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Best Glass Jar Manufacturers in the UK

Glassmaking in Britain did not pick up pace until 1845 after heavy taxation that was holding back many industries was abolished. Since then, many factories that manufacture glass jars and other glass containers have been leaving their mark on the global stage.

The United Kingdom is now home to some of the most accomplished glass jar makers in Europe.

Are you on the hunt for the best glass jar manufacturer for your business? Some of the notable ones that have stood out over the years for their exemplary creations include the following.

An Assortment of Glass Jars
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Allied Glass


Allied Glass is an independent manufacturer of glass products like jars and bottles located in Leeds. Established in 1870, Allied Glass has continued to churn out quality products that continue to be used in the liquor industry, cosmetics, juices, and so many others.

They are most famous for luxury glass containers that they make for reputable brands like Grants. On top of manufacturing, they also handle their own packaging and distribution. On special request, they deal with the branding of bottles and jars for some of their clients.

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Colorlites Limited

Hidden away in Kent, Colorlites Limited is a glass product manufacturer that is best known for the colorful collection of jars, bottles and other glass containers. The company was started as a family-run venture in 1985 and has been supplying Cosmetic, Food and Beverage, Fragrance, Pharmaceuticals, and Aromatherapy industries for years.

Aside from jars, they also deal with candle glasses, diffuser bottles, dropper bottles, and rollete bottles. Colorliltes also handles special requests like bespoke bottles. Under this, they offer services like glass spray coating, glass screen printing, and painting.

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O-I Manufacturing UK Limited


O-I Manufacturing Limited is more than just a brand. It is a multinational glass making conglomerate that was inspired by the works of Michael Owens. The company has over 26,000 employees under its name, all spread out across several continents in the world. Located in Edinburgh, they make jars, bottles, and all forms of containers for liquor, food, drugs, and chemical industries.

O-I Manufacturing Limited is among the few glass jar makers who employ cutting edge technologies such as pick and place automation in the designing process. This can be seen in the quality of their jars and bottles which are not only elegant but are durable.
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Saverglass is a glass jar manufacturing brand whose headquarters is based in Wakefield. The company was established way back in 1897, growing over the years into a behemoth that it is today. Saverglass mainly creates beautiful pieces of jars and bottles that are used in the luxury industry.

Savergalss also allows for personalized bottles, all you would need to do is to place an order and it would be created in your exact specifications. Their catalog lists over 200 lines of jars, bottles, and decanters that range from as little as 50ml to as huge as 6 liters.

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Roetell is an Asian glassmaking giant that dabbles in all forms of glass products that range from jars, bottles, and other types of containers. Roetell is located in Jiangsu and was established in 1984 with the sole purpose of providing high-quality glass products to cater for an increasing demand for glass jars and bottles.

The company also handles its own distribution within China as well as the exports to other countries across the globe. The glass products in their assembly lines include juice bottles, diffuser bottles, candle jars, coffee jars, honey jars, champagne bottles, and many others.

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Some of the best glass making innovations have their origins in Britain, starting with Michael Owens who is credited with revolutionizing the industry. Glass manufacturers in the United Kingdom have been around for long, meaning they have a lot of experience.

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