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Top 5 Glass Jar Manufacturers in Europe

Europe is a vast continent that is home to many developed countries. Owing to their early exposure to new industrial technologies, most of their manufacturing factories have had a head-start compared to their competitors from other regions.

Each European nation has a hand in some form of glass manufacturing with plants strewn in all corners. If you are looking for the right glass jar manufacturer for your business, the following are some of the stand-out glass jar manufacturers in Europe.

Glass Jars For Storing Spices
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VOA ALBI Factory


VOA ALBI is a French glass manufacturer that primarily deals with food jars, juice, and non-alcoholic drink bottles, beer bottles, spirits bottles, and wine bottles. The company was created in 1896 and is currently based in a place called Francois Arago.

VOA ALBI employs the use of the latest cutting edge technologies in the glass industry in its bid to keep up with the stiff competition in Europe. On top of manufacturing, the company also distributes its products around France, Europe, and other parts of the world.






Vetropac is a glass jar manufacturing company that is located in Trezzano sul Naviglio, Italy. It was established in 1911 and has gone through a series of acquisitions over the years to become what it is today. Vetropac produces about 140,000 tonnes of glass products every year for the European and global markets.

Vetropac is also heavily invested in the protection of the environment. For this reason, they have a special department within the company grounds that exclusively deals with the recycling of glass. Some of the products in their catalog include bottles and jars that are used in the beverage and food industries.

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AlGlass is a Spanish glass manufacturer that was established in 1962. The family-run company is based in Barcelona and has been involved in the creation of cosmetic and perfumery jars and bottles for as long as they have been around.

Alglass also handles its own packaging, branding, distribution across Spain as well as the exports to countries beyond Europe. Among their assembly lines, you will find cosmetic bottles and jars, perfume bottles alongside their accessories like bottle caps and jar lids.



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Roetell is a Chinese glass manufacturer that is located in the Jiangsu region. With experience spanning over 35 years, the company has positioned itself as the creator of high-quality glass products that include glass jars and bottles. With a working force of over 150 employees, Roetell also handles its distribution and exports.

Roetell is always looking far ahead, expanding into new territories all over Europe in its bid to wrest those markets from the grip of their competitors. The main products in their catalog include glass bottles for drinks and alcohol as well as glass jars for food packaging and home storage.



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Blueglass is a Swedish glassmaker that was set up in 2002 in Stockholm. Despite being around for less than 2 decades, Bluegrass has been able to establish itself as a world leader in an industry full of veteran glassmakers. Most of its success is owed to the young and vibrant leadership team that has steered it towards the use of technology in its manufacturing processes.

Bluegrass has glass bottles and jars, PET bottles, that are widely used in the beer industry, the cosmetics industry as well as the food and beverages industry. The company supplies both Sweden and other parts of the world.




Europe is home to over 750 million inhabitants, that is enough market to prop any glass jar maker anywhere on the continent. Healthy competition has ultimately benefited the consumers because every manufacturer is striving to produce cheaper but high-quality products.

If you run a wholesale business for glass jars or other glass containers, make a point of visiting any of these manufacturers to secure favorably discounted factory prices. It never hurts to save a buck.

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