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Green Glass Beer Bottle Jug For Beer Brew Cold Drinks Carboy


    • High Capacity: With a generous 3-liter capacity, this bottle is perfect for sharing and storing larger batches of your favorite beer.
    • Durable Glass Construction: Made from top-quality, FDA-approved glass, this bottle ensures the purity and safety of your beverage.
    • Rich Green Color: The vibrant green hue not only adds aesthetic appeal but also helps protect the beer from harmful UV rays, maintaining its freshness and flavor.
    • Secure Seal: Designed to accommodate various types of closures, ensuring a tight seal to preserve the carbonation and quality of your beer.
    • Customization Options: Available for unique customization to suit your brand’s specific requirements, including labeling and embossing.
Product MOQ

Please note below our MOQ for bottles as reference:

In-stock glass containers: 2,000 units.

For custom bottle orders:

Up to 100ml: 100,000 units.

Between 100ml and 150ml: 30,000 units.

Above 150ml: 50,000 units.

For specific MOQ requirements, kindly forward a detailed inquiry to our team.


Roetell assists you throughout the project: bottle shapes, capacity and finish, choice of tints, bottom push-ups, and external decorations. Contact us or mark your requirements on the inquiry quote.

Large or Small Order

We provide complimentary samples (1-2 units). For in-stock orders, our warehouse ensures prompt shipping, accommodating tight deadlines. For custom orders, timelines are meticulously planned to guarantee punctual delivery.


*Customization is always available, please mark down your need in cart or just contact us.

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Reliable Glass Bottles, Jars, Containers Manufacturer | Roetell