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Top 4 Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

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The current population of India is approximated to be about 1.4 billion people by the World Bank. In terms of business, this fact makes India a very large product market. As a supplier of any commodity, you would have to produce in bulk to meet demand.

For products that require glass packaging, you would need a glass bottle manufacturer that can match your capacity. If you are in the market for glass bottle manufacturers that can supply large orders, keep reading.

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Glassex India

Glassex India Private Ltd logo
Source: glassexindia.in

Since 1992, Glassex India has been in the glass bottle industry and steadily growing and advancing. They produce a large variety for various uses including cosmetics, soft and alcoholic beverages as well as decorative pieces.

As a client, you have the option of using your own independent design or they could also make one for you. Moreover, your delivery timeline is agreed upon beforehand after the design process is complete. As a result, you are able to plan your company’s production schedule accordingly.

Quality is an equally crucial factor at Glassex. Specialized experts perform quality assurance inspections before your order is sent to you. Additionally, you would be entitled to after-sale support. Their reputation precedes them with prestigious clients such as Pernod Ricard and Sobieski Vodka among others.

Whereas they are located in Mumbai, in order to meet the needs of clients far and wide, they have an established network. Orders can be fulfilled for clients throughout India and as far as China or Oman.

Vitrum Glass

Vitrum Glass Logo
Source: vitrumglass.co.in

Amber glass is often preferred for products whose quality is sensitive to light such as beer and various medications. If you are in search of amber glass bottles, Vitrum Glass would be an ideal business partner. They have been in the business since 1990 and are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

In terms of glass designs, their portfolio ranges from wide-mouth bottles to vials. They cater to specialties as well with inclusions like dropper bottles which are essential in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, if you have a specific design that you would prefer, they accommodate special designs too.

Haldyn Glass Limited

Haldyn Glass Limited Logo
Source: haldynglass.com

Haldyn Glass prides itself on the use of ultra-modern technology to deliver the best possible quality to its customers. The company factory in Gujarat hosts modern installations including:

  • Electronic furnace control
  • An in-house foundry where they make their molds.

The company was established in 1964 and has become a formidable player in the industry. Notably, they are the leading manufacturers of flint glass containers in the country. Additionally, they lead from the front on environmental consciousness. Glass cullets are used as raw material and the plant is powered by clean energy sources.


Roetell Logo

If you find yourself needing an industrial expert to offer you perfect glass packaging, that would be your cue to seek the services of Roetell glass bottle manufacturers.

Roetell is a one-stop for all your glass bottle needs regardless of what industry you are in. More than 150 workers strive to accommodate client needs in all aspects from design to manufacturing and the logistics thereafter. First, an experienced research and design team will work with you to formulate suitable designs. Only when you are content will the manufacturing process begin and it is done under stringent quality control.

Whereas they are located in Jiangsu, China, they are more than capable of supplying your order worldwide. In fact, the company offers Just In Time delivery services. You can hold your order at their warehouse until a time that would be convenient for you to take delivery. For any urgent deliveries, air freight is available through reliable carriers like UPS and FEDEX.

Should you have any reservations or would like to ascertain the quality of their work, simply request a free sample.


The manner in which your products are packaged greatly influences consumer choice. It makes the difference between high sales and a great commodity being overlooked by buyers.

Glass packaging can be elegant and diverse in equal measure but only when done right. In light of this, do not compromise on production quality, find experts that will deliver above and beyond your expectations.

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we got this interest in buying a continuous quantity of glass bottles for alcohol products.

The interest is for:

Item 1
200 ml Flask bottle for screw caps (alluminium)

Item 2
950 or 1000 ml Cristal Bottle optional plastic/cork cap or alluminium screw cap (machine)

Please find some pictures attached.

There would be also some possibilities on 600ml beer bottles (dark colour: amber, green, brown, black)

The volume of interest is about 1 fcl 20′ each item approximately each 3 months (90 days). If possible to mix up the container with these items, it will be better.

Quality: light cristal, cheap product

Shipment: prompt

Payment: 30% advanced and balance against B/L or L/C through first level bank in Uruguay

In case of possibility to offer, please quote:

1. In USDOL (American dollar) per unit, indicating logistics, shipment type (bulk or pallets), quantities per container
2. Please include if it would be possible to include an agent’s commission in case customer decides to import directly
3. Delivery port: Montevideo, Uruguay, final destination the same country

We await your news. Thanks in advance and

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