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Glass Candle Jars Wholesale

Glass candle jars provide a touch of romance inside a room making it more aesthetically pleasing. Roetell supplies exquisitely carved glass candle jars and candle containers. We offer wholesale glass candle jars in bulk. We have various glass candle jars that are combined with exquisite texture and design. We also support unique candle jars customization and one-stop services for our clients. We have transparent and carved glasses, colored and tinted glasses, and a lotus-shaped glass candle light holder. Our candle containers are made out of thick glasses that can handle the heat. It has smooth and thickened surfaces that prevent the glass from cracking.

Are you looking for unique candle jars for your brand or wholesale business? If your desired glass candle jar designs are not listed, please feel free to contact us. We will get in touch with your needs and assist you throughout the unique candle jar wholesale/OEM process. You can customize the candle jar sizes, shapes, finishes, designs, and capacity of glass candle jars.

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Why Choose Roetell as Glass Candle Jar Supplier

  • 39 Years of Expertise in Mature Glass Production

    Roetell has more than 39 years of experience in the business, providing small and big companies with unique candle jars wholesale with our extensive knowledge and expertise. With our product innovation and mastery by your side, we can help you capture a broader audience and expand your business.

  • Surface Finishing, Turnkey Decorating & Labeling Artisans

    As a trusted manufacturer in the glass container industry, Roetell uses the turnkey system in decorating and labeling decorative candle jars to provide high-quality and very specific customization. Surface finishing of decals is hand applied by trained professionals to ensure the durability and precision of the product’s design, while frosting and spray coating add to their marketability.

  • Straightforward and Integrated Supply Chain

    We effectively lower the overall manufacturing cost of our unique candle jars from production to shipment through reliable and stable supply chain management. In Roetell, we produce and assemble most of our parts on-site, reducing the cost of transportation. We offer total ease and comfort to our customers with our integrated supply chain.

  • Reliable Warehousing, Logistics, and Inventory Solutions

    Roetell offers inventory assistance and delivery options with a minimum of 1000 pcs on wholesale candle jars. With our 3,000,000 sq.ft.vast property in China, we can allocate 3 000+ items in our premises while saving some more space for customers’ properties. Our JIT (Just In Time) program offers warehousing and logistics solutions.

  • Practicing Eco-friendly Production

    We support eco-friendly manufacturing and possess a sustainable framework for reducing raw materials and energy use during production. Our glass jars are recyclable and can be brought back to the production line for reuse, lowering the harsh environmental impacts and promoting an ecologically friendly product for your customers.

  • Comprehensive Quality Management

    We are a group of professionals working at Roetell. Our manufacturing and quality control departments work hand in hand in every process, from melting and forming to the inspection and packaging process, to deliver and provide the best possible quality of our unique candle jars.

Roetell’s Expansive Glass Candle Jar Customization Capabilities

Glass Candle Jar Sizes
Increase the appeal and marketability of your products with diverse custom candle jar sizes. We facilitate manufacturing candle jars in different sizes, ranging from small to large and everything in between.
• 6 oz glass candle jars wholesale
• 8 oz glass candle jars wholesale
• 10 oz glass candle jars wholesale
• 12 oz glass candle jars wholesale
• 14 oz glass candle jars wholesale
• 16 oz glass candle jars wholesale
Glass Candle Jar Shapes
Choose from our array of unique candle jars shapes. We have classic round jars ready for shipment and can produce specialized, decorative glass jars based on your requirements.
Glass Candle Jar Colors
Stay true to tradition with clear glass jars, or leave a solid first impression with customized candle jars in fun and whimsical shades that tell your customers what to expect.
Glass Candle Jar Closures/Lids/Caps
We offer several options for candle lids made mainly from bamboo, wood, and metal lids. Each has its unique properties and features and can be customized accordingly.
Glass Candle Jar Finish Options
Explore our different print designs and styles for decorative candle jars with different features. The mostly used printing processes in candle jars are foil and screen printing.
What Are Roetell Wholesale Glass Bottles For Oil Made Of?

Unique Candle Jars, Custom Candle Jars Wholesale Supplier

Are you searching for a trustworthy candle glass manufacturer and supplier in China? Roetell is a candle jar company that offers unique glass candle jars and containers wholesale. We have over three decades of experience in manufacturing various wholesale candle glasses, so we can guarantee that you will get heat-resistant candle containers in various textures, colors, and designs.
Fulfill your business needs and create aesthetically-pleasing spaces with Roetell’s exquisite glass candle jars. Get in touch with us today and let us help you design candle jars that go with the theme of your brand.

Custom Made Candle Jars

Are you searching for customized candle jars and custom glass jar candle suppliers for business? Look no further because you are just in the right place. Roetell is a trusted candle jar and container supplier with decades of experience manufacturing wide selections of wholesale glass candle jars and containers with heat resistance properties in different textures, colors, and designs.
Let our experts know your project requirements, and we can manufacture your purchase to reflect your branding perfectly. Along with bespoke design creation, we also employ strict quality standards to ensure they meet your standards.
Fulfill Made-to-Order Personalized Olive Oil Bottles 
  • Buy Glass Candle Containers Wholesale in Bulk

    Having a trustworthy supplier and partner you can rely on from start to end is important to ensure the growth and success of your business. Roetell is an experienced manufacturer of a wide range of glass products including glass candle containers. We offer bulk wholesale candle containers with lids including apothecary candle jars. They come in a wide array of colors, shapes, textures, and exquisite designs that can make any space look elegant and classy.

    Aside from transparent candle holders, we offer wholesale colored candle jars, such as red, blue, gold, frosted, grey, brown, orange, purple, amber, and black glass candle jars. Plus, we have colorful lotus-shaped glass candle holders for a more elegant look. We also offer various lids and closures for our candle jars that we can label and decorate according to your preferences. Create everlasting candle jar designs by choosing Roetell’s durable and heat-resistant glass candle containers.

  • Why Glass Is the Perfect Material for Glass Candle Jars

    Heat resistance plays an important role in choosing a safe container for your candles, as heat from the candle could cause the container to break. Glass is an ideal material for glass jars due to glass generally having high heat resistance. Our glass candle jars are made thick enough to handle the amount of heat generated by candles. Not only that, glass candle jars provide an amazing view of the burning candle and its beautiful wax content.

  • We Provide Honey Glass Jars with Lids and Closures for Honey Packaging

    Need High-Quality Glass honey bottles? Roetell has a wide variety of lids and seals to choose from. Wholesale Glass honey bottles from us are made of premium materials and assembled in-house to guarantee the highest quality and reliability.

    Our expert designers can create custom closures and receptacles that are an ideal fit for your business. All components are FDA approved for use with food and are BPA-free for safe long-term usage.

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