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Glass Cream Jars

Glass Cream Jars

Glass cream jars are the perfect packaging for high-end cosmetic products, such as skin care products, face creams,  eye creams, and moisturizing creams. Roetell supplies a variety of cream jars in bulk, all of which come with different features. We offer different covers, such as clear, frosted, white, amber, green, and pink. Depending on the design, our cream jars are available in sizes 20g, 30g, 50g, and 60g. Our glass cream jars are made with a screw cap design to ensure excellent tightness of products. They are available in different shapes and special designs to make them both functional and perfect-looking.

If you are looking for wholesale glass cream jars, Roetell can offer you a wide selection for your production requirements. Up your cosmetic business with our unique and convenient packaging solutions!

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Grow Your Business with Customize Glass Cream Jars

Glass Cream Jar Sizes

We are an expert glass cream jar supplier , we offer a versatile range of glass cream jars to suit various product needs, with standard sizes including 20g, 30g, 50g, and 100g. Whether you need an unconventional size for a special product line or a specific design to match your brand’s aesthetic, we can tailor our glass jars to meet your exact specifications.

Glass Cream Jar Shapes

As a leading glass cream jar manufacturer, creating jars in various shapes is an effortless task for us.Our collection includes classic round jars that provide a timeless and elegant look, ideal for high-end skincare products. For a more modern and sleek design, we offer square and rectangular jars that stand out on the shelf .

Glass Cream Jar Colors

when wholesale glass cream jar ,we offer a wide range of color customization options for our glass cream jars. Whether you’re looking for a classic transparent finish to showcase the natural beauty of your product or vibrant, eye-catching hues to make your brand stand out, we can paint your jars in any color you desire.

Glass Cream Jar Custom Sample

After receiving your design, we quickly issue detailed drawings and produce a 3D sample for your review. Once you confirm the 3D sample, we create a real glass sample for final approval, ensuring the jars meet your exact specifications. This process guarantees high-quality, custom packaging solutions tailored to your needs.

Glass Cream Jar Closures/Lids/Caps

We offer standard screw-on caps, elegant metal lids, and practical plastic closures, all designed to provide a secure and airtight seal. Additionally, we can customize the color, finish, and design of your lids to match your brand’s aesthetic perfectly.

Glass Cream Jar Finish Options

Our finishes include silk screen printing, which allows for intricate and detailed designs directly on the glass surface, and hot stamping, which provides a luxurious metallic look that stands out. We also offer custom painting services, enabling you to choose any color for a vibrant and unique appearance.

Are You Also Looking for Unique Cream Bottle Cap?

At Roetell Glass, we understand that the perfect cream bottle requires the perfect cap. We offer a wide range of unique cream bottle caps that can be customized to match your brand’s distinct style. Whether you need a sleek, modern design or a more traditional look, we can create caps in various colors, finishes, and materials to meet your specifications. brand, we can provide exactly what you need. Additionally, we prioritize the health and safety of your customers by offering BPA-free lids, ensuring that your honey remains pure and uncontaminated. Our lids are designed to provide an airtight seal, preserving the freshness and quality of your honey.

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FAQ for Glass Cream Jars

1. What materials are used for the glass cream jars?

Our glass cream jars are made from high-quality, super flint material, renowned for its exceptional clarity and strength. This material is also highly durable, ensuring that the jars are resistant to breakage and can safely protect the integrity of your creams.

2. Can you customize the design of the glass cream jars?

Yes, we offer extensive customization options, including unique shapes, sizes, colors, and finishes. You can work with our design team to create a jar that perfectly matches your brand’s vision.

3. How can I ensure the quality of my custom glass cream jars before placing a bulk order?

We provide a detailed sampling process where you first approve design drawings, then review a 3D sample, and finally confirm a real glass sample. This ensures that the final product meets your exact specifications.

4. Are the glass cream jars eco-friendly?

Yes, our glass jars are reusable, recyclable, and made from high-quality materials, making them an environmentally friendly option for your products.

5. What is the minimum order quantity for custom glass cream jars?

If you buy stock glass cream jar, we don’t have MOQ.The minimum order quantity depends on the specific customization and design requirements. Please contact us for detailed information.

