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Top 4 Liquor Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

Glass is a flexible material that can be used to package a variety of items. Liquor an appealing design that provides incentives and looks good on store shelves. Since there are so many companies in India that make glass liquor bottles, deciding which one to partner with can be daunting. The list we’ve compiled will assist you in selecting the best on the market. Keep Reading!!


Jiangsu, China is home to Retell’s largest production facilities. Since their inception in 1984, they have provided exemplary service in the generation of quality glass products to the industry. Customers are at the core of their marketing campaign and decisions. Their long-term survival strategy involves cutting costs in the production process.

The performance of their glasses of liquor bottles reflects the art of longevity, outstanding prototypes, and absolute dedication from the panel of professionals. The products they design promote creativity and therefore the best exhibits in the sector since they mark and adorn the bottles to meet customers’ individual preferences and desires.

They are specialized manufacturers, so they formed a quality management department to ensure that the goods they provide are of the highest quality. Every phase of the production process is organized to ensure that the finished product follows the company’s requirements.


Agi-glaspac has run its operations since its formation in 1972. They manufacture quality liquor bottles that have served the market for ages. Their processes are tightly coupled, allowing for the production of high-quality goods and on-time delivery. 

Their clientele includes a diverse range of multinational corporations as well as large Indian corporations, serving a variety of market segments. Their goods are exported to North America, Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific zone in addition to the Indian market.

They have established themselves as one of the country’s leading glass packages manufacturers. They have two modern manufacturing facilities. These facilities are strategically located in South-Central India, where their key products inputs are plentiful and shipping of finished goods by road, rail, and the sea are enormously cost-efficient.

Glassex India Private Limited

Glassex India was formed in 1992 by Mr S. Roy Chaudhury. From designing, manufacturing, and selling to logistics solutions, they operate as an all-inclusive shop for the glass bottle market. They offer a product range that complies with the established industrial quality standards.

They are able to procure goods from all over India, through a devoted team making sure the products always follow industrial standards for both national and foreign markets.  The team ensures that they always offer reasonable prices while fulfilling all client requirements. Through their on-board team and reliable third-party suppliers, they can also provide cheap logistical support for domestic and foreign markets.

They also manufacture other products like water, soft drinks, Cosmetics and decorative glass bottles.

HNG Glass Factory

HNG Glass factory was instituted by the late Shri C. K  Somany in 1946, at Rishra. They are the major players in India’s bottle glass industry, providing a full packaging solution to help customers increase the overall competitiveness and track efficiency. They have not only conquered a significant portion of the Indian industry, but it also has a big clientele base that spans over 23 nations.

Their Customers’ needs are met with the help of a committed marketing team. To resolve customer complaints and problems,  they implemented a World-Class standard dynamically activated to monitor complaints. They have established a tailored strategy for large business accounts to sustain a deeper and longer alliance.

They have been accredited with various certifications. These include:


Every product’s performance is measured by how it is viewed on the market. How you present your brand affects revenue returns accrued from that specific product.  That As a result, it’s important to work with a reputable company for your packaging needs. Reach out to us and get your product worked on by esteemed professionals.

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell