Full Solutions From Custom Champagne Bottle Manufacturers

Roetell has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing premium quality custom champagne bottles. We offer both traditional and modernized designs. 

Glass Champagne Bottle Size

We manufacture 75ml, 375ml, 500ml, and 750ml champagne glass bottles. You can also make a custom order for a 1500ml customized champagne bottle for special functions or unique champagne blends. 

Glass Champagne Bottle Colors

Our color options for champagne bottles include green and amber tints. They are essential in protecting champagne from being exposed to sunlight. Clear champagne bottles are also readily available for order. 

Glass Champagne Bottle Shapes

We manufacture slender champagne bottle designs such as the sparkling water design and the standard champagne bottle shape. If you would like a broader-shaped bottle, consider ordering our big belly champagne bottle.

Glass Champagne Bottle Neck Dimensions

Roetell glass champagne bottles have elongated lengths that make it easy to serve bubbly. On width, the necks measure about 18mm to fit a standard champagne cork.

Glass Champagne Bottle Neck Styles

Champagne is ordinarily sealed using a cork to preserve the taste and gas content of the bubbly. We, therefore, manufacture champagne bottle necks with cork finishes.

Glass Champagne Finish Options

We offer numerous finish options including frosting and spray painting. They are all carefully done and do not interfere with bottle density. You could also opt for a limited-edition custom engraved champagne bottle. 

Supply Champagne Bottles Wholesale For Packaging Liquor

Over the years we have perfected our champagne bottle-making skills. We also continue to invest in research to keep up with the latest trends in the market.

Our custom champagne bottles are designed to preserve the crisp fizziness of your bubbly. They deliver reliable UV protection and have a generous punt to allow for better separation of sediment during long-term storage. Further, we design each champagne bottle’s neck to be a snug fit for corks to ensure there are no leaks or oxygenation.

What Are Champagne Bottles Made Of?

What Are Champagne Bottles Made Of?

Champagne bottles need to be able to withstand the high pressure exerted by the carbon dioxide gas content in champagne. In light of this, we manufacture champagne bottles using premium quality glass that is thicker than the glass used for standard bottles. This ensures that your champagne remains well-preserved despite temperature changes or it being shaken during transportation. 

Additionally, we provide carefully sterilized corks and closures for sealing Roetell champagne bottles. They meet all stipulated food and beverage safety standards. Both the glass champagne bottles and corks that we offer are non-reactive and do not alter the original taste of the drink. 

Fulfill Made-to-Order Bulk Champagne Bottles With Strong Designs

Champagne bottles are often green and almost identical. So much so that it can be difficult for consumers to tell different brands apart. This does not have to be the case for you.

Choosing us as your champagne bottle suppliers gives you full access to our customization services. We will work with you to give your champagne bottles a distinctly fresh look complete with custom champagne bottle labels

Do you need custom bottles for a special event? Our team will develop equally special bottle designs to ensure you toast in style. You can also order our mini champagne bottles in bulk and have them customized for festive occasions.