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5 Best Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Europe



There are 44 countries that make up the European block. Among them, 28 are members of the European Union, and the rest benefit from trade agreements. Due to these symbiotic relationships, there exists an ease of doing business amongst European nations.

Europe is quite famous for its lifestyle trends involving wine and fashion. It is exactly for this reason that glass packaging for beverages and cosmetics remains essential to manufacturers. Are you in the market for a glass bottle manufacturer? Read on for some worthy options.

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Roetell is a worldwide industry leader that exports glass bottle products to more than 50 countries. It is located in Jiangsu, China but has all the necessary networks to supply in Europe.

Decades of experience since 1984 allows them to offer you a variety of glass bottles. They manufacture different colors, shapes, and sizes as well as custom orders. In addition, Roetell has the capacity to comfortably handle any requests for decorations and accessories. An in-house design team could assist you with concept formulation.

Roetell’s staffing of more than 150 employees will help you through your entire purchase process to ensure you get the best value for your money. Pick and place automation provides you with the short t lead time and low cost.
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Dekorglass Dzialdowo S.A.


It began back in 1991, in the northern region of Poland, Dzialdowo. Initially, Dekorglass was solely a glass bottle decorating company with screen printing and casting proficiency. However, they were passionate about glass packaging in general.

Appeals from customers for them to begin making their own bottles soon won them over. In 2016 they began making their own glass bottles for cosmetics and in 2019 they broadened their scope to other bottles.

As a client, should you take on their services, you would have access to their design team. Besides helping you with conceptualization, the company’s experience in decoration will also be at your disposal. They offer 3D visualization of your final product including logos for your approval before manufacturing.

Vetropack Group


The might of 3000 employees and a presence in 7 countries makes the Vetropack group a force to be reckoned with. It was established in 1966 and has a main operational base in Bulach, Switzerland.

Vetropack prides itself on environmental responsibility. To this end, they innovated a distinct manufacturing process through which they produce light-weight glassAs the name suggests, the bottles weigh less, require less raw materials and production time. In turn, the furnaces are on for shorter periods thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Lastly, they also have a flexible production line. It is a great advantage to consumers because most large companies are usually only willing to supply bulk orders. Flexible production and collaboration between company plants means they are able to fulfill small to bulk orders.



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House of Donohoe


 The House of Donohoe has many subsidiaries with related functions. Its bottling operations began in 1993 and the plant is currently stationed in Waterford, Ireland.

If you are in the business of beverages, you would be right at home in their Irish plant. They specialize in providing glass packaging for both soft and alcoholic drinks. You will equally have the benefit of their manufacturing flexibility. Regardless of whether you need merchandise for a limited promo or specialty projects, they can accommodate you.

In regard to service diversity, they manufacture bottles of small and large capacity of up to 4.5 liters. Moreover, they provide labeling as well.
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It was initially founded in 1827 and named Vauxtrot Glassworks. Changes in leadership and growth over the years finally led to the emergence of the Verallia Group in 2010. It is based in Courbevoie, France.

The Verallia group caters to the glass bottle needs of the food and beverage industries. They supply at various capacities and have a selective line for premium productions. A star in their selective line is their fluorescent glass innovation
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The European market is as diverse as it is vast. A versatile glass bottle manufacturer that offers you the right packaging could be your key to conquering niche markets. Your business objectives and needs are major decision-making factors. Nevertheless, the experts on this list may be a good place to start.

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