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Top 5 Milk Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

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Glass expresses the milestones and basic tenets of a firm. These personalities are well-liked by customers. India has several milk glass bottle manufacturers. The reputation of your company depends on choosing the right firm. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best in the Country. Here is the summary:

Top 5 Milk Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India



Roetell Logo

Roetel has served the industry since 1984. Its location is Jiangsu, China. They prioritize customers in every decision they make. The organization has implemented a long-term strategy to reduce resource and energy use during the production process. Because of its nature, their glass reveals its solid, hard qualities, making it ideal for display.

They’ve been supplying customized glass packaging to brands across the globe (Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles) (Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles) (Custom vs. Standard Glass Bottles). The pattern can be traced back to the company’s extensive skills and expertise as a leader in glass bottle manufacturing for the food, beverage, and cosmetics industries.   Their goods are sold to customers all over the world, including India. They have a team devoted to shipping to ensure that the brand meets global clienteles.

Mahalaxmi Industries

Mahalaxmi Industries Logo

Source: https://www.mahalaxmiindustries.in/.

Mahalaxmi Industries is an individual proprietary business. It has operated in the industry since its formation in 1986. They are a reputable manufacturer and trader of Pet Bottles, Glass bottles, Molded Items, Plastic Granules, and a variety of other products. Their impeccable designs have made it easier for them to grow in the market. Their milk bottle designs are for family, cylindrical glass bottles, and regular glass bottles.

Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass Logo

Source: https://www.piramalglass.com/.

Piramal Glass has its locations in Kosamba, Jambusar, Mumbai, Vadodara, and Amod in India. Their employees’ commitment to excellence has helped them develop into one of the world’s largest and most reputable glass packaging manufacturers. They don’t recognize any consistency compromises. 

Their capabilities incoherent design, production, examination, and design ensure high quality, long-term efficiency, and consistency.  Their demonstrated technological and design competence provides progressive succour. Every year, their team comes up with new product innovations in glass packaging and decoration solutions, especially for essential applications and designs. The practice has led to expanding their portfolio. 

They have invested in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumery, hand sanitizers, and food and beverages. They also manufacture products such as jam containers, candle jars, liquor and beer, honey, milk, and so on.

Abroach Exim Private Limited

Abroach Exim Private Limited logo

Source: https://www.abroachexim.com/.

Abroach Exim Private limited started functioning in 2018. Vavata, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is its location, with only ten employees. They are dedicated to obtaining the maximum technical quality and providing the best customer support possible. 

They continually prioritize the needs of their customers first, constantly improving their goods and providing the best value in air compressors and spare parts. The level of thinking has influenced them in their efforts and consumer expectations in their goods and services over the years.

They firmly believe that every buyer is vital to them and with a unique set of requirements. Therefore, in a very competitive and unpredictable market world where rigorous improvement is the key to sustenance and development, they must seek and implement their customers’ feedback and advice to continually update themselves and keep abreast.  

Jaya Glass World

Jaya Glass World Logo

Source: https://www.indiamart.com/jayaglassworld/.

Jaya Glass world is located in Firozabad, Uttar  Pradesh. Their product line, which includes high-quality Candle Holders, Table Lamps, and Wall Lamps, has earned them a strong position in the market. All their offered components are manufactured under the guidance of standards regulators using high-quality inputs in accordance with brand standards, using top-grade materials. 

Mr. Shivam Yadav, their leader, has aided us in reaching their current market position. His technical expertise assists them in efficiently satisfying the needs of clients.

Their brands are recognized for their reliability, firmness, high durability, and outstanding finishes. They have also invested in manufacturing glass milk bottles (Glass Milk Bottles vs Plastic Milk Bottles) (Glass Milk Bottles vs Plastic Milk Bottles) (Glass Milk Bottles vs Plastic Milk Bottles). Glass ghee jars, oil bottles, and handle pots are among other products they produce and trade.


Milk packaging is notoriously tricky. Comprehending your desired template and selling your label necessitates the assistance of a reputable and experienced company. For guidance in ensuring that your product receives the attention it deserves, call our experts.

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