• Golden Essential Oil Bottle 4

    Glass Essential Oil Bottle

    The elegant fragrance is flowing and flowing, as if you are in a flowery and lush garden, you can swim freely in the fragrant world and enjoy a carefree and satisfying life. It is a quality of life and a relaxed mood.

  • Glass Spirit Bottles 2

    Crystal Wine Cellar

    Crystal clear, taste luxury and enjoy classic, Wine tasting is not only the wine itself but also the appreciation of the glass.

  • Glass Juice Bottle 1

    Glass Beverage Bottle

    Stylish look and transparency crystal clear, flawless, sturdy and delicate. Thickened glass bottom. Guarantee of healthy drinking water. 

  • Glass Diffuser Bottle 1

    Charm Aromatherapy Bottle

    Elegant style, dried flowers and fragrant, volatilized even as if in the world of flowers. Taste breath, taste life.

  • Glass Perfume Bottle 1

    Crown Perfume Bottle

    Metal-encrusted, noble quality, round mouth, easy to fill bottle, unique design, generous texture. Design of smooth rotary cap, petal shapetreatment of vase body.

  • Glass Lotion Bottle 1

    Generous Lotion Bottle

    What makes you beautiful is not just cosmetics, but also the glass bottle itself. Safe and environmentally friendly, perfect design.

Glass containers decoration and design

Tailored Innovation.

A glass bottle isn't simply a means of preserving your product, it's also a means of presenting your product. Roetell takes both form and function into account as our in-house designers and engineers work hand-in-hand to deliver a variety of both traditional and innovative container designs from which you can choose.

Moreover, we leverage market expertise and consumer trends​ to design containers that help elevate your brand.

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