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Top 5 Cosmetic Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

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As a flexible material, glass can be reused indefinitely, making it the perfect packaging material for current and future items. Cosmetics require an appealing package design that attracts the clients and is appealing on shelf displays . Glass cosmetic bottles are made by tons of firms in India, so deciding which one to associate your product with can be difficult. The list we have compiled will assist you in selecting the best on the market. Keep reading!

Top 5 Cosmetic Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India



Roetell Logo

Retell has its main production facilities in Jiangsu, China. Having been incepted in 1984, they have been offering the market an outstanding service in delivering quality glass products. Their customers are the top priority of every business move and decision they make.   They have a long-run sustainability plan for their production process expenditures. 

The quality of their glasses cosmetic bottles showcase the art of resilience, outstanding designs, and pure dedication from the team of professionals.  The products they design promote uniqueness and hence, the best displays in the market since they label and decorate the bottles to suit customers’ unique tastes and preferences.

Roetell is a production expert, and that’s why they have a quality management department to ensure that the goods they provide are of the highest quality. Throughout every production process, such as melting, shaping, evaluation, packaging, quality control, and manufacturing departments coordinate to ensure the status of the finished product meets their standard qualifications.

S.K Exports

S.K Exports Logo

Source: http://www.skexports.co.in/index.php.

S.K Exports is located in Thane, Maharashtra, in Mumbai, India.  They deal in Nail polish glass bottles manufactured in their production facilities and exported to other countries worldwide. They’ve proven able to deliver high-quality products and earn clients’ confidence. Furthermore, their extensive realm knowledge and experience have helped them establish a solid reputation in the industry.

They have consistently met or exceeded their customers’ needs and specifications by delivering goods and services timely, every time. They aim for excellence in all they do by constant furtherance, collaboration, and achievable standard targets.

They also deal with other products such as:

Indian Harness

Indian Harness Logo

Source: https://www.indianharness.com/.

Indian Harness Company, founded in 2001, is a specialist manufacturer and exporter of cosmetic packages. Indian Harness is strategically located in New Delhi, close to the Tughlakabad port and the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Their position gives them easy access to various shipping services, including sea, air, and rail. They design new molds, manufacture and sell high-quality products to consumers worldwide.

They are confident in their ability to provide high-quality, low-cost, and quick-delivery goods. They have the capability of autonomous architecture, skilled technology, top-notch quality, methodical operation, and a consumer-first service attitude. This has enabled them to successfully build and win customers and maintain strong business partner companies. They follow a business principle of prioritizing quality over reputation, which so far has worked great for them.  

Vah International

Vah International has its manufacturing facilities in Old Delhi, Delhi, since its inception in 2009.  They’ve assembled a collection of the most up-to-date machines needed to complete the whole production task efficiently. Experts who work with them have plenty of industry experience and are acquainted with business demands. 

Since the beginning, they’ve adopted and upheld industry-established parameters, ensuring that the final products they deliver meet the highest quality standards.  They constantly exert their best efforts in the desired direction, intending to provide budget-friendly solutions to their buyers.

Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass Logo

Source: https://www.piramalglass.com/.

Piramal Glass has its manufacturing facilities in Mumbai, Vadodara, Kosamba, Jambusar, and Amod, India. They have worked hard to establish themselves as responsible glass primary packaging affiliates for the global cosmetics industry. The standards have become more restrictive as market trends change. To deal with the challenging business situation, they are concentrating on improving performance efficiency. They are dedicated to enhancing customer loyalty and the efficacy of their quality control system.


Any product’s market success is based on its presentation. The way you present your brand affects how much money you make on that specific item. As a result, it’s important to partner with a reputable company for your packaging needs. Contact us for assistance in packaging your brand in an industry-worthy manner.

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