Full Solutions From Custom Soda Bottle Manufacturers

Roetell has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing custom glass soda bottles in diverse and innovative designs.

Soda Glass Bottle Sizes

We manufacture 300ml and 500ml standard soda glass bottle sizes as well as other custom volumes such as 85ml, 130ml, and 170ml. They can also be labeled in ounces upon request. 

Soda Bottle Colors

Roetell soda bottles are available in clear and colored varieties. Clear bottles can further be customized into frosted glass soda bottles. Our color options include red and antique green soda bottles. 

Soda Bottle Shapes

Our soda glass bottle shapes range from trendy to classic. We offer round, conical, bubble-shaped bottles as well as a tall slim square-bottom design. The conical shape can also include ridges.

Soda Bottle Closure Caps

We manufacture closure caps for our soda bottles in-house to guarantee a proper fit and a tight seal. They include twist-off caps and screw-on caps made of food-safe aluminum. 

Soda Bottle Neck Dimensions

Our soda bottle selection comprises both short neck and tall neck designs. We optimize both styles to be easy for consumers to hold as they drink or serve refreshments. 

Soda Bottle Finish Options

We offer soda bottles with cork, crown, and different screw finishes. This allows clients to choose a closure style that they feel is more appropriate for their products.

Supply Soda Bottles Wholesale For Beverage Packaging

Roetell supplies glass soda bottles wholesale to many beverage companies across the world. We invest in product research and development to ensure we continuously offer outstanding bottle solutions to our clients. 

Our custom-made soda bottles are designed to suit the beverage packaging requirements and branding (Case Study: Cold Brew Coffee Packing Ideas) preferences of our clients. You can choose any design, dimensions/volume, color, and custom glass soda labels that you prefer.

Moreover, aside from soda, our soda glass bottles can also be used to package:

Oils and Vinegar

Oils and Vinegar

Our tall glass soda bottles are ideal for packaging vinegar and oil. Glass is non-reactive and would, therefore, preserve their product quality. We recommend tinted soda glass bottles for light-sensitive oils. 

Home-made Sauces

Home-made Sauces

Our bubble-shaped soda bottles have an air-tight screw cap. You can rely on them to keep your sauces fresh once sealed. They are easy to handle and dispense sauce ease.



Roetell glass soda bottles are great for on-the-go uses like packaging refreshments for picnics or the gym. We line our stainless steel caps with silicone o-rings to ensure that they are leakproof. 

Home-made Smoothies and Juices

Home-made Smoothies and Juices

The trendy designs of our soda glass bottles make them ideal for serving homemade smoothies and juices. Their compact shapes also make them convenient for refrigeration.

Learn Soda Bottle Manufacturing 

Learn Soda Bottle Manufacturing 

Learn Soda Bottle Manufacturing 

We handle every part of the glass soda bottle manufacturing process in-house. Our 3 million square foot factory is divided into departments that work as follows:

Raw materials are sorted and processed to make molten glass. 

The molten glass is fed into top-of-the-range IS machines and used to form glass bottles.

The formed bottles are annealed then moved to the labeling and decorating department.

The complete bottles are handed to the quality management team for inspection.

All approved glass bottles are sent to the packaging department. 

We have 8 production lines and can produce up to 400,000 glass bottles per day. 

Customer-based Soda Bottle Design

At Roetell, we understand the importance of brand identity. This is why we offer custom glass soda bottle designs based on client preferences. Our design and production teams have a wealth of experience in beverage packaging. When you present your design ideas or requirements to us, they will work with you to perfect the concept. 

We provide free samples of custom glass soda bottle designs for our clients to evaluate and give feedback on. Production will only begin after you have given your approval. We offer affordable factory prices and have an MOQ of 500 wholesale soda bottles. 

Customer-based Soda Bottle Design