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Top 5 Soft Drink Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India

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Glass is a versatile material, making it the ideal packaging material for various products. Soft Drinks need a visually pleasing packaging design that attracts customers and looks good on store shelves. There are a lot of companies in India that make glass soft drinks bottles, so choosing which one to affiliate your product with can be difficult. The list we’ve put together will help you choose the best on the market. Continue reading!

Top 5 Soft Drink Glass Bottle Manufacturers in India



Roetell Logo

Reotell’s main manufacturing facilities are in Jiangsu, China. Since their establishment in 1984, they have offered the industry exceptional service in the supply of high-quality glass goods. Their marketing strategy and actions revolve around their customers. Their long-term sustenance policy entails minimizing manufacturing process expenses.

The art of durability, excellent designs, and sheer determination from the team of experts are all reflected in the consistency of their glasses soft drink bottles. Since they brand and adorn the bottles to fit consumers’ individual tastes and desires, the items they design encourage individuality and hence the best exhibitions in the industry.

Roetell is a manufacturing specialist, which is why they established a quality control wing to ensure that the products they offer are of the highest quality. Every step of the manufacturing process, including melting, forming, evaluating, packaging, quality control, and manufacturing, is coordinated to ensure that the finished product meets the company’s standards.

Piramal Glass

Piramal Glass Logo

Source: https://www.piramalglass.com/.

Piramal Glass has manufacturing facilities in India, namely Mumbai, Vadodara, Kosamba, Jambusar, and Amod. They’ve worked hard to earn a reputation as reputable glass key packaging partners for the global cosmetics industry. As industry dynamics shift, the expectations have become more stringent. 

They are focusing on enhancing performance quality to cope with the difficult business context. They are committed to improving consumer satisfaction as well as the effectiveness of their quality management system.

Glass Guru

Glass Guru Logo

Source: https://www.glassicalguru.com/.

Glass Guru carries its production operations in its facilities in New Delhi, Delhi, India. They have several divisions like Manufacturing, quality assurance, advertisement, managerial, inventory & packing. They have been offering robust and strong products in various shapes, sizes, and requirements with the help of a high-tech manufacturing base.

Their business is backed by a dedicated team of experts who have frequently outperformed customer expectations. They work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to facilitate the provision of high-quality goods in a variety of requirements.

They also manufacture other products. These include:

Abroach Exim Private Limited

Abroach Exim Private Limited logo

Source: https://www.abroachexim.com/.

In 2018, Abroach Exim Private Limited began operations. With just ten workers, it is located in Vavata, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. They are committed to achieving the highest professional standards and offering the highest level of customer service.

They are convinced that each and every customer is important to them and has their own set of expectations. As a result, in a highly competitive and volatile business environment where operational excellence is essential for survival and growth, they pursue and incorporate customer input and advice to stay current.

Mahalaxmi Industries

Mahalaxmi Industries Logo

Source: https://www.mahalaxmiindustries.in/.

Mahalaxmi Industries is a sole proprietorship company. Since its inception in 1986, it has been involved in the industry. Pet Bottles, Glass Bottles, Molded Items, Plastic Granules, and a host of other goods are all manufactured and traded by them. Their flawless designs have helped them gain traction in the industry. Their glass juice bottles are quite outstanding.  


The success of every product on the market is determined by how it is presented. The way you display your brand has an impact on the amount of revenue you make on that particular product. As a consequence, partnering with a trustworthy organization for your packaging needs is critical. Please contact us for help with packaging your brand in an industry-acceptable manner.

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