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Best Glass Bottle Manufacturers in Malaysia



The Malaysian economy is the third-largest in Southeast Asia thanks to its large industrial sector. It is a manufacturing hub in the region and the world. Kuala Lumpur, the nation’s capital, is host to heavyweights including Pfizer and Roche.

As a business entity in Malaysia, you may find yourself in need of a reliable glass bottle manufacturer. However, such a complex industrial scene may be tricky to navigate. You are in luck; here are some proficient glass bottle manufacturers that can meet your requirements.

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Based in Jiangsu, China, Roetell glass bottle manufacturing company is highly capable of supplying your glass bottle needs in Malaysia and other parts of Asia as well. They have remained consistent in the glass container production industry since 1984 and export to more than 50 countries.

The collection of more than 5000 in-stock designs will have you spoiled for choice. Moreover, they have a team specialized in creating designs to match your instructions and requirements. When the manufacturing of the glass bottles is complete and passes the rigorous quality checks, you can opt for decoration too.

The delivery process is also a seamless affair. Among the more than 150 employees there is a department dedicated to after-sale service. Besides organizing your preferred mode of delivery, they could also organize temporary storage upon request. The company has more than enough factory space for clients that need room for surplus stock.

Roetell is determined not just to provide you with great glass containers but with perfect customer experience as well.


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Glass & Plastic Packaging Sdn. Bhd.

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Established in 1999, Glass & Plastic Packaging manufacturers glass bottles for:

  • Food and beverage companies
  • Perfumes
  • Essential oils
  • Pharmaceutical usage

From humble beginnings, the company continues to grow and expand. It is currently based in Ipoh City but plans are underway for additional outlets.

In terms of infrastructure, their plant boasts of the capacity to produce the smallest 3ml bottle to much larger sizes. Upon request, the company is very capable of providing accessories to match. Scooping spoons, caps, and dispenser pumps can all be ordered alongside the bottles.

All these operational fetes are achieved by their 50 skilled employees and fleets of machinery including 15 blowing machines.


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O – I BJC Glass Malaysia

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O- I BJC operates under the leader of Owens-Illinois which is its parent company. It began operations in 1961. Owens-Illinois is a prominent leader in the manufacturing of glass packaging in the world and this is evident in the working of O-I BJC.

The company produces a significant variety ranging from amber glass to flint to green glass. They have a technical team to assist in choosing what kind of glass bottles would suit your needs.

The company’s infrastructural ability comprises 3 furnaces and 8 forming-lines for glass bottles fueled by renewable energy. In keeping with their policy to be environmentally responsible, they recycle and reuse glass cullets. A workforce of 450 employees plays different roles in making certain that your orders get to you in good time and fashion. Apart from experienced staff, it also owns robotic welding arms. Though robotic welding machine price is a little high, it plays an important role in eliminating error and improving efficiency.

Such capacity enables them to supply multiple industries and needs both locally and externally. They export, from their Johur base in Malaysia, to Thailand and Vietnam among others.


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Shiotani Glass Malaysia

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Shiotani attributes its adept production processes and quality to the training hand of their Japanese parent company. It was established in Malaysia in 1995 and has 40 staff members. It was begun in order to meet regional demand and has lived up to that mandate.

If you are in the pharmaceutical business this would be the company that addresses your needs. They specialize in manufacturing ampoules and vials used in laboratories and clinical environments. Both clear and amber glass bottles are within their scope.


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When you choose to use glass bottles as packaging, they do not have to look generic and boring. Packaging is significant in marketing, it is your product’s first impression to buyers. For the good of your business it would be prudent to ensure high standards of quality. The first step towards that is finding a proper manufacturer.

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