pioneer in glassworking and has set the standard for other glassworkers to follow. Its portfolio of products shows the company’s ingenuity and creativity. The bottles and other glassware produced by Allied are of the highest quality possible. This is why liquor brands all over the world flock to Allied. Their products are works of art that will elevate any liquor to a whole new level.



Roetell Logo
  • Location: Xuzhou,China
  • Company Type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1984
  • Number of employees: 150
  • Key Products: Soda bottles, vinegar bottles, mason jar, glass lotion bottles, glass candy jars, painting glass, glass coffee jars, glass fruit bowl, light bulb glass jars, microwave glass jars, glass teapots, etc.

Roetell was founded in 1984, in Xuzhou, China. It has been in the glass manufacturing business for over 35 years, and it can be seen in the quality of its products. The company might be located in China, but it has a wide reach. It not only provides products throughout Asia but to major parts of Europe as well.

What sets Roetell apart from other glass manufacturers, is that all of its products are made of recycled glass. The company has taken great strides in glass recycling, and now most of its raw materials are glass wastes. This means that the company does not contribute to the growing piles of discarded glass in landfills.

Roetell is not only environmentally friendly but it also offers an amazing collection of varied products. This collection ranges from decorated drinking glasses to perfume bottles.  The company employs highly skilled glassworkers and applys pick and place automation, so you know any product you get from Roetell is of the highest quality possible. Overall, Roetell is a multifaceted company that can fulfill all your glassware needs.

Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal logo
  • Location: Ulverston, Cumbria
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Year founded: 1976
  • Number of employees: 11-50
  • Key Products: Perfume bottles, decanters, gin glass, whiskey tumbler, champagne flutes.

Great Britain has a rich tradition of creating magnificent glassware. This industry really took off when lead glass was first invented in London in the 1670s. Glass cutters were able to enhance their glass cutting repertoire and through the centuries glass cutting companies were established. But as time passed the quality of products began to diminish. This drop in quality soon led to the closing of the great old glass cutting companies.

Luckily there are still some glass cutting companies that have clung to the old ways. Cumbria Cyrstal was founded in 1976 and is relatively new compared to the old traditional companies. Cumbria Crystal employs some of the best glassworkers in the country and produces a wide variety of luxury glassware. Cumbria Crystal is a proud carrier of the great crystal working tradition, and anyone would be lucky to partake in their work.





The quality of British glassware has always been on a whole other level. Which is why you should always strive to get the best products possible. Luckily, with this list, you’ll know where to go for all your quality glassware needs.

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