6. Can I get a sample before placing a bulk order?

Yes, we provide samples for your review and approval before you place a bulk order to ensure the product meets your expectations.

Wholesale Cosmetic Containers

Roetell has a 3,000,000 sq. ft. factory that is equipped with advanced manufacturing and quality control machinery. With our extensive resources, we can produce up to 500,000 glass bottles and glass jars daily. With our impressive production rates, we are able to offer wholesale empty cosmetic jars at competitive prices. Other benefits of ordering from Roetell include:

#1 Advanced Manufacturing Equipment

Roetell has modernized manufacturing equipment that ensures that all glass containers are made according to their specifications. They go through several manufacturing steps to ensure that they meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

After the manufacturing process, all of our glass containers will undergo quality management to avoid dispatching products that have defects.

#2 Warehousing and Logistics Services

Apart from manufacturing wholesale skincare jars, Roetell also offers other services including warehousing and logistics. If you don’t have the right space to store your glass cream jars safely, we can help you! Our warehouse has enough space and resources to make sure that all of our clients’ orders are stored safely until delivery.

#3 On-Time Delivery

As we aim for customer satisfaction, we can guarantee you that you will receive your order on the expected date of delivery. We have our own company outlets and distribution centers that will ensure that the delivery process will go as smoothly as possible. We will also keep you up-to-date during the entire process to assure you that your wholesale beauty containers are safe and intact.

Custom Cosmetic Jars

As one of the leading wholesale cosmetic jars suppliers and cream jars suppliers in China, Roetell also offers bulk orders of custom glass cream jars. We have a huge collection of glass jars and we encourage you to browse through our gallery. If you cannot find what you are looking for or you already have a concept in mind, let us know right away! We will assist you with whatever you need to make sure that you only get the best glass cream jars for your brand!

The use of glass cream jars let your customers know what to expect from your product through the packaging. A strong, crystal-clear glass jar shows the contents to the customer to aid them in choosing your product over the competition. Since glass has no contaminants that can affect the content, it is a great way to preserve the quality of your product. Glass cream jars are also convenient for consumers, as they can maximize the product up to the last drop. Frosted glass cream jars and Dark Cream Jars such as brown glass cream jars, and black glass cream jars can block sunlight well and protect the objects inside.

Effective product branding starts from the packaging, and using high-quality glass cream jars from us is your first step to boosting your brand. We provide an array of design choices for glass cream jars that range from simple to elaborate letting your customers see why you stand out from the competitors. Adding eye-catching and interesting labeling to the empty glass cream jar can further enhance brand recognition and lead to better sales.

Any product packaging is not complete without a lid or closure to bring everything together. Choose from different styles and finishes to complement your glass cream jar, from simple closures with a matte finish to the fancier and gold-finished cap. Our range of glass cream jar lids and closures are created using lead-free and BPA-free to ensure the purity of your product. Add your label to the closure for stronger brand recognition with every use.

Why Choose Roetell glass bottle & packaging?

Package design from concept to commercialization

Our expert team of designers handles packaging and design solutions from start to finish, catering to any business needs. Combining product design and visual branding, they work with you to create the perfect bottle design for your product, along with matching closures and packaging graphics.

Turnkey decorating & labeling

Teaming up with the design team, our skilled glass artisans translate the design concepts and turn them into reality. Utilizing various decorating techniques like frosting and spray coating, they create soda glass bottles that pop out of the shelf and get your target market’s attention.

Streamlined supply chain for closures and packing

We lessen the traditionally-long manufacturing supply chain by creating most components in-house. Soda glass bottles and coke glass bottles bulk are created on-site while caps are assembled onsite to avoid missing parts or quantities not matching. It also lessens the manufacturing time and overall cost by cutting down on transportation time across multiple warehouses.

Warehousing, logistics, and inventory solutions

We provide assistance in inventory management through the use of our order system and delivery options. The minimum order requirement for our clear glass soda bottles is 1000 bottles, and free bottle samples are available before bulk production of glass soda bottles. We also manage the internal inventory to make sure we have available stock of common empty glass soda bottle for faster delivery.

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