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Glass Container

Glass Container

Roetell, your glass container manufacturer

Roetell has been in the glass manufacturing industry for some time, and has adapted modern glass manufacturing equipment and processes to keep production efficient and competitive. Improvements and renovations made to production, like the change to energy-saving and environment-friendly equipment, comply with environment and workplace safety standards. It has also added more value to the facility’s product output and quality assurance.
We provide high-quality, non-toxic glass containers to help improve your brand be the best in the industry. Our glass containers are carefully studied and made using only the finest, lead-free and food-grade materials and the best manufacturing processes. They then undergo intensive quality assurance testing for physical defects and unwanted chemicals to assure that you get the best on every glass container produced.

Glass Bottles

Caps & closures at one stop

We do not just create glass containers; we also have an array of appropriate caps and closures to complement our containers. They are made from quality and durable materials and use advanced bottling machinery and techniques​ to ensure each cap snuggly fits the container.
These caps and closures come in different types, shapes and sizes depending on the need and the desired content. From aluminum, tin or plastic caps, to caps with corks and pumps, our product line carries what you need.

Custom decorative finishes

After the glass container molding is completed, various decorations, patterns, and symbols can be added to the surface with the help of different container treatment processes​.
Adding these decorative finishes give glass containers a unique, sophisticated and premium look, giving more value to your product. Treatment processes used are dependent on the decoration and finish the customer requires.
Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell