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Top 5 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Australia


Mining has always been the industrial beacon in the Australian economy. However, the food and beverage sector is the largest manufacturing industry in the country. It employs a larger percentage of citizens and it exports millions of tonnes.

For this reason, packaging is an indispensable requirement in the market. Bottles, jars, and food containers ensure products make it to retail in good condition but can prove hard to find.

Are you looking for the best glass bottle manufacturer for your business? Here are some of the credible glass bottle manufacturers in Australia.

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More than 30 years in the business make Roetell an experienced hand in glass bottle manufacturing. From their plant based in Jiangsu, China they are more than capable of delivering worldwide. They have been in business since 1984 and export to 50 countries.

The range of glass bottles manufactured by Roetell includes 5000 different in-stock designs. Health, food, beverage, and cosmetic glass containers, are all part of their product portfolio. As a client, you are also at liberty to work with their design team and formulate new suitable concepts.

Some distinct Roetell services to consider include their stellar after-sale service, closure accessories, and automated quality control. Pick and place industrial robots in their assembly line help Roetell reduce lead time and save cost. Further, their global express and Just In Time delivery options will keep your supply chain running smoothly.



Plasdene is a family-owned business that was started in 1987 with headquarters in Milpera. It’s beginnings were humble but it has grown significantly over the years. The company currently has 8 showrooms and outlets in all capitals of Australia. In addition, it bought one of its competitors in the market named Silverlock in 2015.

The main industries served by its products include : food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical firms. They pride themselves on being a one-stop-shop as they provide all relevant glass bottle solutions. From the design phase to production and after-sale services, they have the capacity to accommodate your needs.



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Established in 1969, Cospak is a major manufacturer both in Australia and the region. It is a subsidiary of the larger San Miguel Yamamura Packaging Corporation. As such, it has access to the corporation’s distribution network. It fulfills glass bottle orders throughout Australasia and Asia.

Cospak’s base in Sydney has 250 employees on staff. The company manufactures glass bottles for wine, soft drinks, and pharmaceuticals among others. They are flexible enough to actualize a variety of designs including custom client requests.



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Jars Bottles Direct


In 2010, Jars Bottles Direct set up shop in Oakford, WA. It is a subsidiary holding with SS Croxson as its parent company.

Their product catalog focuses on :

  • pharmaceutical glass bottles for syrups and tablets
  • Cosmetic glass bottles
  • Food containers
  • Different capacity of bottles for beverages

In addition to glass packaging, they go the extra mile to provide accessories for closure. They cater to small orders but you may want to consider the larger ones that attract a wholesale price.



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Since 1987 Techpack has been in the glass bottle manufacturing business. It is based in Stanmore, NSW but exports to Europe, North America, and Asia. Solid partnerships with counterparts in those regions ensure a seamless delivery process.

The company’s most favored products are amber glass and its distinct line of MIRON Violet glass. Amber glass is popular amongst its pharmaceutical clients for shielding medicinal products from light. Violet glass, on the other hand, is preferred for its extra photo-protection and used in cosmetics and apothecary.



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When your business is reliant on the packaging, it in turn makes you dependent on your manufacturer. If they do not deliver on time, it could easily stall your supply chain. Their method of shipping and meticulousness is also key given the fragile nature of glass bottles.

In light of this, a good glass bottle manufacturer is a crucial pillar in your business. While budget and industry specifications may be limiting, avoid compromising on the quality of service. As you go on your journey to find the perfect packaging, this list may well guide your path.

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