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Glass Beverage Bottles

When it comes to storing and packing beverages in the food industry, quality cannot be compromised. Glass beverage bottles have a significant benefit in maintaining the quality and taste of beverages.

Roetell offers premium quality glass beverage bottles in various colors, designs, and sizes. Roetell is among the leading glass beverage bottle manufacturers and was founded in 1984. The company is known for using highly automated technologies to deliver sustainable and durable food-grade glass drinking bottles. If you are looking to buy glass beverage bottle wholesale that is durable and made of food-grade materials, you can contact us today to get the best deals for your business needs.

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Custom Solutions From Beverage Bottle Manufacturers

Roetell is a noted glass beverage bottle supplier and excels in offering customized solutions.


Glass Beverage Bottle Size 

We offer bottles in various size options ranging from 85 ml to 500 ml. You can also choose from 100 ml, 250 ml, or 300 ml high-quality beverage bottles. We support our clients to customize the volume depending on specific requirements. 


Glass Beverage Bottle Colors 

Roetell manufactures beverage bottles in various colors. You can request a clear or colored option as per the requirements. You also get the option to customize the bottles into different colors, clear glass or frosted glass.


Glass Beverage Bottle Shapes 

We manufacture glass beverage bottles in various shapes ranging from round, tall, conical, square-bottomed, etc. You can recommend your suggestions. Our experts will put in their best efforts to design the right glass bottle that will best fit the product need.


Glass Beverage Bottle Closure Styles 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our teams work to best serve the clients. We provide various bottle closure styles ranging from screw-on caps to twist-off caps to perfectly meet the product requirements. 


Glass Beverage Bottle Neck Dimensions

Roetell is among the leading glass drinking bottle manufacturers and offers customizable solutions to their clients. You can even choose from various neck sizes and neck designs, including short-necked to long-necked. 


Glass Beverage Bottle Finish Options

We optimize finish as well so that our clients can buy glass beverage bottles bulk that will best suit their packaging design requirements. You also get the option of crackled, engraved, and frosted glass drinking bottles. 


Supply Glass Beverage Bottles Wholesale For Various Applications

Roetell glass beverage bottles are designed using food-grade materials to maintain the quality of the content and to preserve the taste for a longer duration. We make use of advanced automated technologies to deliver customizable solutions to our customers and offer bottle designs in different styles, shapes, and colors, ensuring that we can meet any beverage application needs.

 Our glass bottles and jars for beverage can be used in applications may including:

Glass juice bottles

Glass Juice Bottles

We offer attractive juice bottle designs in various sizes ranging from 100ml to 600ml. In addition, these are available with various sealing caps to prevent any spills or leaks. 


Glass Yogurt Bottles

Glass Yogurt Bottles

Roetell manufactures sturdy yogurt bottles in different sizes and finishes. Moreover, they have sizable neck dimensions that facilitate easy filling and dispensing of yogurt.


Glass beer bottles

Glass Beer Bottles 

We offer wholesale glass beer bottles that provide UV ray protection and are heat and pressure-resistant. We optimize these bottles in various capacity options ranging from 250ml to 500ml. 


Glass wine bottles

Glass Wine Bottles

Roetell supplies glass wine bottles bulk in various color options ranging from green wine bottles to red wine bottles. These typically come in a volume capacity of 750ml. 


Glass whiskey bottles

Glass Whiskey Bottles

Roetell is a leading glass whiskey bottle supplier and manufactures various kinds of bottle designs, such as diamond-patterned, round, crystal, and smooth lines. 

glass spirit bottles

Glass Spirit Bottles

We manufacture premium quality glass spirit bottles that are available in varying sizes, shapes, and designs and are made of the highest quality materials.



Glass liquor bottles

Glass Liquor Bottles

Roetell specializes in offering top-quality glass liquor bottles in various sizes, styles, and shapes. The customers can also customize the closure style and neck dimensions.


glass water bottle

Sparkling Water Glass Bottles

We also manufacture the best glass water bottles using the highest quality glass and are available in different volume capacities ranging from 300 ml to 500 ml. 


glass soda bottle

Glass Soda Bottles

Roetell supplies glass wine bottles bulk in various color options ranging from green wine bottles to red wine bottles. These typically come in a volume capacity of 750ml. 


glass milk bottle

Glass Milk Bottles

Roetell manufactures food-grade glass milk bottles that are available in various capacities ranging from 200 ml to 500 ml. The customers can optimize the design depending on the product requirements. 

Learn Glass Juice Bottle Manufacturing

Learn Beverage Bottle Manufacturing In Our Factory

Learn Beverage Bottle Manufacturing In Our Factory ​

We have been in the industry for over 30 years, and our manufacturing plant spans an area of nearly 3,000,000 square feet. Roetell has eight production lines with over 150 technicians who operate the working in our highly-automated factory. 

Additionally, we have highly automated machines that allow highly precise machining. Further, we have different plants for different operations, such as batch preparation, material, cullet processing, furnace, and packaging plant. We also have a specialized department for quality management to ensure that the products we provide are of the highest quality. 

The juice bottle manufacturing process begins with the sorting and processing of raw materials to make molten glass. The molten glass is fed into our IS machine which cuts it into blobs that will be formed into glass bottles. We use the blow and blow or the press and blow method depending on the bottle design.

Custom Drink Bottle Design Help Your Business 

At Roetell, we manufacture and supply glass bottles with optimization options to our clients.


Having over three decades of experience in the industry, we have excelled in offering customized glass bottle manufacturing solutions to our clients. Thanks to our skilled research and design team whose primary objective is to deliver customized solutions to make your business products suit the market and clients’ demands perfectly. We offer customization services so that our customers can easily determine the size, design, shape, neck style, closure style, etc., that will perfectly fit the product requirements, thereby, giving you an edge over other market leaders.


Why choose Roetell glass bottle & packaging?

  • Factory-Direct Wholesale Price And Guaranteed Quality

    We offer premium-quality glass beverage bottles at factory-direct wholesale prices. Thanks to our lean glass bottle production and reliable raw material source, we are guaranteed that we supply glass bottles at profitable prices and with premium quality. Our products go through strict quality checks to ensure that the delivered products are of the greatest quality.You can reach out to us to buy glass beverage bottles wholesale.

  • Turnkey Decorating & Labeling Services

    We have a highly certified design team who works to optimize the glass bottle designs depending on our client’s suggestions and implement them in the best possible way. We also offer the opportunity for customized labeling and decorating options to choose from.

  • One-Stop Warehousing, Logistics, And Inventory Solutions

    Our warehousing and logistics department serves to offer excellent logistics and inventory management solutions to clients. We also offer 24-hour inventory tracking so that you can rest assured about the safety of the products and work to reduce the inventory management expenses for our customers.

  • Complete Supply Chain For Closures And Lids 

    Our in-house manufacturing services ensure that all the components are manufactured and assembled at our own production site. Closures and lids are manufactured and assembled on-site to cut production time and reduce expenses on transportation.

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