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30g/50g Red/Green/Frosted/Gray Glass Cream Jars


Very suitable for mining cosmetics, storage cream, easy to carry around.
Made of environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and odorless, healthy and safe to use, can be used as cream packaging or for sample storage.
High transparency, anti-shedding, beautiful appearance, suitable for various occasions.
Easy to use and clean. Travel-friendly and easy to put in your wallet.

Product MOQ

Please note that we have a MOQ for our bottles. For bottles in stock, the MOQ for in-stock glass containers is 2000 pcs. For customized bottles, please see the MOQ as followed:
1. Bottles under 100ml - 100,000 pcs
2. Bottles in 100~150ml - 30,000 pcs
3. Bottles larger than 150ml - 50,000 pcs
4. Clear bottles - 30,000 pcs
5. Colored bottles - 100,000 pcs


Roetell assists you throughout the project: bottle shapes, capacity and finish, choice of tints, bottom push-ups, and external decorations. Contact us or mark your requirements on enquiry quote.

Large or Small Order

Order single or thousands item at a time. Our warehouse and flexible shipping is available for last-minute, tight-deadline orders.

*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.


Each container has a round clear lid and inner liners to create a tight seal that will not leak.
These jars are perfect for storing mineralized makeup, eye shadows, lotions, lip balms, toners, creams, ointments, acrylic powder, and other beauty aids.
Great for professional or personal use .
Lightweight and compact for easy travel use.


Capacity 30g, 50g
Colour red, green, frosted, gray
Material glass
Size 30g
Diameter 6cm
Height 4cm
Size 50g
Diameter 6cm
Height 4.6cm
Shape Round

Roetell Green Frosted Glass for Beauty Application 

The green frosted glass is suitable in the beauty industry for packaging and storing cosmetic products. Other primary uses include:

It is a non-toxic container that keeps cosmetic products safe.

You can store medical samples in these bottles.

The appearance is beautiful, suitable for a variety of settings.

It is effortless to use and clean the container.

The size of the container makes it portable.

Ordering Multiple Pallets?

The green frosted glass bottles come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and closure options. Our company custom-makes products to suit the client’s brand; hence, we offer design services whenever a client requests. 


Our MOQ differs when it comes to customized products. We have a 30,000 order, but we can go as low as 1000 items for in-stock products. 

Request A Custom Quote

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    Best-in-Class Green Frosted Glass Manufacturer

    We are the best in manufacturing glass bottles, and we will continue to be the best due to our production. We have specific steps we follow to allow us to develop a superior product. We closely monitor these steps to ensure we don’t go wrong in either quality or safety. Our clients have expressed satisfaction and trust in our brand and production. We are now among the best bottle manufacturers in China. We will continue to be the best since we value our production, services, products, and clientele. 

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