Full Solutions From Custom Glass Reed Diffuser Manufacturers

Roetell is a one-stop-shop manufacturer of glass diffuser bottles. We offer a wide variety of bottle designs, closures, and value-adding services. 

Glass Diffuser Bottle Sizes 

We manufacture 50ml,100ml,110ml, and 250ml glass bottle sizes. Additionally, we offer custom sizes for smaller or larger designs on request. 

Glass Diffuser Bottle Colors

We manufacture clear and colored reed diffuser bottles. The colored options include black, gray, pink, and red. We recommend colored glass diffuser bottles for scents with light-sensitive essential oils.

Glass Diffuser Bottle Shapes

Our design catalog comprises round, carved, diamond-shaped, and square glass diffuser bottles. Do you have a special diffuser bottle shape concept? Share it with us and we will produce it for you.

Glass Diffuser Bottle Closures

We manufacture reed diffuser bottles with lids. We also offer a wide selection of other bottle closures accessories such as screw caps, corks, and wooden tops.

Glass Diffuser Bottle Neck Dimensions

Roetell glass diffuser bottles have short necks to avoid the evaporation of scents. We also offer different neck finishes to match various closure styles. 

Glass Diffuser Finish Options

We offer clear glass diffuser bottles but you could also opt for other finishes such as crackled, etched, spray-painted, or frosted glass reed diffuser bottles.

Supply Diffuser Glass Bottles For Packaging Scents

Roetell glass diffuser bottles are ideal for packaging car and house scents made of essential oils. Reeds can be inserted inside the diffuser bottle to act as a diffusing agent that carries the scent from the bottle to the air. 

Customization allows for the neck to be designed in a size that allows for the insertion of reeds or other diffusing agents. We can also customize our glass diffuser bottle designs into small sizes to manufacture car or hanging diffuser bottles wholesale for home use.

What Are Reed Diffuser Bottles Made Of?

Best-in-Class Bulk Candle Jar Factory

We source all our glass-making raw materials from credible suppliers and process them at our state-of-the-art 

factory. This gives us complete control over the quality of our diffuser glass bottles.

Subsequently, we can guarantee that our diffuser bottles are free of arsenic and lead. They are made of top-quality glass that does not react with essential oils and is also heat and corrosion-resistant. You can rest assured that they will preserve your scent products for a long shelf-life.

Our closure accessories are made of non-reactive aluminum alloys and are lined with an outing. They are leakproof and provide an airtight seal. 

Fulfill Made-to-Order Bulk Reed Diffuser Bottles With Strong Designs

The Roetell team comprises top-notch designers and glass bottle manufacturing experts. They are innovative and have decades of experience. This equips them to fully customize your order of wholesale diffusers as they have a firm understanding of how to modify the bottle design and production processes. 

We offer customization options for size, colors, closure styles, and well as glass diffuser bottle finishes. You can also make an order request for custom labeling and decoration options such as having your logo embossed on the diffuser jars.