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Top 5 Glass Jar Manufacturers In India


Glass products are essential in the day to day life. Glass jars, in particular, come in handy for a wide range of applications. Finding the best jars can be a little difficult in an already saturated market. India is home to some of the top glass jar manufacturers in the world.

Are you looking for the best glass jar manufacturer for your business? Some of the notable players include the following:

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Roetell is a big manufacturing company whose reputation is known around the world. The glass container manufacturer and packager is located in  Jiangsu, China. It exports its high-quality products within the country and overseas where the demand for its perfume bottles is especially high. Established in 1984, Roetell sits on a 30,000 square feet space that also includes their warehouse.

With over 150 employees and a pick and place automation process, Roetell produces various bottle products like glass jars, perfume bottles, champagne bottles, soda bottles, essential oils bottles, among many others. the glass manufacturer exports its products to more than 50 countries.
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Satyaprabha Glass Agency


Located in West Bengal, Satyaprabha Glass Agency was established in 1989 and has been creating glass jars for local and global consumption. Aside from manufacturing, the company also handles its own distribution and exports. Their products are used in distilleries, healthcare, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, and in the food and beverage sector.

Satyaprabha Glass Agency employs about 40 people in Kolkata and is currently adding new products into their line, including perfume bottles.



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Mahalaxmi Industries


Located in Madhya Pradesh, Mahalaxmi Industries prides itself as the leading player in high-quality glass products in the region. Established in 1986, the company relies on the best technicians India has to offer to craft durable products using industry standards methods.

Mahalaxmi handles its own distribution within India as well as global exports. It has a working staff of between 11 to 25 individuals, with Atul Gupta its current CEO. The company is divided into various departments that include Manufacturing, Warehousing, Packaging, and Distribution. Their products range from glass jars, glass bottles to plastic, and aluminum containers.

GM Overseas


GM Overseas is a glass jar manufacturer that is located in Uttar Pradesh and has been operational since 2007. GM Overseas is also an exporter, importer, and a service provider all rolled into one. Their versatility and flexibility are what has been the reason behind their great growth despite being around for a little over a decade.

GM Overseas employs between 100-500 people in the company’s main headquarters in Uttar Pradesh. The whole factory sits on about 500 square yards of land. Their product catalog includes cosmetic glass bottles, colored glass bottles, and glass jars. Their products are used in industries like Pharmaceuticals, Liquor, Cosmetic, Perfumery and Food, and Beverages.



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Ajanta Bottle Private Company


Ajanta Bottle Private Company was set up in 1981 in New Delhi and has been making quality glass containers over the years for local and global markets. Ajanta is home to between 26-50 workers who handle the manufacturing process from scratch all the way up to the packaging.

Their main products include glass bottles, glass jars, glass vials, and rubber stoppers. Their main customers are major players in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries. Ajanta Bottle Private Company sits on a land area of 22,000 square feet.

They have warehouses in three other locations: Bawana, Thane, and Roorkee where they store most of their products in readiness for shipment at a moment’s notice.



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We use glass jars a lot in our homes. From storing food like jams, juices, fruits, and vegetables. Being the indispensable items that they are, it is vital that they be of good quality build. Glass jar manufacturers in India adhere to the required industry standards. This is the reason why their products are in high demand.

If you are looking to acquire quality glass jars anytime soon get in touch with any of the above-mentioned companies. You can get the jars straight from the oven and at good factory prices.

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