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The 6 Best Glass Bottle Suppliers in the USA


The USA is the second-largest manufacturing country in the world. Currently, more than 12 million people are employed in the manufacturing industry of the USA making this industry a big part of the American economy.

The manufacturing business is thriving in the United States of America especially because of the advancement in technology, efficiency of trade, and rise of the businesses.  As glass bottles are an eco-friendly packaging option, the demand for them has skyrocketed lately. To cater to that, here are the most popular glass bottle manufacturers in the USA.

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BottleStore works in partnership with the O.berk Company which was founded in 1910. Although BottleStore is a division of O.berk, over the years the former has made quite a name for itself.

Their catalog shows that BottleStore is known for providing not just high-quality glass bottles but also metal and plastic containers. Apart from that, BottleStore also makes customized products for its customers.



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Established in the 1960s, McKernan aims to serve as an eco-friendly supplier. When manufacturing companies produce surplus packaging and want to get rid of it, McKernan buys the surplus and recycles it.

The company offers surplus and wholesale glass bottles all around the world. Along with that, Mckernan contributes to various industries including pharma, beauty, automobiles, homecare, food, and beverages. McKernan produces millions of glass, plastic, and metal packaging components for a multitude of industries.



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The Cary Company


Based in Chicago, The Cary Company was set in 1895. The Cary Company specializes in making all kinds of packaging and containers. The company prides itself on designing and manufacturing custom bottles for its customers.

The Cary Company works with the individual concept of their clients and helps them in curating one in case they do not have any idea. Once the idea is generated, the company works up the mechanical detailing and the digitizing of the product. After this, they manufacture the container and design it. This meticulous detailing serves as the signature of The Cary Company. No wonder they have been in the market since 1895!



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Founded in 1984, Roetell is a glass manufacturing company based in China. Roetell has been successful in making a mark on the world as a high-quality glass manufacturer.

They deal in glass containers, bottles, pots, vases, and packaging of all kinds. Some of their more popular items include glass Gatorade bottles, soda bottles, spirit bottles, mist bottles, sparkling bottles and more.

Another aspect that distinguishes Roetell from its contemporaries is their sustainability, innovation in designs, and research that goes into the resources.



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Specialty Bottle


Based in Seattle, Washington, Specialty Bottle caters to over 50,000 customers spread all across Canada and the United States of America. The company is associated with a variety of industries including food, cosmetics, and health.

The Specialty Bottle company customizes in making all types of glass containers including glass bottles, glass jars, glass vials, glass jugs, and growlers on pocket-friendly prices.

Apart from glass, they also have a wide range of containers made of aluminum and plastic in varying shapes and colors. Customers who have a long list of orders can get their desired products on wholesale pricing which makes it even cheaper.



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O.Berk is a leading manufacturer and supplier of glass products with its headquarters in New Jersey. The company was founded in 1910 and is known to be associated with many industries including food, personal care, pharmaceuticals, and household items.

O.Berk prides itself in providing professional and personalized services to its customers. From the initial packaging of the product to delivering it on the scheduled date, O.Berk’s attention to detailing and manufacturing makes it stand out amongst its competitors.



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Containers and bottles are a must have in any industry. With the issue of global warming on the rise, glass containers are the need of the hour. Glass bottles and containers can be easily cleaned and reused. They can also be recycled and hence prove healthy to the environment.

So, if you need some for your house or your newly established business, now you know where to look.

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Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell