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Animal Collection Crystal Drinking Glasses Set

  • Premium Quality: Each glass in our set is meticulously crafted from high-quality, lead-free glass, ensuring durability and clarity that exceeds industry standards.
  • Artistic Design: Embrace the charm of nature with our animal-themed designs, meticulously etched or embossed onto each glass surface. From delicate butterflies to majestic elephants, our designs captivate and inspire.
  • Versatile Utility: Ideal for both casual and formal settings, these glasses are perfect for serving a variety of beverages, including water, juices, cocktails, and more.
  • Wholesale Advantage: Available for bulk purchase, our glass cups wholesale pricing offers competitive rates without compromising on craftsmanship or design.
Product MOQ

Please note below our MOQ for bottles as reference:

In-stock glass containers: 500 to 2,000 units.

Custom orders: contact us to discuss more!


At Roetell Glass, we understand that customization is key to creating a unique brand identity. Our comprehensive customization options for glassware allow you to tailor every detail to meet your exact specifications. From embossed logos and personalized designs to custom shapes and sizes, we collaborate closely with you to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to imprint your brand’s logo on our Animal Collection Drinking Glass Set or create a bespoke line of glassware that reflects your brand’s ethos, our expert team ensures impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail at every step.

Large or Small Order

We provide complimentary samples (1-2 units). For in-stock orders, our warehouse ensures prompt shipping, accommodating tight deadlines. For custom orders, timelines are meticulously planned to guarantee punctual delivery.


*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.

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Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell