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Glass VS Plastic: 5 Factors To Consider For Your Product Packaging

It is always challenging to make packaging decisions; several factors are considered, such as logistics, cost, etc. It does not matter if the business is new, anyone is in the development stage, or someone has recently launched a product. Which one to go for, plastic or glass? For decades plastic has been used as a packaging material. 

However, recently there has been debate about glass bottle vs plastic; which is better? Glass offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution, and a reliable glass container manufacturer provides different glass packaging solutions for different businesses, be it packaging juice, wine, etc. Below are the five reasons that will help determine which packaging solution one should opt for and will answer the question is glass better than plastic. 

Factor 1: Different Perceived Quality Between Glass VS Plastic

Consumers are savvy and when they see a product, they can easily distinguish which is better. How a consumer perceives a product depends upon the packaging, branding, etc. The two packaging options that dominate the market are glass bottles vs plastic. So, now the question arises, what does the customer think? Do they feel is glass better than plastic?

The grade of glass and plastic are perceived differently by consumers. According to research, consumers prefer food products packaged in glass compared to plastic. More than 70% of customers believe that food with glass packaging ensures higher satisfaction, and they also fit in with a holistic lifestyle. Also, glass bottle has a premium look, and their weight and feel is vital for sophisticated marketing. 

Also, companies are switching to more sustainable packaging for their goods. Some sectors that have benefited from glass packaging are juice, alcoholic beverages, jams, maple syrup, salad dressings, etc. These sectors are thriving, and the factor is their packaging. These sectors understand their target market and know how their customer will respond to the product selection and packaging from storage to display. 

On the other hand, plastic is perceived as inexpensive but is robust, flexible, and can be molded into various shapes and sizes. So, which one to go for, glass vs plastic bottle depends on the marketing the business seeks.

Factor 2: Environmental Factors & Recycling

One point to note is that glass requires much more energy to manufacture than plastic; however, glass is 100% reusable. This means there will be no loss in quality whenever the glass is recycled. Also, recycled glass requires forty percent less energy and manufacturing new glass. 

And around eighty percent of the recycled glass can also be reclaimed. Also, glass can be easily sterilized and washed. Yes, one can also recycle plastic, but with each cycle, it degrades. Manufacturing single-use glass requires energy, but it is one hundred percent natural, so there is no doubt that glass bottles are better than plastic.

When one purchases some products wrapped in plastic, there is always a chance that it is new plastic. Glass containers such as glass juice bottles, yogurt bottles, etc., can be easily made from recycled materials. When concerned about environmental impact, global warming potential is used to measure. Glass manufacturing releases less co2, making glass better than plastic.

Also, when one uses glass packaging, and that glass gets recycled, it also helps in saving CO2 emissions. It saves around 580 kg of CO2 in the supply chain. This also helps reduce air and water pollution by 20 and 50 percent. After one takes into account the transporting and processing, the recycling ensures around carbon savings of 315kg. These kinds of reductions are crucial when it comes to combating climate change.

Factor 3: Glass Bottle VS Plastic Bottle: Impact On Health

Glass packaging is made of natural materials; it is non-toxic and free of possibly harmful chemicals. Due to the use of natural substances, glass bottles have no adverse effects on health. This is why glass bottles are used in the food and beverage sectors. When it comes to plastic is made up of toxic chemicals, and when keeps the food product for a long time, the chemical can leach into the product. 

Glass packaging is considered Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) by FDA, and that makes glass bottles better than plastic. Food and drug administration is a helpful resource for packaging as it offers information, databases, and details regarding the food ingredients, allergens, color additives, etc. 

Since there are no harmful components present in the glass, no harmful components can seep into the beverage or food. Regarding plastic vs glass bottles, glass is nonporous; the product retains the taste and flavor even after appropriate sterilization. Always remember that a high-quality product will attract customers who are ready to pay more.

For example, dairy farmers prefer glass milk bottles, as keeping milk in a glass bottle keeps the milk fresh, unaltered, and crisp. Customers also say the milk remains cool when kept in a glass rather than plastic. The milk that comes in glass bottles is fewer processes, and they have more enzymes. This makes the milk easier to digest, and people with dairy intolerances can drink milk from glass bottles.

Factor 4: A Fundamental Difference In Chemical Compatibility Properties

For sensitive products such as personal care, pharmaceutical products, or liquids, such as alcoholic beverages, spirits, etc., glass containers such as glass spirit bottles are a perfect choice. Also, when it comes to drugs, they have to be stored in an effective and secure container, so they do not lose their efficacy. It becomes essential to choose suitable packaging containers.

Regarding glass and plastic chemical properties, glass is less porous to CO2 and O2. This helps keep the fizzy products bubbly for a long time. In plastic vs glass bottles, glass can withstand a broad range of temperatures and won’t warp when pasteurized.

In plastic vs glass, plastic is available in several forms, such as high-density and low-density polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate, and polypropylene. Each type of plastic has different uses and unique characteristics in terms of chemical compatibility, temperature rating, and impact resistance. However, are glass bottles better than plastic? When it comes to chemical properties, glass is preferred for several substances, such as medicine, liquids, etc.

Factor 5: Costs Of Produce And Shipment

Glass bottle vs plastic, in manufacturing glass, one might be concerned that since the glass bottles are heavy, there will be more shipment costs. However, over the years, manufacturers have tried to create lighter products. This results in fewer products; thus, less waste will be generated.

Even when the temperature shifts, glass containers maintain the product’s integrity. So glass is suited for shipments. Glass also helps increase customer retention as glass jars and bottles work great as decorative pieces. 

Glass Bottles: The Key To Attract High-End Consumers

It is no secret that reasonable pricing is vital to a successful business. One way to target the ideal market is to provide the customer with premium products. So, in glass vs plastic, glass packaging offers a premium look and ensures craftsmanship and quality. Regarding providing high-end quality, Roetell stands out as they have invested in modern equipment and thrive to keep their products competitive and efficient. 

They are custom glass bottle jar & container manufacturer that has made several production upgrades, like switching to environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment. It has helped add value to the quality of the glass bottles, jars, etc. All their glass containers and products are non-toxic, ensuring that all their customers are satisfied with the quality, and they provide customization. 


Summing up, nowadays, people understand the harmful effects of the environment. They are opting for more sustainable purchases. Glass bottles, jars, and containers are a wise choice as one can reuse them, and to answer the question, is glass better than plastic? The answer is yes! 

One can contact us if looking for a reliable glass bottle manufacturer. Also, we can customize the design according to the brand’s needs and create a bottle so that consumers will want to reuse it. 

Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell