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Glass Vases

Glass Vases

Glass vases make a great decoration piece for any home or business establishment, elevating any floral arrangement with fine craftsmanship. To effectively capture any market or industry, it’s vital to offer wholesale clear glass vases that fit the distinct visual theme and can be consistently produced at large volumes.

Roetell is your one-stop shop for trustworthy glass vases in bulk for you and your customers. Known for our keen attention to detail and superior order fulfillment capabilities, we have the skill, experience, and diligence to meet your requirements at competitive prices. Plus, we have a warehouse filled with sought-after glass vase wholesale pieces ready for shipment, exponentially reducing wait times.

Hundreds of retailers, glass vase wholesalers, and glass distributors worldwide have seen growth through our support. Work with Roetell wholesale glass vases manufacturer today and experience how we can improve your branding and profits with our glass vase wholesale collections.

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Expand Your Enterprise with Customizable Glass Vases

Glass Vase Sizes

From short and stout to tall glass vases wholesale, we have sophisticated glass molding stations to create the various sizes you need to suit your production demands.

Glass Vase Shapes

We create an assortment of vase shapes to help diversify your product line, including glass cylinder vases bulk wholesale and round glass vases wholesale, to name a few.

Glass Vase Colors

Make your vases stand out on the shelf or online store with a selection of color options. We offer wholesale clear glass vases for a classic look, along with different colors and shades.

Glass Vase Neck Dimension

We can modify the neck dimensions to your discretion, whether you opt for long, slender necks for tall glass vases wholesale or wide necks for clear round vases.

Glass Vase Finish Options

Roetell offers a variety of finishing options to elevate the appeal of your glass vases wholesale, including meticulous decals, frosting, spray painting, and hot stamping done by our expert team.

Why Glass for Flower Vases

Vases that are made of water-resistant and are typically used as an ornament to contain plastic or organic flower arrangements. Having glass as the material for vases is extremely advantageous, as it can handle water and moisture without adverse effects. The resistant properties of glass protect against corrosion, chemicals, acid, and high temperatures.

Moreover, while the flowers are typically the focal point of a bouquet, a glass container displays the entire arrangement. Putting the flowers in a glass receptacle highlights the natural beauty of the entire bouquet by displaying the entire blossom. Additionally, this permits the incorporation of additional ornamentation, such as stones and shells in the bottom of a glass container, to add texture and col

Different Glass Vase Shapes

Determining the different glass vase shapes allows you to provide the perfect product for your customer’s needs. Thus, familiarity with the different glass vase shapes, features, and capabilities is important.

• Mason jars are ideal for tiny, informal flower arrangements.

• Bud Vases are suitable for displaying a solitary flower stem.

• Cylinder vases can be used for a more contemporary flower arrangement.

• Cube vases are ideal for low-sitting, modern-style arrangements.

• Pitcher vases are ideal for straightforward bouquets, particularly as kitchen décor.

• Pedestal Vases are ideal for creating striking floral arrangements for a special occasion or holiday party.

• Bouquet Vases go well with any type of flower bouquet.

• Glass Bowl vases are ideal for simple and sophisticated low-lying arrangements.

• Bulb vases are most effective when used for single-flower bulbs.

• Urn vases are best utilized with dried or artificial flowers, stems, or branches.

• Narrow-necked vases are ideal for displaying a limited number of stems.

• Fluted vases complement any form of flower the most.

Glass Vases for Different Applications

Determining the various uses for glass containers allows you to meet the specific needs of your consumers. Consequently, it is essential to be familiar with the numerous applications of glass containers.

Even on the tables of non-flower lovers, glass vases are the most common. Hand-blown clear or tinted glass is used to create one-of-a-kind vases. Additionally, their pigment is a component of their makeup.

These vases are typically available in transparent and blue hues and can be used as table centerpieces or for displaying collections. In addition to these uses, clear glass containers can be included in dining table accessory sets alongside hand-blown colored glassware.

It has been observed that a dining table accessory set consisting of hand-blown colored glassware enhances the room’s attractiveness. Consider an exquisite dinner setting where guests are seated around a gorgeously decorated dinner table and sipping wine from crystal glasses.

State-of-the-Art Glass Vases Wholesale Manufacturing Facility

In our commitment to becoming China’s premier OEM vases flower glass supplier, Roetell strives to develop more efficient production methods for your business. Our modern production facility spans over 3.3 million sq.ft., with dedicated workshops filled with the latest clean-energy equipment and manned by a talented team of experts.
We practice a meticulous process to create our glass vases wholesale, involving cutting-edge mold-blowing and forming techniques handled by seasoned craftsmen. Each step goes through a series of tests done by our inspectors, resulting in the pristine glass vases your customers will appreciate.
glass vase in color grey, blue, pink, and yellow

Unparalleled Specialty in Custom Glass Vases

Roetell helps you offer distinct glass vases wholesale through various customization options. All done in-house, we use the best materials in the market to elevate the visual appeal of any glass vase.
Customization starts from the design process, where our expert designers draft detailed labels and decorations that will speak strongly about your brand. We also have a variety of finishing options, ranging from hot stamping and screen printing to frosting and electroplating, to make your custom glass vases wholesale more marketable. Simply let us know the details, and we will do the rest.

Why Choose Roetell as Your Wholesale Glass Vases Manufacturer

Expert Glass Vases Manufacturers for Over Four Decades

Roetell's streamlined production process and expert designers by your side are all you need to market highly-sellable glass vases wholesale. Thanks to our modern production facility, developing a new line of glass cylinder vases bulk wholesale or updating your current glass vase offerings is easier than ever.

Turnkey Decorating & Labeling Expertise

Explore Roetell’s expansive selection of decoration and labeling options to make your glass vase wholesale stand out and attract more customers. From bright and ornate decals that our team applies by hand for an extra level of detail to exquisite finishes done by seasoned personnel, we got everything covered.

Excellent Integrated Supply Chain Administration

Roetell has established a robust supply chain covering all aspects of the wholesale glass vases manufacturing process to ensure we can accommodate even the largest orders at a short lead time. We source all raw materials from well-vetted suppliers within China and across the globe.

Reliable Warehousing, Logistics, and Inventory Solutions

Ample stocks of our most highly marketable glass vases wholesale are kept within our warehouse, ready for delivery at a moment’s notice. Roetell also works with trusted logistics companies, taking your orders from our facility to their designated delivery points safely and intact.

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