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8cm Pink Glass Vases


Fashion style
High-quality glass material
Exquisite processing technology
Strong geometric sense of vision
Multi-color optional

Product MOQ

Please note that we have a MOQ for our bottles. For bottles in stock, the MOQ for in-stock glass containers is 2000 pcs. For customized bottles, please see the MOQ as followed:
1. Bottles under 100ml - 100,000 pcs
2. Bottles in 100~150ml - 30,000 pcs
3. Bottles larger than 150ml - 50,000 pcs
4. Clear bottles - 30,000 pcs
5. Colored bottles - 100,000 pcs


Roetell assists you throughout the project: bottle shapes, capacity and finish, choice of tints, bottom push-ups, and external decorations. Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.

Large or Small Order

Order single or thousands item at a time. Our warehouse and flexible shipping is available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.

*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.


UNIQUE DESIGN: Thanks to their special rope design, these glass vases can enhance your interior space of the style and atmosphere better.

HIGH QUALITY: The glass vases are made of only high-quality material and will never topple, each of them features thick glass walls and weighted base to ensure durability.

EXTENSIVE USES: Perfect for office or home décor. The items are popular in wedding planning and any special romantic events. You can fill them with various plant decorations or use them as candle holders.


Color Pink
Material/ Resin Glass
Caliber  8Cm
 Height 23Cm
Package Carton Pack

Roetell Pink Glass Vases For Home and Hospitality Uses

For home decor– Place the pink glass vase anywhere in your home to elevate the interiors. 

For wedding or romantic events– Make your wedding and romantic events even more memorable with this sleek glass vase that enhances your atmosphere. 

For office decor– You can organize your office desk by placing several vases to style the space. 

For holding candles– For easy access to candles, use glass vases to store them. You can even use it as a candle holder to enjoy a lovely candlelight dinner with your loved one.

For plant decorations- Use them as a plant holder for keeping small plants at home to enhance your home decor.

Ordering Multiple Pallets?

We provide several customization options for pink glass vases like, 


Height ranges from 7-9 cm, and the diameter is 7.4 cm. 


We have various options for the shape of the glass vase like short-necked, long-necked, slender shaped, balloon-like, rounded, and cornered.


We produce multiple color glass vases. You can select any color you desire.

Closure options

Closure options entirely depend on your preferences and the designs that you choose. 

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    Best-in-class Pink Glass Vases Manufacturer

    Roetell is an all-around pink glass vases manufacturer in China. We are one of the leading Chinese bottle manufacturers and we manufacture all types of glass bottles, containers, jars, tugs, tins, etc. Serving our customers since 1984, we are now endowed with years of experience, trained technicians, and expert artisans that help us deliver your end product with utmost quality and customer satisfaction.


    Our Roetell warehouse center operates on a total area of 3,000,000 square feet, and we produce over 400,000 glass bottles in our manufacturing plant daily.

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