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The Best Soda Bottle Manufacturers in Kerala

Soda is one of the most consumed beverages in India. In fact, it is projected that Indians will likely consume 84 bottles per capita by 2021, compared to today’s 44 bottles per capita. Thus, while the soft drink industry is growing, so is the glass bottle manufacturing in the country, especially in the state of Kerala.

Are you looking for the right soda bottle manufacturer for your business? Check out our list below!

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Offering a wide variety of glass jars and containers, Roetell Glass Packaging is a trusted supplier and wholesaler in India. They use high-grade materials created by skilled professionals to assure optimum quality. This company has been operating since 1983, so clients are assured of nothing but the best.

Roetell Glass Packaging specializes in glass bottles for beverages. They also manufacture fancy jars, balm containers, essential oil bottles, and nail polish bottles. The designs of their packaging products are sleek and modern, making it a top choice among clients.

For businesses located in China and nearby countries, Roetell Glass Packaging offers all-in packaging services. From researching the best bottle design to decorating and labeling the bottles, Roetell will surely give you the best packaging solutions.

Phone Number: +86-516-8583 8326‬

Address: North Gate, Jinse Licheng, Gulou District, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China

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Beverage Industry in India


India is known for its flavorful traditional drinks, which are not just enjoyed by locals, but also internationally. In a tropical country where the days are sweltering, there’s a high demand for refreshing, thirst-quenching beverages. Soda is a popular beverage choice due to its convenience and great taste.

Beverage industry in India
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Traditional Indian beverages are still widely consumed today. These include different kinds of tea, lassi, aam panna, and amras. However, with the country’s growing economy and increasing urbanization, consumers have opted for carbonated beverages. Some of the big players in the soft drink industry are Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Parle Agro, and Dabur.

A significant portion of the soda market belongs to urbanized areas, but rural areas are also catching up. India’s growing middle-class, rising affordability, and rural electrification are the key factors to this. Additionally, innovations in soda packaging and sizing are also making it easier for consumers to buy it.

If you’re planning to enter the soft drink industry, now is a good time to do so. But before you can kickstart your business, you’ll need a glass soda bottle manufacturer to supply your packaging.


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The only company that exclusively manufactures glass bottles in Kerala, Trivandrum Bottle Suppliers is the number 1 choice for glass packaging. If you need high-quality soda bottles, then this company will give you the best packaging solutions.

In addition to soda bottles, Trivandrum also offers medicine, juice, and liquor bottles. Clients can choose between plain, decorated, or customized bottle designs. Their state of the art machinery helps them deliver some of the best bottles used in the beverage industry today.

Get a quote for your desired packaging solutions by calling the number below.

Phone Number: 094465 33796

Address: Pottavila Road, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695020, India



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Specializing in cost-effective packaging products, Smart Packaging offers high-quality glass bottles and containers. Aside from food and beverage, they are also provide packaging solutions for healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemicals, and pesticide. Thus, they have become the leading packaging company in Kerala.

Smart Packaging is known for its state of the art technology and designing tools. This makes them capable of bulk supply and has an efficient delivery system. Clients can also request for specialty bottles and customization depending on their products needs, with expert technical advice on hand.

To ask for free samples, quotations, or other concerns, contact Smart Packaging now.


Address: 43 / 619 A1, B. Paul Abrao Road, Kochi – 682018




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A to Z is also one of the prominent packaging companies based in Kerala. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, they have innovated several packaging products for their clients. Aside from glass bottles, they also offer PVC containers, pouches, and metal containers.

A to Z prides itself in making dust-proof, tamper-proof, and appealing packaging and packaging solutions that increase shelf-life and retain factory freshness. Thousands of manufacturers are currently using A to Z as their packaging provider. Clients can choose between various bottle and jar designs for their products.

For quotations, inquiries, and customizations, contact A to Z Packaging through their business details below.


Address: A to Z Packagings Cheranellore P.O Kochi-682034



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From soda bottles to glass jars, Cheeni Packaging has everything you need for your business. They are a quality-conscious company that implements strict quality control in their products. To maintain the standards that they are known for, their analysts check everything, such as the finish, strength, and heat resistance.

If you’re looking for a glass bottle manufacturer to supply your soda bottles, then Cheeni Packaging is a great choice. They also have containers for spices, cosmetics, toiletries, and household products.

Get in touch with them through these contact details:


Address: Paduvapuram PO, Karukutty, Angamaly, Ernakulam Dist, Kerala-683576



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The soda market is rapidly growing in India, thanks to the country’s growing economy and purchasing power. For entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their brand in India, finding a supplier for the soda packaging is important. Choosing the right glass bottle manufacturer will help boost your product into the market.

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